Soalan bocor PMR, not


People are searching for ‘soalan bocor PMR’ (leaked questions to public exam) on the internet. And this notorious site came out #1.

So what better way than to lecture these young people, right? Here goes:

Boys and girls, the exam is just a few days away. You can still study. Spend your time to read your books.

It doesn’t matter if you did not do well in this exam. There are still many exams coming your way.

Do it honestly.

The results is not important. How you obtain it, is.

Life is not about exams. Studying hard for your exam is a waste of time (quoted our parish priest, Father Anthony last night in a special mass for students).

BUT, education is important. It is how you use what you learn, apply it to your way of life. That is education. No point if you know your Pendidikan Moral from page to page and yet, you are thinking of cheating.

So, stop hoping for quick fixes in life. For everything, work hard for it! Go back to your books and good luck in your PMR, whoever you are.

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83 thoughts on “Soalan bocor PMR, not

  1. kee,, bkn mcm tuh… klu ko nk b’gntung dri usha sndri mmg boleh.. tp, dlm dwan tuh,, akn bwat kta ggup.. bla adanya soklan bcor nih.. hlang la skit ggup tuh.. hehe.. kta dh blajar suma.. tp,, bla dlm dwan kta lupa.. mcm mna plak tuh?? so,, adernyer soklan nih mka,, kta bleh la score ckit.. kta mntak soklan bcor ni bkan usaha nk brjya ker???????? saper yg mntak soklan ni mknernyer dia tgh usaha la… phm???

  2. kpala hotak korang!!!!soalan bocor pmr manenya…
    klau bleh bagi la soalan bocor upsr k…
    you know what,just for preparing..hahahaha.
    its true…can you please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you cannot!!!!!I will crush your head to a wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. bodo kata ada soalan bocor!! buatlah soalan bocor senang aku nk bangga kan mak aku…

  4. klu ada soalan bocor pmr taun 2009,hantar kat emel saya yer,,, wat lah soalan bocor lapan2 subjek terus.. senang nk bangga kan mk bapak eden

  5. pmr dh nk dkt..fuh..nervous seyh…humm..bnyk la korg pnye soalan bocor..haha..weyh..jwb sndri r..mne aci klo soalan bocor..huh..trok btol calon2 pmr ni..cbe jd dak baek cam aq..haha..kepoyoan..k, to all pmr candidates gud luck yupp…do da more soalan bocor..huhu

  6. btl2! ne de soklan boco. xaci r. tp an… tension gk siot…….na exam da…huhu. gud luck 4 all of u keyh!

  7. tolonglah bocor soalan pmr 2009 sains . math , sejarah , geo okkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………

  8. klaw ade soalan pmr 2010 plz antar kt 6be ni hrap sngat kt korang sume..

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