Someone wake me when there is no sale

Someone please wake me when the word SALE has become illegal and no stores/supermarkets/hypermarkets/wet markets can use the word SALE. Meantime, I am going to crawl into a hole, hide and bury my guilts.

Two days ago, I bought a running shoes. Next day, we bought another two pairs for the toddler and #2. Toddler’s pair alone cost RM99, a FILA Bambini. Man…we have never bought anything branded. Usually from the bin with 50% + 40% discount. And though toddler is 2.5 years old, he only wear slippers so far!

Next to FILA is British India. I normally wear British India because errmm…my shape is unique. One farking pants costing RM474 and a few women were fighting over it. 70% and it is still around RM150, no? Chi sin (madness)…. But errrm…I also bought. Not RM474 pants la. My butt is not made of gold, wokay?

Then, the t-shirts. How to resist the temptations? All so shweet, so nice, so comfy, so many excuses. So buy somemore 3 t-shirts.

My atm also got buy la. He bought 3 shirts and one pants. And underwears. I told him I am going to buy him Spongebob Squarepants underwears. You know why? Because research says that when a man strays, the first sign is they will buy clothes and underwears. With a Spongebob’s underwear, all girls also will run away la. LOL!

And the most recent investment. RM999 WMF pressure cooker. Boy, with that amount, I better go cook up a storm. From dodol to gulab jamun (or whatever Hindus eat on Deepavali) to turkey for Christmas and nin gou for Chinese New Year to bak chang…..

SALE. Love them and yet hate them.

21 thoughts on “Someone wake me when there is no sale

  1. Wow…it seems like you’re really enjoying yourself…Shopping is good way to reward yourself after a week of hard work but for the shopacholics, the word “SALE” isnt too atm-friendly..hehe

  2. Lilian, so can you imagine me along Oxford Street trying to ignore the Christmas sales? well, I can easily do that because I dont like crowds…stay away or pretend not to see. Am looking forward to shop in Malaysia.

  3. So long never hear anyone talk about British India..! i buy clothes from there too.. once upon a time..! but now that i am in Canada.. no need to pay exhorbitant prices.. just because i am not a tiny person.. šŸ˜‰ woo hoo..!!

  4. You’ve got a good deal on that WMF pressure cooker… Its the best one i’ve used so far. I did “jung” in 10 mins!!!

  5. lilian : aiyooo….i think my personal financial controller will just kick the bucket if i went shopping with u. hehehe!!! šŸ˜›

    kak teh : me too….i really dont like crowds n that is what keeps me away from sales too. either that, or just ignore what i see. we practice the same concept. šŸ™‚

  6. Boy oh boy lilian, I sure know what you mean…I spent a LOT! this month at Gurney plaza and worst of all, I bought stuff I didn’t really need…like a sequinced slip-on for RM90….UUUrrrrrggggghhhh.
    Do you know of any ‘shopper’s anonymous’..and now, I’m dying to check out the new Metrojaya at Island!

  7. I know what u mean, so, that is why, I don’t buy local. BTW, I am not action, it’s just that, apart from the ridiculous price and 9th rate workmanship, it is just bad for dignity… here hor, I have to wear size XXXXL, I buy overseas, I can wear size 16 ler!! (further got so many choices..)

    I go overseas all the time meh? No lah. Just go to the net and look up Land’s End online shopping!! Remember to look for ‘overstocks’.

    Have a nice day!!

  8. Helen!!! – I checked out your blog, so leng lui said XXXXL pulak. But I will go surf Land’s End.

    sexymama – Ascherly hor….he very cincai with me one leh. ‘Cos I dem kiamsiap in buying and hardly buy. So he gotta ‘force’ me. But with that kind of spending, more than reflexology and massage la.

    Mrs B – Glad to hear your testimony! We almost buy Tefal.

    Max – I am helping it to become good.

    MG – Very easy only. Act kesian lor. Take out mop and announce loud-loud – I mop floor. Wash plates, announce loud-loud.

    hedonistic – yalor, it is our duty to spend mah, if not where got motivation to earn hor?

    wuching – I very discipline one. I don’t simply spend one.

    Chief – Ei, my atm encouraged me to spend wan wor.

  9. Florence – Metrojaya got lots of ethnic clothes and shoes but apart from that, nothing much la. The layout wasn’t change. Exactly like Super Komtar. No sale also.

    Ely – No lar, I very kedekut wan.

    ah pek – I am helping to spur the economy, giving jobs and saving the country la.

    Yvy – Usually, we split. He takes the kids, I shop and then, I jaga, he shop. Like that only can get nice-nice things.

    romantic – Wow, really? I am going to try it out making ‘chung’ too.

    Big BoK – Yalor, we are built like ang moh char boh and have to pay huge sums for brands like Ms. Read and BI. I so hate shopping actually.

    Kak Teh – I have never been overseas to shop. Usually, all the things not suitable for me. But I know my brother and sister used to buy back a whole container load of stuffs whenever they stay there for a few months/year.

    marlinda – I skali-skala baru pegi shopping. Biasanya tak beli la. Cuma ada sale dan mood raya. hahaha.

    Tony – Wow, you from Penang? SKII have to queue up. So expensive and yet so many people buy hor? Last Parkson sale I just bought the cleanser. Very ‘tat’ lor, RM138 got 5xbonus links, 10% discount and get voucher RM10 for every RM120.

  10. Hehe..well I’m not from Penang..but in Penang…hehe…Yeah…SK-II its damn expensive..anyway i checked out metreojaya already…nothing special…>_

  11. Lilian: re the chung.. Boil for 10 mins then leave in pot for 5 mins to cool. Perfect everytime.

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