If I am working…

If I am working…

I will be wearing the latest fashion with 3 inches pumps;
Gossiping with real adults;
Eating power lunches with the top guns;
Playing the high-class, snobbish office biatch;
Going back to my air-cond office;
Earning money.

But I am;
Eating at McDonalds, stuffing leftover fries, buns minus meat patties;

Dealing with toddler who has to pee NOW!! (I have small plastic bags on standby 24/7 but if you see stains at McDonalds, it is prolly some ammonia);

Freaking out with shrieking toddler;

Making deals with 8 years old over Hot Wheels;

And the only adults I get to talk (if I want) are those annoying, pesky, irritating credit cards promoters and kitchen wares salesmen.

Oh ya, I don’t earn money but I still got plenty to spend (Thank God for that)

So, what do I prefer? Both. I have had my shares of working. I am now enjoying my time filling up urine in small plastic bags.

I have a place on the internet with my own name. How cool can that be? Aiks, I forgot that I have to go clear the groceries, mop the floor, cook dinner, go jogging and entertaining my kids. Plus filling urine in plastic bags.

*brb to reply all the comments later!*

16 thoughts on “If I am working…

  1. “I donÒ€ℒt earn money but I still got plenty to spend”

    so it is true..money grow on trees…..

  2. click, click, click and i ended up here. i don’t remember anymore how…

    but OMG, i can totally relate to this post!

  3. inevitable : EXACTLY!! πŸ™‚

    lilian : kesian oso lar the sales people, got target to meet u know? sometimes, i oso cannot tahan but aiyoo….ppl cari makan, no choice right? πŸ™‚

  4. boo – My mom used to tell me that too. Lucky, I did not do so ‘badly’. Hehehe.

    Max – Sure leh.

    Yvy – Yalor, that’s what my atm said. Kick start the economy.

    Inevitable – I no jaga Finance one, I only know how to sign my name on that little piece of paper (credit card chit).

    Chief – Yeah, me too. It is only once in a while I fret over it. Otherwise, I am damn happy I decided to stay home.

    fishtail – More like Housekeeping!

    Ruth – Welcome! Hang around! LOL.

    plinky – No leh, no gaji wan.

  5. Shessh..girls are soo lucky…just find a wealthy husband and they could go on an endless shopping spree and never to bother about financial problems again.

  6. i so want to be sahm but my atm not having enuf $$$ inside lar. poor me still enjoying the free air-cond πŸ˜‰

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