Soalan bocor PMR, not


People are searching for ‘soalan bocor PMR’ (leaked questions to public exam) on the internet. And this notorious site came out #1.

So what better way than to lecture these young people, right? Here goes:

Boys and girls, the exam is just a few days away. You can still study. Spend your time to read your books.

It doesn’t matter if you did not do well in this exam. There are still many exams coming your way.

Do it honestly.

The results is not important. How you obtain it, is.

Life is not about exams. Studying hard for your exam is a waste of time (quoted our parish priest, Father Anthony last night in a special mass for students).

BUT, education is important. It is how you use what you learn, apply it to your way of life. That is education. No point if you know your Pendidikan Moral from page to page and yet, you are thinking of cheating.

So, stop hoping for quick fixes in life. For everything, work hard for it! Go back to your books and good luck in your PMR, whoever you are.

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83 thoughts on “Soalan bocor PMR, not

  1. Annie – Oh NOOO!!! LOL, no lah, it appeared on my stats counter. I got several hits looking for that search word ‘soalan bocor PMR 2005’. *haih* Youngsters nowadays look for quick fixes on the internet.

  2. Bryan – Maybe we can work together. You create some pay per visit link and I copy and paste the soalan. Sure can make money wan. Soalan bocor SPM, STPM macam-macam adaaaa.

  3. “…You should put some you-made soalan bocoh here mah. At least satisfy your visitors a bit mah. =P…”


    omg, that just cracked me up!!!! =D

  4. Once upon a time, when PMR results came out, guess who got A1 Pendidikan Moral?

    Yalah! All the JinKakEvilMaxCheatingSiaSueh people. The rest of us goody-two-shoes punya: ilek. >:-(

    And now, we’re at work with them. See where cheating gets you! 😉

  5. LcF – Actually, I am beginning to watch out for what I write ‘cos dunwan ppl to stumble by and get a shock. Because usually, what I wrote is the OPPOSITE of what they were searching. Ayah Pin is the most googled phrase for me. For two months liao.

    Kyels – Last time, we never have to study Moral in school. And somemore we all so good moral what.

    plinky – I like your description of Jinkak…

    narrowband – What about it? Clueless la.

    moo_t – Only handful but enough.

    hedonistic – Give them some wild goose chase and kasi fail terus. Eg. Soalan bocor PMR – Tajuk karangan – Bagaimana belog mempengaruhi minda rakyat or somethingsomething la.

  6. excuse me miss, i heard here got leak kuestion aa? one paper how much aa? if buy 8 got diskaun aa? my teacher say i sure fail one lar…

  7. i sitting 4 PMR diz year…so..any advice???
    ive been searching for soalan bocor PMR06..hehe…

  8. memang bodoh betul la korang…
    memang wujud solan SPM yg tak bocor tapi di hacks!!
    aku ader hehe…
    fizik, bi, sej, dan math tamb hehe…. itu ajer…
    kalau search kat google cari solan spm cam bodoh!
    maner ader soalan bocor..!!
    just type c:/dos/ in win NT di komputer schooll skolah dan terus masuk melalui dos directly to server sekolah dan dari situ pandai-pandai lah… korang godam ke server jbt pendidikan malaysia dan masuk ke tempat simpanan soalan spm 2006 hehe…
    dengar macam budak/tipu huh?!
    lantax korang and that it folks!!!!

  9. Assalamualaikum and holla!This is my comment.I’m so disappointed when I read comment from pupil who said they want to search ‘soalan bocor’ and said that they had cheating in PMR.We are student.Pass and fail ia our ability.Don’t find fault,find remedies.We study for what?to be succes in our life,right?Don’t study becoz want our result pass with flying calour.But,study becoz ALLAH SUBAHANAHU TAÁLA…I hope all of my fellow friends will take notice of what I have told.My English is not good actually.But I try.If I can,why other peopil cant?So,malay student dont make our name smelly.See?My english is not good right?My grammar also.But I try…Only this I want to say.May Allah Bless You All….

  10. Yeah..I also dissapointed with you guys!Just think…what is your purpose going to school?Do you think its only about scoring good grades by cheating?Remember,nothing feels better than gaining success from our own effort.And there is no shortcut to success yah.I know all of you wanted to go to the University@Matriks after Form 5.But honestly,do you think you deserve it?Think again huh.Be Honest yah.Please.Or I’ll shoot all of you with Kurogane.JUSTICE 4 ever.Hehehe.There is no point scoring by just getting answers online but at the end knowing nothing!!!!All the best SPM 2007 for those who studied.Those who don’t, best of luck.”Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail”.

  11. siapa yg nk soalan bocor tu memang dasar bodoh
    kalu ade sungguh,tk kan la diaorang nak wat lagi peperiksaan upsr,spm n pmr

  12. hm…mane de soalan bocor….tipu ar….blajar dh 11 thn tp nak soalan bocor…pe gne….bek toksah blajar….buang duit mak ayah jerrrr….huhuhu…pk pk kn lah

  13. aper la!!
    kasi tau je la soalan tu dah kluar x yah la nak wat web plak!!
    heheheh 🙂

  14. Kalau boleh sesape yg kasi saye soalan pmr 2008 sebelum bulan 10/oktober insyaallah saye doakan diberkati dan saye insyaallah sedekah bacaan 30 juz.

  15. soalan bocor…
    yelah tuh….
    nak kelentong depan2…
    meh tunjuk ko punye result….
    mesti hampeh kan…..
    yelah mcm org die….

  16. whoa gosh o-o
    i can see a lot of retards begging for leak questions in PMR !
    Even i call myself stupiiid a lot of time but i never ask for one! Well, i can see a lot of dumb ppl here too xD
    Why want leak questions and get straight A’s if you don’t deserve it? ._.
    Side’, this web is fake nia ~.~
    I think i know why this dude make this web,
    lols, no difference, all the students here love to waste their time and they got in to this website hoping they could get leak questions, but meh, this place is empty anyway xD
    lala ~
    fail then fail lurhs, i mean like… you guys doesnt want to study, aint that correct?
    p/s, im not one of these desperate people that are searching for leak questions, I was searching for last year paper then i found this crappy website and I think its soooo stupid xD
    Well, but its true that i love to waste time xD (i weren’t wasting my time, im actually enjoy-ing ._.) 😀

    btw, gambatte ne minna san x3
    to all pmr-ers or should i say… pmr victims? xD haha LOL!

  17. shuttt up dont act innocent u bloody freaks of the nature. dont tell me u all dun get soalan bocor. bloody tuuuuut

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