Scared of python? Don’t click.

*Warning – Stay away if snakes give you the creeps. Python ahead. Sorry, Romantic.*


Hi! My name is Anaconda. I reside with 5xmom and family.

The guest in our house. My kids latest craze. My husband’s new baby. Why oh why do I live them? My current fear factor.

I got a sore-throat from screaming too much. Who wouldn’t if you have kids who appeared out of nowhere with a baby python right on your shoulder?

I warned them already, if anyone of you do that again, my karate chop is going break someone’s neck. I don’t mind the cold, dry skin but that forked, tiny black tongue and huge eyes is enough make the hairs and nipples stand!


Oh man, I am not particularly afraid of snakes. But snakes are supposed to be in snake farms and zoos. Not crawling around my PC.


People’s kids play with computer games. Mine had a necklace of a boa. I told him the snake is going to constrict him to death. He asked if I want to try putting it around my neck and chasing me with it.


With that python on my computer desk, I will be permanently cured of my addiction to blogging. Good solution, no?

(Notes: The snake is actually caught by our apartment security guards. My kids and hubby had sort of adopted it by buying it stuffs to eat and cage to stay. They bought cute, cute little white baby rat as food. Poor, poor little rattie. It doesn’t bite. Phyton only constricts you to death. You ever seen Tarzan fighting with a boa constrictor? Angelina Jolie’s dad with an anaconda? The problem is if the guard let it go, someone may mistaken it for poisonous snake and kill it with one whack. If it falls into the wrong hand, it will end up in the cooking pot. So, I guess the guards are keeping it till they decide to send it to the Jabatan Perhilitan. And my kids brought it home for a few hours.)

*eeeeeeeeeeeek, screeeeech, cheeeeeeebyeeee* If they keep doing it, soon my whole apartment unit can actually hear me cussed. And the kids can’t stop teasing me. Show me a belt, a ruler, ribbon and I will also scream. Hope I don’t scream at the wrong snake or atm is going to regret it. *whack, whack, whack* LOL!

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  1. oh my god!!! they dare to play wif it!!! alamak…fainted…!! yer….cute cute little rat??? oh my god…!! gelinye….. luckily u din say they feed the pthon wif hamster..!!

    mamibee very scare of hamster..just like u…screaming when we put the hamster in front her..!!wahhaah…..!! but urs is more scary!! really..!! snake…..

    isit ur child n husband is born at snake year??

  2. RB – that one my atm took one ler. My kid bluffed me at first. Asked me to take macro shots. I bodoh-bodoh go and focus and they push it right to my face. Arrh…my nerves all frayed liao.

    milly – My kids like that lor. Sometimes, also take the hamster and put on my shoulder. I warned them I terkejut grabbed the hamster and throw on wall baru tau. I hate being terkejut wan. I can touch on my own but don’t suddenly put in front of me, I sure screeeeeem.

  3. Wingz – In the dark, cannot tell mah. LOL!

    CLF – I also dunno leh. I hope the guards take it away soon before I turned giler.

  4. wow!! so pretty….VERY gorgeous. šŸ™‚ ur kids are daring. mayb when they grow up, can become vets. šŸ™‚ i dont mind snakes. as long as they are teh adult kinds. used to have those tiny, long green snakes in my house n i’ll go soft n geli. what i cant see will scare me. if big2 one. i not sked. šŸ˜› but that python, small leh ~ so i kinda geli oso lar…

  5. Lifespan=
    Reticulated pythons may live 30 years or more in captivity.

    You’re gonna see this creature in your house for more than 30 years then. hehe. Nice entry btw.


  6. atiza – I chorus sama you, eeeeewww!

    emotionalistic – Hahaha, last time when I was small, snakes did crawl into our homes. And not just any snakes. Cobras that can kill. Thank God no one is harmed.

    Yvy – Tak mau lah, afterwards it caused all the Starbucks customers to cabut and I kena sue by Starbucks for losses.

    Bryan – I go e-bay and see how much I can earn?

    sHee – Ya, my son told me that. I told him the snake is going to eat him in 10 years time!

    Dizzy – If you really come, I really bring. Deal?

    Wu Ching – No one likes snake except that few weird people. (pointing to Bryan LOL)

  7. Romantic – Soliiii, I already posted warning.

    Chief – ‘Cos we treat the guards well. Suppers, mooncakes, CNY goodies etc. We have ‘Touch and Go’ card gate system and therefore need their favours sometime to let our 2nd car pass through to drop the kids etc. So we all fren-fren lor.

  8. WAW! *shivers* Ur kids really teh brave… *salute*
    The first pic was like.. damn good leh. U keeping it for good? it’s gonna grow like become si beh big neh… 30 years to live… how long will it be, then?

    How about snake-skin soup during each shedding of skin… *omg how the hell did i come up with this gross idea*

  9. You are quite wrong to think Pythons do not bite. They do when provoked, even wrong handling of the reptile will bring a nasty bite.

  10. You are wrong. Pythons do bite and hard I may add but they are ot poisonous. However, the one you have is a baby and I don’t think it’s bit will be that bad. Have you thought of what you are going to do with it later?

  11. Adam, we don’t own the snake leh. Just pinjam from the guards. My son had done some surfing and right, the snake can bite when provoked. So, they are pretty gentle with it and it really is just a baby and the net said, only adults bite. However, the snake can swallow a whole white baby rat.

    JxT – Hahaha, yes, it was the snake’s supper. LOL.

    belacans – My kids had broken my nerves so everything that resembles the snake is scary. You know, the snake’s body is very muscular and the skin is very nice to touch.

    dsaint – I report you to the Jabatan Hutan or whatever.

    Max – I ate snake before. It tastes like chicken, only better. But the bones are sharp.

    Kuzco – I added in to see how many people notice that sentence. LOL. You are the only one.

    Nikholai – Thanks for that info.

    narrowband – We do eat snakes. In Penang, they have this place specialised for that. But now dunno they gone where underground liao. In HK/Shenzhen, fuwah, the restaurants for exotic animals as food is thriving.

  12. Phyton bites!!!


    I just saw one attack one of the staff members when I was in Jerejak… He was bleeding from the bites of the Phyton but it wasn’t poisonus lah.

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