Cuss words I know

Mr. Kiasi asked me, “Auntie Lilian ah, can you list out all the cuss words you know?”

Now, it is not good to let bad words spew out of your mouth, ok? Each of us should only allow sweet and pleasant words to be uttered because it reflects who we are.

When I was small, my father did not even allow my siblings (they are all 10-14 years older than me) to even say ‘shiok’ which means ‘satisfied’. Mom was a lot more cincai (lenient) than father.

After my father died, I grew up listening to some ‘tamer’ Hokkien cuss words like cheebye, poohkey, hamik lan, lampah, how siaw, which are basically the human organs.

Quoted the 5xmom here:

“Breast is just another organ like nose or ears and bra is a piece of clothings. No big deal about that.”

Then, I started working right after SPM. In a jewellery manufacturing company. Here, the skilled workers were from the lower income people from Rifle Range, Macallum flats and all the poor areas.

I was the clerk who handed out gold and diamonds for them to work on which means, I had a small, secured room in the midst of their working place. What can you expect from them? I was 17 years old. They frequented Haadyai almost weekly and came back to boast about it in their ‘flowery’ languages. I was invisible to them so they went on and on with what they did etc. (OK, I was too nerdy and too ‘English’ as in non-ahlian for them . Thank God or else…)

Hence, Mr. Kiasi, I know almost every cuss words. In Tamil, German (but I forgotten liao), Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, SingNing, Hainanese, English but I never uttered them. Especially not the English f word. Only the occassional body parts in Hokkien which can sound like a sing-song, lullaby if it is said at the right time.

There are many people who do have horrible habit of cussing. Some of them come from very poor background where life must be extremely hard for them. You have to see how a family living together in a one-room flat (with rats) to understand why they keep ‘KNN, KK, LC’ every one of their sentences. It is better for them to have foul-mouth than to whack their wives, abused their children, take drugs, turn alcoholic, rapist, flasher (fill in with your own words).

Then, there are these rich kids with good life who think it is cool to cuss. I have Form One kids who came to my house who talked like that (when they thought I can’t hear). I told my own kids if they talk like that, I will strangle them.

Oh yes, I have one rule for my kids. (From the Ten Commandments – “You shalt not swear falsely by the name of the Lord…” )They may get away with the occassional Hokkien swear words but they will get stern warning if I hear them ‘Oh my God’ or ‘Holy Shit’.

So, do you still want the full-list of cuss words? How about a podcast on cuss in international language? I do have nice voice, you know. Nay…over my dead body.

7 thoughts on “Cuss words I know

  1. you’re right, it’s the people you mix with. if all think that it’s acceptable/cool then they will continue. if it’s frown upon, it’ll stop

  2. Wow..! lilian .. didn’t know you so tok-kong one.. heheh!! i never used any swear words .. till i came to canada..! now .. all sorts..! i too quite tok-kong.. 😉

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