Penang bloggers meet

Details of Mini Gathering as follows :-

Date : 9/10/2005 (nice peaceful Sunday)
Time : 2pm (not fixed yet)
Venue : Starbucks, e-gate (building just beside Tesco)

All of you are welcome to join !!

I want to go! I have not been to the e-gate yet.

Who else want to go? There is a thread in Malaysia Bloggers Forum.

Yes, you can come anon. and go back anon. Your privacy is protected. LOL. Like what happened to Mr. Kiasi. No one knows who he is until he chosed to reveal. But of course, you have to tell at least one person who is your actual identity la. Otherwise, we tendang you to Tesco.

14 thoughts on “Penang bloggers meet

  1. Sorry if I sound like a pain but why starbuck? Penang is known for its hawker foods, gather somewhere there lah, gurney drives also cooling? Support Malaysian. Kaki-lang mah….. :))

  2. mahagurusia – Usually hor, we squat a hawkers centres on normal days. So, skali-skala we wanna show off we got go Starbucks mah. You know la, we all kiam siap wan. šŸ™‚ But kiasu mah, wanna show other bloggers that we Penang people oso got Starbucks mah.

    Wu Ching – You can organise one when you are back.

    Yvy – Yay, you are coming again.

    Sapiens calling all lengluis.

  3. i will go if got people want to carry me… oops i mean give me a lift… plus i must remember to bring a cup of mineral water there. dun wanna order any drink at THAT place!!

  4. lucia – Ask around and see? Too bad we live on different parts or else.

    Kiasi – You got SPM lah. Or else I can ‘chia’ (belanja) you kopi.

    SK – We look forward to meet you. Wah, political blogger wor.

    chief – We very close knit wan. Hahaha.

    Joe – Dun bluff la.

  5. aiyyooo…kesian bigbok. when are u coming home? then got reason to make ANOTHER meeting!! šŸ˜›

    weii, bryan….all lengluis for u, then for us girls – no lengchais meh? šŸ˜›

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