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Whee! I can now stand on my hands! Because eldest son has completed his PMR, #2 son almost finish his year end exams and #3 had been ponteng-ed school for weeks since he finished his year end exams.


Ever wonder why 5xmom’s mind is full of shit? Ok, this is to please my trolls and flamers because inspite of disliking me, dunno for what reasons, they read! Because she stands on her hands and the shit flows to her brains. Satisfied?

I said about dyeing my hair red? Well, it is still rather black but it is not too oily so it suits me fine. And I did not cut my hair yet. Hoping someone will pledge RM10,000 to me to go bald. I said, to me (to sponsor me for breasts augmentation or something like that). (actual reason – I got no one to watch my kids so I have 20 minutes to run to the hairdresser across my apartment for a hair cut).

Hey, did you all know that wearing sarong is actually very ethnic? I took a photo of myself with my toddler in sarong. Wow, so Malaysians. I think if I submit it to some international contest, sure win some ‘Mother and child’ award. But wait till I blurred everything out, cropped, add some valleys, enlarge some hills, filled up some craters etc etc before I show you all, ok? LOL!

No more worries if my kids can overslept and missed going to school for exam. Yippee dooday, yippee doodaa. From now till next year January 2006, we can shove the school stuffs aside and just do nothing. *haih* I wonder how our Education Ministry plans the school years. Out of 12 months, October, November and December are redundants with no teachers and no lessons.

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  1. School after UPSR is more fun than post PMR and SPM. Imagine all the card games, UNO, Jenga, WinLoseOrDraw contests we had then…

  2. Lilian,

    Tsk tsk, if u can do that ar, you’ve already master half the moves in Karma SutXX…..

    No need to go for breast augmentation… now they have those things called silicone breast enchancement pads… just slip into your bra, it’ll add inches man! Of course the downside is, these things DO fall out. Happened once to someone I know…. myself. lol.

  3. helen – I oni joke about breasts enlargement ler. It is against my principle (and also my faith la) to cut up my breasts to make it bigger. Bigger for what wor… LOL. You got a point oso la. I forgot the name of that position liao. LOL. But dem nice to be hanged like that you know? I can feel my whole innards getting back into place.

    Din – Yalah, after exam all lepak in class only. All the cikgu gone to kursus and they squeeze 50+ children in one class. So might as well stay at home and let them sleep till noon.

    Max – Ya, right.

    Samm – Me too. Last time, very bodoh wan, sick also go to school. But also not clever than others.

    totoro – Actually, the planning is very bad la. By end of September, no more serious studies. So they gotta crammed the whole syllabus into the nine months minus out the school breaks.

    Big BoK – Aiyoh…you only read the ponteng school part ah? You no comment about the karma sutra position. Sobz..

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