Duh! Adults!

My kids had been bugging me to blog this. They are damned annoyed with inconsiderate adults.

My 13 years old said “What the *teet*, these adults don’t know manners wan hor? I dem *teet* with them. Told them to excuse us and they somemore stand there.”

Then, the 8 years old echoed, “Yalor, so *teet* only. I shout loud-loud, uncle, please go away. We want to go down (from the skateboard ramp).”

13 years old continued, “*teet* Somemore stand there like Charlie Chaplin, holding the umbrella.” (acting Charlie Chaplin)


8 years old added, “So I don’t care lor, I terus skate down and spalsh the (puddle of) water on his legs.”

13 years old said, “Cheee*teet*, somemore don’t go away. Somemore let the grandchild runs everywhere. Wait, I let my skateboard flies down and chop their *teet* off only they know.”

And that’s the problem faced by these skateboarders. They have a skateboarding rink meant for skateboarders and BMX bikers. Yet, these people will go in just gawking and gaping at those ramps like they have never seen cement blocks.

Come on, there is nothing interesting there except very high (like 15-20 feet high) ramps. Yet, people will stand in the middle and do nothing.


Not to mention giggly girls who climbed up the ramp and use it as a slide. Only thing is they took a mighty long time to build their courage to slide down with their big fat backsides.

(*teet* = how my kids self-censored themselves. It is real funny when they go teet in between their sentences. Sort of like how our local TV censored those F words from movies.

Note that all kids who want to take up skateboarding must be padded well with helmet, palms, elbows and knee pads.)

19 thoughts on “Duh! Adults!

  1. Whoever can fill in the blanks (thoughts bubble) with the funniest quote will get…errr…a date with the pink t-shirt girl? Ascherly hor, I am taking photo of my son wan. You see the orange soles shoes? That’s my son la. But she happened to be in the pic only. Not my fault wan.

  2. Aiyah, you oso face this kind of teet teet teet people ah? Teet Teet! Tak ada sekolah ah? These teet teet should teet teet in the teet teet longkang. Maybe should set up a community blog about stupid people. Hahaha.

  3. Asyraf – It is in Youth Park, Penang. If you are interested in skateboarding, there is a shop in Komtar called Climax. Need more info, just shout ‘cos my son is very into it.

    Yvy – Hehehe.

    Bryan – Psst… afterwards I kena slap.

    romantic – You expressed my thoughts.

    Jacky – Choy…you ask Yvy and Bryan lor. They met me before mah.

    JxT – šŸ˜€

    eternity – Thank you, please come again.

    nerdook – It is the Taman Belia Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang. Entrance along Jalan Scotland. Exit near Botanical Gardens (one way traffic). Ask someone to show you there. Plenty of grandmas there. LOL! No SYTs wan.

    Max – Shhhh…

    Willwolf – yalor, everywhere also got ugly Malaysians. Shall we open a group blog called Ugly Malaysians and everyone who annoyed us end up on the Hall of Shame? Die ler. Bad thoughts.

    hedonistics – Nolah, probably she said, “See, see, that fat aunty admiring me.”

    ahpek – hahaha, I oso got but lost to her.

    simon – She sit on you baru tau. But seriously, her face is very sweet. Hopefully, I made her famous and some slimming centre adopts her and make her mascot.

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