Ramdhan, white hair and dementia(random stuffs)

Tomorrow is the first day of Ramadhan. The beginning of the fasting month for all Muslims. It means a holiday for my atm and all the kids are going to ponteng!

Kids ponteng because there is no PMR exam or year end exam over or because there is not much lessons going on in class. So, we are going to check out the new Metrojaya at Island Plaza. We were there last Sunday but before we got to Metrojaya, I got ‘caught’ at British India and Fila’s sales.

Bio-clock/Sleeping hours
I had been faithfully sweating it out for a few days and my body clock has self-adjusted itself. It means now I sleep at midnight (instead of 3 am or 4 am) but duh, I still wakes up at the same time. (11am-12 noon) Which means I sleep for 12 hours sometimes!

White hairs

Hmmm..I wonder what one does if one finds a few strands of white hair? Pull it? Too short, hard to get a grip. Leave it? It is annoying. Dye it? I don’t want to get cancer. Hope I grow a patch like Cruella DeVil of 101 Dalmations. Cool!

You know how I hate being a health nut and sniggers at those who are? Lately, I am forced to spend a lot of time at the park to accompany my kids there. So, I had been observing those people there. Many of them are frail, old and probably they are forced to do something to their health (way too late). With a maid tagging along, looking bored.

And something hit me. Oh NOOOOOOO, I don’t want to wait till I am in that condition and only want to start doing something. Because I read that people who exercise from their 40s have lesser chance of getting dementia. (said here at BBC Health).

So, now I am huffing and puffing it out. Earlier, I don’t bother about exercising because I think it is quick and easy to get a stroke and skali mati terus. But I am not going to be nyanyuk (dementia) and kena bullied by the grandkids. Nor have my children shove a maid to take over their place. Yeah, I am converting to a health freak now. Big leap! When I am 80 yrs old I can still go ‘You know, I blogged this when I was 40 yrs old. It is in my posting number 888, categorised under sex and 12 persons commented including abc, cde, fga, etc etc.’

I will huff and I will puff till I blow your pants house down.

9 thoughts on “Ramdhan, white hair and dementia(random stuffs)

  1. Lilian, re. Alzheimers/Dementia…
    Lots and lots of fish will do good. Omega-3/oily fish – so preferably salmon, sardines, herring tuna, and mackeral šŸ˜‰ 2-3 times a week.

    (source: Neurological Foundation of NZ newsletter)

    I guess some form of dementia happens to a certain degree when one is elderly… it just depends to what extent.

    Re. exercise… the only form of exercise I regularly do – is exercising my fingers. Through typing. It’s horrible. I really should be exercising, but I sort of stopped over winter. What an excuse. I can’t even remember what I learnt in Pilates..

    Oh, well.

    Good luck exercising! šŸ˜‰

  2. “I am converting to a health freak now”

    good 4 u… better go metro and get more trackbottom. must look good while working out…

  3. don’t forget to take advantage of all those Jualan murah ramadan and tar pau all the fantastic malay food at the stalls.


  4. one quick question lilian.

    you sure dye hair got cancer ????

    if yes…i can only say…ALAMAK!!!

  5. hahaha. what exercise are you doing? I’m also gonna be health freak too. Just started incorporating 20 minutes of cycling on my stationary bike into my daily routine.

  6. White hair? No problem, mum always say eat anything black will help : black rice, black chicken, black sesame,black beans, black fungus, black pepper(errrr), and wear black shirt and cook it using a black wok and charcoal. šŸ˜‰

    And to beat alzheimeir ? Play mahjong lar…

  7. moo_t – Afterwards my hair turns black, skin also turns black, I sue you, wei. Mahjong? I like.

    MG – Yay! I got a partner to exercise along. I usually go for 2 hours and probably in that time, I spent about 45 mins sweating it out either running or use those outdoor gym equipment. Very effective wor. The balance time? I chase my toddler.

    ummi – I merepek aje lah. Maklumlah, I sour grape ‘cos my hair memang degil, tak masuk colour. So I gave up the idea of turning blonde.

    simon – People just want to start exercise, you pulak give ideas to eat. Ish.

    Max – What for looks good? Got apeks only la. I no go canggih gym wan. Where got money and opportunity? I have toddler with me all the time mah. Cap pagoda can do already.

    Debbie – Thanks for the tips. I am now sweating till my hair looks like just washed! What a sight. Must buy Good Morning towel tomorrow. LOL! Good morning towel and cap pagoda t-shirt. Bata shoes. Chewah, buatan Malaysia.

    wuching – Here got no angmoh so white hair remains white hair. But ok lah, it is hidden.

    ahpek – Wuah, that means ‘oh kau’ very effective hor? Next time, we all organise senior bloggers marathon hor? Sure that wingz and willwolf with his beer belly tertinggal di belakang.

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