That Virginity issue

I am going to write this but how you are going to perceive it, is not my responsibility, ok? Whatever, I hope whoever reads it do get enlightened.

This has nothing to do with me. My personal life is not on parade here, ok?

Long time ago, I had a girl friend. She boasted about her past, how working in the hotel line has it perks, this guy, that guy yadda yadda yadda. Spending the night here, night there. But oooh…she would emphasised again and again that she is oh so virginal. Who cares…

She was much older than me and lucky gal hooked a rich, only son, lots of properties guy who is much younger than her. *sheesh* Like Rod Stewart’s song, Some guys have all the luck.

Guess what she told me during lunch after her wedding? I almost choked to death on the cockles from my char-koay-teow.

“I had UTI (urinary tract infection) the other day and the stupid nurse insisted to do a swab for me (insert something to take specimen from her ‘inside’). It was sooooo painful, you know. And XYZ (her young hubby) hadn’t even got a ‘chance’.”

And I put on my dumb face mask and ask, “You mean, you married that day until now, you still not yet do ‘it’ ah? You still virgin la?”

I felt like strangling her with the kuchai (chives, a tough stringy vege) from the char koay teow. I mean, that XYZ guy is really a nice chap, very young and very innocent.

Certainly, you can lie to him. But don’t ever try to lie to me. I may be younger than her but I am not born yesterday, for V’s sake! I am not interested to know.

I met her a few weeks ago and that episode can never leave my mind. I think it is actually a non-issue if the ‘damaged’ has been done. But to lie to one’s future spouse, that is very, very wrong. If you can’t start a matrimony based on honesty, I don’t know if you should even think of getting married.

Ahem, I must put disclaimer. Virginity is very important. And so is truth, honesty, sincerity, true love, forgiveness and a tonnes of other things that will make a couple’s marriage work and live happily ever after.

13 thoughts on “That Virginity issue

  1. Maybe she is telling the truth.
    Either he is a gay or suffers from ED.
    When a girl says that she is a virgin, there is no way we can find out unless 😉

  2. Hahaha, Boo – Actually, she blamed it on the nurse! I guess I was too vague. After the UTI was cured, business resume as usual but the nurse kena tanggung mah.

  3. aiyo.. as usual I am the blur sotong here…let me recap.. if wrong please correct me… Sarong Party Girl supposedly virgin and marry rich kid.. didn’t even let the rich kid do opening ceremony but nurse got the honour right? Then after that didn’t even get to do it ? If so.. wah chia lat.. no communication, trust and honesty in marriage sure spell trouble one

  4. I know of this old lady ( my M’sian friend’s mother)..already with grandchildren, the way she talks , seems like shes a perpetual virgin.LOL “We’re not into those kind of things” ” we dont even hold hands ” Ayoh, aunty— you must have amnesia each time.. cos you got 6 kids!!!!hahahaha

  5. This is funny..! but i donch know how to comment.. on something like that…! for i am no angel..! so better shaddup.. before kenna throw tomatoes.. all over.. hahah!!

  6. Big BoK – Me too. So when she went all virgin brides with me and yet boasted about spending nites with the previous guys, I was like, oh yeah, righttt….

    romantic – You know? A frigid woman did get pregnant. A nurse told me. But that is another story.

    Finding Me – Actually, it is not the nurse who did it. LOL.

  7. Since when did you ever need a swab to do UTI? Most doctors I know as for a urine sample and you never swab unless it’s a yeast infection or something. *confused*

  8. Mei – Hahaha, she is lying through her teeth! Poor guy is the only one who believed her. She blamed the nurse for taking away her virginity. Can you believe the kind of things people do? Sheesh.

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