New blogs and Problogging

LOL! I found someone who just started blogging but has proven that her blog is indeed thought provoking and yet funny. You have to read All of Helen.

This proves my theory is right. A good blogger is a good blogger. Doesn’t matter if the blogger has blogged for years or just weeks.

Another blogger I found. Yesterday, we had a bloggers meet at Starbucks. Peter’s neighbour dunno-what-his-name was there. I still don’t know what his name is but he is a new blogger too and already made Peter Tan and Minishorts into Star Trek! No shit, on his second posting! Quick go see!


Tell me, all new bloggers (especially Helen) :

1) Before you actually start blogging, do you read lots of blogs first?

2) Do you do some ‘research’ and get a hang of the local Malaysian blogs before actually jump and become one?

My own answers :

1) I read Peter Tan first and did not know that is a blog. Hahaha. It was to me, a website. I was stuck in the era of Geocities and Dreamweaver.

Then dunno from where, I got to know (now I spell with capitals liao hor, doc?) and got hooked in reading for three days and three nights. Did not finish reading ‘cos it was stomach-cramping (due to laughing too hard).

2) After that, I check out Petaling Street Project and took the bold step in blogging. Yeah, it is a brave, courageous venture to me. I don’t know about others but when you put your thoughts online, it is not like sneezing or scratching your head. It is more like farting in public or trying to adjust your bunched up underwear in a crowded lift and still can put on a straight face.


The Blog Herald, sort of like our blogging newspapers, has released the blog count for October. It is reported that there are 20,000 blogs in Malaysia. This figure is very, very small compare to Japan which has at least 5.5 million. That means, Malaysia does have a future in blogs development and probloggers have bright future! Go buy one special keyboard from’pro(s)blogger 8kumleong. I get a 30% commission.

*One question – not related. I update my Firefox last night. Now, I dunno why all the things I type did not ‘stay’. E.g In the Send trackbacks to column (in WP dashboard), I used to have a list of my trackbacks URL. But now, it is not there. Damn, how do I set it so that the browser remember details? Please helppp ‘cos I hate re-typing.

17 thoughts on “New blogs and Problogging

  1. Wingz – Sure la, I got very good ngan kwong wan mah. Just like how I discover errrmmm you know la, no need to remind you hor? LOL! šŸ™‚

  2. now i feel so bad becoz i just don’t cut out to b a good blogger let alone a pro wan, i think i’ll just sit back & let the experts do their stuff from now on *sniff sniff* šŸ™

  3. 5xmom,
    to answer your question. Yes I do read a lot of blogs before I start….I started by reading Peter’s Site … I also thought it was a site and not a blog…long story short… read some of his archive, realise he stays near me, find out he is a blogger, start to read other blog…. and then I became one. Question deux, no i dun do research into taste of readers. Actually I planned to use blog to release my pent up anger, frustration and stress from work, stupid people cutting in traffic like nobodies business, stupid people that couldn’t care less about the community…(hmm someday I will catch them on my digital camera and post them in my blog with their number plates)… But it turns out my blog has a new and noble starting direction… campaigning for Charity.. which I strongly believes in. While we are still able, we do the best we can to help. Well that roughly sums it all up. I hope I won’t turn morbid or sour in my future blogging. SNEAK PREVIEW!!!!! Star Trek II release soon…. ehehehehe…. trying to minimise Spock effect.. I am lousy with Photoshop…hahahah

  4. i oso went checking. yah she blogs like a old timer.
    that rojaks seller wan me to blanja him 12 ohkau before he gives me the bull shit gloves. i think it’s not worth it.

  5. Ya, i was addicted to reading blogs before i started blogging. I read Dr.Liew too. and XX….and some random ones i found….

    But actually i got a blog wan….i started it just to find out how izzit. Suppose to be my online journal but im too private a person i dare not publish what i wrote. So that got stagnant for about a year untill i started blogging annonymously.

    PS.I think you firefox when u update have deleted the old cache memory. Now u gotta recollect the URLS again.

  6. Peter – Nyek..

    MG – Wuah, you daring hor? I felt like going into new, unchartered waters so I do read and get a hang first before I dare to venture. Silap-silap, kena flame buta-buta. LOL.

    Fashionasia – Ya lor, putting things no one is supposed to see online is risky. I had one but deleted the blog also. It is not the cache thingy. Not sure where.

    ahpek – 12 ohkau and you can become problogger too. Hahaha.

    totoro – Hey, I like your guts in tackling an established blogger la. I must say you are the one of the few. Respect!

    Finding Me – Peter is hunting you down. Don’t stand too near the window, you may get shot.

    Wu Ching – You know why? ‘Cos you are too nice, unlike some of us who let loose on blogs. But alpacas (sp?) is cuttteeee.

  7. I blogged before I started reading blogs. It was years ago. Blogging styles everywhere changed tremendously. It’s hard to find blogs which has their own style. Most always try to be a lil bit like other bloggers to draw attention. It’s like a compilation of bloggers in one blogger. Very unoriginal =P I stumbled upon a blogger who actually caught my attention because I thought I was the author of the piece she was writing. She reminded me of me.

  8. 1. no
    2. no

    i simply wanted to see wat it was all abt coz i join friendster n they had this new feature which was a blog. so when i registered, then i realise…ooo, it’s like a webpage. (at that time, still blur2, dunno the difference between blog n website ~ now i know edi but pls dont ask me, k?) lol =P

  9. Lilian,

    Thanks for mentioning me. The first blog I ever read was Jeff Ooi. At that time, I didn’t know it was a blog-lar,.. I thought it was a news site. So, instead of buying newspaper, I always go to Screenshots.. . That went on for 4 months before I discovered my 2nd blog- Aishehman. In fact, I found Totoro’s blog from the comments he left on Aisehman’s blog. (and also he got my attention after his spat with a ‘famous blogger’. Hee hee Totoro’s English is very very very ‘deep’, like dictionary he can take on the ‘famous blogger’….)

    No, I did not really checkout other blogs when I first started, but now I do. Damn addicted. There are quite a few blogs I visit everyday, OK, I confess, sometimes every few hours.(**bodek** Of course Lilian’s site is one of them. **bodek**) I AM A BLOG ADDICT NOW.

    I know a lot of bloggers blog for themselves, and I am no exception. Still, I’ll be lying if I say it does not feel good if someone comes along and leaves a comment or two.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Lilian.

  10. helen – *shoes shining liao* kehkehkehkeh

    Agree with you about totoro. Only thing is I dare not highlight it ‘cos sked people flame me. LOL!

    Yvy – But you catch up fast and your blog is thought provoking too. Probably, we go around with blog in our head and hence, can pick up stories to write. Sniffing out tales to share.

    S-Kay – Huah, got mirror blogs also? As for me, I do read for a while and know what are stuffs that can be written and what are better kept to ourselves.

  11. woot. I got 2 lovely ladies chatting about me. *blush*

    my england berry powderful 1, so i hope u can pardon my france, hehe.

    (eh, i din ask for it 1 lah, i try to be supportive of the poor old man for what he tries to do (heck I voted for him), but sometimes he takes the liberty of trying to act cleverer than he is, by insulting others just because he can. I mean a totoro is just so cute until u juz wanna hug it and sleep on its tummy. how can anyone insult a totoro. *sniff*)

    erm, lilian jie, feel free to delete this comment hor, if it’s not suitable. šŸ˜‰

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