My son reads Viewtru! and Drliew too!

I got shooed out of Tesco yesterday.

The overzealous guard refused to let me in and insisted I left my backpack with the counter. I explained to him that I have my toddler things inside.

“Susu, seluar, pampers dia kat dalam, macam mana nak tinggal?”

His stone faced pointed to the small sign.

I added, “Barang berharga di dalam, siapa nak tanggung?”
(valuables inside who is going to responsible?)

Still he acted like he rules the world. So limpeh tulan, told him, tak payah lah, saya pergi Sunshine. (go rival supermarket)

I just had my lunch at e-gate and the day was very cooling and soothing. So, I did not create a fuss. We had entered don’t know how many supermarkets with the backpacks and we had been inside Tesco almost every time.

In the car

5xmom : *#&^@(#&$* teet CNN MCB*%#^%$##@

13 yrs old son : Take his photo la next time.

5xmom : Ya hor, just now I should have taken out my handphone give you to take his photo and I use the camera and we ‘tiak, tiak, tiak.” Sure he nervous one. Then, I send his photo to their mat salleh boss and complain. (Tesco’s GM or something had made an ‘open door’ policy.)

#13 yrs old son : No lah, you give the photo to Seetru.

5xmom : Huh? What see through?

13 yrs old son : No, no, I mean Viewtru. Let Viewtru photoshop. Then, you put his photo on porn site.

ROTLMAO with hands still on the steering wheel.

5xmom : No, no, we put on gay porn sites!

Back home

Later in the day, I found son sitting in front of computer laughing and holding his stomach.

“Oi, siao ah? What’s so funny?”


“What balloon? Oh, that balloon. Make sure you don’t go experiment ok?”

Next blog to introduce to son must be Simontalks. Safer.

15 thoughts on “My son reads Viewtru! and Drliew too!

  1. and you were shocked that he searched online for “girls boobs”?!?!?!?!?

    i think your son is many many steps ahead of you already… clever boy! hehe!

  2. Kak lilian. Saya baru dalam dua bulan ni mengikuti perkembangan blog kak Lilian ini. Saya sangat kagum dengan kebolehan kak lilian mengatur kata-kata, bagi menjadikan ayat-ayat kak lilian sangat lucu dan witty (tak tahu apa ini dlm bahasa melayu :p ). Tapi tak pernah nak leave a comment sbb malu…saya orang baru lagi kan. Tapi hari ini nak leave comment sbb the same thing happened to me. Eh I am talking about the Tesco incident not the belon *grins*. Tesco in Sg Petani Kedah. Itu guard suruh saya letakkan handbag dekat kaunter simpanan mereka. Saya berkata, kalau hilang sapa tanggung? Panggil awak punya Manager saya nak sembang sebentar (bukan nada marah or bongkak, tapi wonder jugak sbb Tesco uk takde such policies pon). Jumpa the manager, he was apologetic and bla bla bla… but sorry no cure lah right…Terus tak jadi shopping…

  3. i had had similar experience but at giant. however, i showed him what’s inside the bag and it was near to feeding time so i asked him nicely la. guard ok wor and let me bring the bag.

  4. If I were u, I will write a nasty letter to the management and not patronise the supermarket ever again. They need customers more than customers need them.

    I have stopped patronising one “well known” pharmacy ever since their stupid pharmacist allow this guy behind me to jump queue and let him pay first.

  5. Baggy pants – The guard is lucky. I was in a good mood yesterday. But he is going to get it from me on a bad day. ‘Cos the mat salleh boss had given his email contact.

    babe – His face was really lansi so I refused to talk to him further. There is no humbleness or minta maaf.

    marlinda – Terima kasih…..Tesco’s management is so far very good tapi cuma guards tu aje yang belagak sangat. Treat me like a potential shoplifter pulak. I spend at least RM600-RM800 per month in grocery tau. Make me angry, nanti dia yang menyesal tu.

    simon – Puhleez…your blog is nowhere near there la.

    kiasi – Whose fansi?

    totoro – Hehehe, I learnt it from someone and the son learnt it from me.

    JxT – They (the older two kids) have their own computer. The #3 uses mine.

  6. Tu lah kak lilian…what with grocery shopping punya lah mahal these days, one act of ignorance from the pak guard bulih buat tesco hilang a few customers kan…

  7. tesco? never been in a tesco for 2 years liao. brought our business somewhere else. FYI, hypermart biz is super competitive in Klang valley. here, we can “if u no see me up, i oso belah lah”. 😛

  8. I had that experince in Carrefour last 2 weeks. Got damn angry. I told him the same thing – ada barang baby in my bag. How to leave it outside. Nanti anak mau susu leh? He just ignore me and say letak di kauter. Apa lagi? Told him, you sendiri beli lah. i can always go other place. Go Tesco but they allow me wor. I find all this are stupid guard lah. What is the point they fix the scanner near the pay point ? This is to scan those people who did not pay their things rite? I were really angry that day. Mine little girl is only 1 yr old and it so obvious I am with a baby rite? Stupid, really stupid

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