That chocolate condom is not my…

That chocolate condom is not my choice.

Well, I put up Chitika ads because I think it is cute to have new photos appearing randomly when you surf. In order for Chitika to works together with Google, we have to make our ads non-contextual. For Google Adsense, it is a contextual ads whereby ads appear according to what the topic is.

However, Google Adsense doesn’t want to play with other people using the same method as theirs. So if we put Adsense on our blog, we have to make our Chitika (or any ads) non-contextual.

So, we have to select the stuffs we want to appear on our blog.

And I chose CHOCOLATE but I get chocolate condoms. (roll eyes)

Therefore, this is to cover my ass. I did not ask to display contraceptives on my blog. If you wonder, contraceptives are not permissible in my faith. And this is not for discussion.

But if you are interested in Chitika, I can tell you.

10 thoughts on “That chocolate condom is not my…

  1. Helen – I don’t have the faintest idea ‘cos I saw it on top (point upwards) randomly but I myself am not allowed to check it out. (owner of blog cannot click on our own ads)

    RB – Visit more time and hope you bump into it. I saw it three times liao ler.

    ah pek – Huh? You gay? Otherwise, would taste matters to you? Ewwwss…Hahaha.

  2. haiyooo, wasted la…if only i saw it but i didnt. just check it out for fun n HELP u ka-ching lor!! šŸ˜›

  3. RB – Go put adult toys on your site la. Sure got a lot of curious cats wan. Hahaha.

    hedonistics – Wei, actually very dangerous leh. What if someone bite the chocolate off? LOL.

    Yvy – Hahaha, come by often you are bound to see it.

    boo – It is randomly shown according to my choice of products. Like Malaysiabest, I choose kitchen wares etc.

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