How shall I celebrate?

Two more weeks and I am going to be a ONE YEAR OLD (yeah, big deal) blogger.

So, good people out there, how shall I celebrate it?

Should I…

1) Paste some praises for the rest of the two weeks?

2) Paste some controversial postings that got some seh moh kay (hairy chicken) in a twist?

3) Paste some hall of shame comments just to get back at those flamers?

4) Paste some of my wiser postings so that I can gloat at how wise I was, am and will be?

5) Paste some ‘I would like to thank yadda yadda for the yadda yadda because yadda yadda’.

What? You actually believe that I want to do that?

Frankly, I don’t give a shit to all these. Whether I have blogged for a week, a year or a century, I know that I have not changed one bit. I am still that blogger who blog because I am so blardy good at writing. I can write a good posting in less than 10 minutes.

Only those pathetic morons would go on and on and on about how they evolve la, they matured la, they are vets la, they are the established blogger la, they rule the blogsphere la and etc etc. To them, I would say, go fly kite.

So, new bloggers out there. Just jump in, write and stay true to your purpose of blogging. Whether you blog for Google Adsense, you blog for your kids, you blog to get even with your ex, you blog for fame and people to butter up your ego, it doesn’t matter. There is no right and wrong to it. And no one cares anyway.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter if you just blog for only one week or 10 years. If you are good, you are good. If you are lame, you are lame.

Ultimately, what is important is that you can go to sleep at night peacefully. And look into the mirror and be proud of yourself. Never, ever write something that will come back to haunt you, say 10 years from now. Never make too much of a fool of yourself because eventhough you can’t hear the sniggering, you can feel it in your conscience.

So, yam seng to blogging! I feel good because today, 10th of October 2005 (10.10) is the 2nd anniversary of MyMomsBest. The website that I had built for parents. The best and the only one in Malaysia. Who can beat that?

920 forum members and 12,137 postings (some earlier ones were pruned)

Oh ya, expect lots of bloated up postings from me for the next two weeks. I am best at motivating self and motivating others.

Don’t you just love me? Hmmm??? LOL!

25 thoughts on “How shall I celebrate?

  1. Hey.. Lilian,
    i think i might be one of the morons.. you mentioned.. hahahha!! and my blog pretty lame too.. hahhaha!! sorry hor.. ! but i love yer blog.. so there.. i said it.. pretty lame hor..?? hhahahaha!!

  2. If you claim there is no right or wrong, how come you once upon a time posted an article called ‘No-no of blogging’?

    Thing is, we all grow and our thoughts evolve when we grow and learn more (as you clearly did). Which is why I laughed when you said that only pathetic morons go on and on about evolving and maturing..

  3. 5xMom,
    You are the best. You have proven that you can “gun sling” words from your hips faster than anyone out there… cheerio mate. Greatest pleasure to have met you yesterday at the Egate Penang Blogger’s Meet.. pity it was such a small crowd.. Shame on you Penangites….oh by the way… Love your kid…:)

  4. Good blogging Lilian… Thanks to you my swearing vocabulary has increased over a 1000% hahaha.. only word I knew and havent used since childhood was tiu .

  5. Lilian,

    Start a gallery with your sexy pics and your children (if they don’t mind) lar….

    Want to see u lar… btw, simply love the way u write and the way you manage to put a balance in your perspective of things.

  6. helen – Wait when I hire a professional photographer and a photoshop expert then I got sexy photos to show la. LOL!

    ah pek – -ditto –

    romantic – I really wish you have one blog ‘cos your mind is sharper than mind sometimes.

    Yvy – lafu u. (tks to rojakz for the language)

    Finding Me – Never mind, there is another time. Hopefully Nov. will see more crowds. Small group does have its benefit. We can talk more.

    Wuching – Clever boy. *pat head*


    Big BoK – Choy…where got lame? I love to see those F words flying out from Canada. hahaha. I do return again and again and again….didn’t I?

    willwolf – lafu u 2.

  7. You were among the few earliest ones to drop by my blog when I first started.

    My first post was on 22nd Oct, last year (yes, Living Gem is celebrating its anniversary in a fortnight, too!), and yours was a day after that.

    Same age leh. Different by one day. Heh.

  8. Congrats.. a forum that last for 2 years. šŸ™‚ So in year 2007, Mymombest can add one more benefit about breast feeding : not VAT (value Added Tax). kikikikikikik.

  9. Haha, I love you and your down to earth postings. Post picture of yourself la. No need wait for professional, because I don’t think any of us care what you look like. After all, your writings say so much more about who you are.

  10. happy blogiversary, lillian!!

    -zyrin tries to remember her bloghopping life before discovering 5 x Mom, and discovers that she can’t-

    here’s to many more interesting, home-truths filled & amusing posts…

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