If PPS is down, there are always other alternatives

Someone asked,

“What has happened to PPS?”

I guess I shall be the copy-paster today.

PPS Announcements
Service interruption, (0)

PPS is down for the time being; it was hit by a massive spam attack that crippled the webserver. In the process of bringing it back up. Thanks for your patience.

But fear not, you should continue blogging. No PPS, also blog because blogging is to blog for yourself, not PPS.

I must take the opportunity to pimp the following sites:

1) Penang bloggers
Hey, we Penang Bloggers got our own PPS (Pulau Pinang Special), you know? Get to know us at Penang Bloggers . If you are a Penangite or staying in Penang, do sign up here.

2) Sarawho
Sara who? Just sarawho.com. There are Singaporean and Malaysian bloggers RSS there. Sign up!

3) BlogMalaysia
Then, there is the BlogMalaysia runs by PaulTan. Sign up too.

4) Mycen
Here is the biggest, most complete and most happening directory of blogs in Malaysia. The kind gentleman who is so famous for keeping us in stitches, TV Smith maintains this site. If you have not registered your blog, do it now. Thanks to TV for bringing us bloggers together.

5) Saintis Kreko also has a test site code name, Pois something-something. Sorry, Saintis Kreko, I dah hilang my password and ID! Care to brief us again?

So there you are, so many places you can go to locally to register your blog. Of course, then, there is the BOTD. Check my side bar?

And if you insist you have nothing to read because PPS is down, go read 5xmom from October 2004 till October 2005. LOL.

14 thoughts on “If PPS is down, there are always other alternatives

  1. Heya. Now it’s the time for people to realise what difference does PPS make, prolly makes them thankful of Aiz. hehehe… eh Lilian, don’t forget to visit my blog ah. hehehe

  2. moo_t – I know how to use a wiki (on PPS) but I still cannot understand how the wikipedia works. Does it mean we are free to write on it? Because sometimes when I wiki for something, there is no content and I do want to help fill it up with my own story. LOL.

    Fashionasia – We relied too much on PPS liao. Must explore beyond the PPS. Hahaha.

    totoro – Now you know. Go set your footprints there.

    Yvonne – You are ‘Y’ so it takes a while. Will come soon.

    Wuching – Go join soon and hope your traffic soars.

  3. hehe! tq lilian…now i go join n HOPE my traffic will indeed soar. šŸ™‚

    wei, if not penang kia nor stay in penang, kenot join penang blogger meh? i stay NEAR penang leh….. =P

  4. SARA is quite a heavy page, so ‘she’ loads quite slowly…on certain browsers like Firefox, it tends to time out quicker than expected…try using Opera & see how?

    Works perfectly fine on my IE, FF & Opera =)

  5. i’m only in penang until january, so i guess i dont qualify as a penang blogger. šŸ˜› haha.

    oh ya, and lilian, you are free to edit any page in the wikipedia if you wish. i added some stuff into my uni’s page and it’s still there. if it’s offensive/ inappropriate, the administrators will undo the changes. šŸ™‚


  6. haiyooh.. not only pps. today i whole morning also cannot go to all the blogger sites. cannot even post. what happennnnn?????? think i’ll just go the sites you mentioned lah.

  7. Blog malaysia doesn’t have a “Forget password” link…

    I can’t not register a new account and can’t recover my password to check what is their new Ping address…


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