Football – Then and now

Long time ago, football was synonymous with Moktar Dahari, Arumugam aka Spiderman, Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh and forget who else.

It was a national pride. All these different races of Malaysians played in the same game for the same mission. Sportsmanship and national pride.

Now? I see Alex Ferguson wannabe. I see black Africans wearing huge crosses. The Alex Ferguson-wannabe nak bergaya konon. Wearing tie and long sleeves. Chewing gum. Heloooo, encik, ini Malaysia. Cuaca panas, cik abang oi. Nampak camera, cepat-cepat beraksi pulak. (Translation : Hey, mister, this is Malaysia. Hot weather. See camera, quickly jumped into action.)

Oh man, this is absolutely hilarious! Our Malay coach wearing red tie, long sleeve shirt, chewing gum, jumping up ala EPL coaches style when he noticed the camera pointing at him. Hellloo..Ini siaran langsung dari TV1 lah – di antara Selangor dengan Perlis aje lah. Tak payah jadi beruk, ikut mat salleh. Bukan kita masuk dalam TV sedunia. Kahkahkah.

*haih* Whatever happened to our sports? Why aren’t there sportsmen like those older generations? Who played to win. For the country.

tenkiu Derek – I changed liao.

9 thoughts on “Football – Then and now

  1. hehehe!! thats why i dont watch local soccer. :p

    i remember watching once after the world cup fever, my fever still on mah, so ma watch lor. aiyoo…kek sim only lar!!! ur team member on ur left, u kick ball straight!! alamak….sad lar wei. so since then my fever died n NEVER came back. sigh.

  2. centerpide – I remember but I can’t stand him commenting in EPL. So, I intentioanally left out his name!

    Yvy – Wah, bergaya sungguh tapi…

    Samm – My atm la, torture me. ‘Cos kids all konked out, early bedtime so two of us got nothing to do mah watch TV1 lor. No lah, actually I was reading blog.

  3. u see hor, malaysian football cannot be as good as the english. so they dress like them. our players here lower standard than english. i do hope the standard of football in malaysia will improve lah.

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