What is a pro blogger?

MG asked the question that I bet none of us have very clear understanding of. I myself do not know what is a pro blogger (spell with a space in between pro and blogger) until she asked.

I found this lady, Arieanna who is turning to pro blogging which explains it.

What does this mean? That I will be officially working for myself as a professional blogger and consultant on a full-time basis. After much debate with myself, I decided to take the leap and see what I could make of the opportunities presented to me. I will be “officially” ProBlogger starting on Wednesday.

I’m really excited to be joining the force of professional bloggers along with others such as Darren Rowse and Tris Hussey. I also feel proud to be one of the first few women to take the leap into professional blogging.

My understanding is – Turning to professional blogger. One who blogs with responsibility. Upkeep the standard. Using one’s expertise and put it to good use by educating and helping others through blogging. And in the process, make money from consultation, selling of advertising space and also some other ads like Google.

What problogging is NOT – Aim at making money through manipulation of the system (cheating la). Aim at making money. Aim at making money. And errmm…copy and pasting WITHOUT thought and personal inputs.

If you ask me if Liew CF can be considered as a pro blogger, I would say yes. Because he has generously shared many tips with us on improving our blogging system, he does work on some of the WP plugins (plus dunno what else) and he never fail to attend to questions directed to him from newbies. He also never lost his temper.

Is there a future for us Malaysians? Yes. Why not? The internet is such a huge place and billions of people are constantly searching for stuffs. Having a few more blogs on the net means getting hit by the search engine. This translates to disseminating information provided by you to these people who in turn educate them. Isn’t that a nobel thing to do? Unless you turn to full time blogging, you cannot manage that many blogs and spend so much time in researching.

*runs to corner, hide to avoid getting rotten tomatoes from Rojakz*

But seriously, I do see pro blogging as a good option for working from home. Do you agree that pro blogger is a noble profession?

16 thoughts on “What is a pro blogger?

  1. Well, IMO, to be a Problogger one should meet more criterion as listed above, such as the standard of the blog, how professional is the blogger’s conduct, etc etc. Not to mention the language used in the blog . If we lower the standard, the word “pro” doesn’t carry any meaning anymore. Then that Rojaks will take advantage to become problogger liao. LoL …

    There are so many prominent bloggers out there who don’t claim themselves probloggers, I don’t understand what makes people who can’t match the standards claim themselves are? (Shit, did I mentioned prominent bloggers, again?)

    LcF has just corrected himself and I can’t agree more that “full time blogger” is far more appropriate.

  2. Andy and Dizzy – *helping rojakz to pelt every where and everyone* LOL.

    Bryan – Glad that there is some clarification here so that we are sure what we are talking about.

    Kiasi – Yes, me too.

    Wingz – All hail Wingz.

    LcF – Ok, we have something clearer here. Thanks for pointing that out ‘cos I hate seeing all these confusions and parodies.

    n305er – Thanks for the link.

    MG – Yes, Liew has taught us the ropes, didn’t he?

    WuChing – Wooo, they make big money in the States. But then, they have connections to the latest leads.

  3. I’m quite proud to be a ProBlogger – it’s just another job, but one so dynamic and new, that it really is quite satisfying. It has its challenges, like any job, but it’s great to lead the way and show that you can do this professionally, and working at home is great!

  4. That depends on what you mean by ‘noble’. Semua orang pun cari makan. As long as you don’t steal other people property to sell, okla. If you work hard and come up with your own ‘product’ okla.

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