Woot! Did anyone feel any tremors?

Time : 11.07 pm

Place : Penang

Did anyone feel tremors? I do. Just a mild one but the water in the aquarium did shake a bit.


Input from Izham. (thanks Izham!)
# izham Says:
October 11th, 2005 at 11:41 pm e

Hi 5xmom,

5.9 on Richter Scale. Time of Occurrence : 11.05 pm on 11 Oct 2005

Coordinates : 4.6North 94.0 East

Location : Off West Sumatra. Centre of earthquake 176km from Banda Aceh, 866 km west of Kuala Lumpur

Magnitude : 5.9 on Richter scale



15 thoughts on “Woot! Did anyone feel any tremors?

  1. izham – Phew…for a while I thought I am beginning to hallucinate ‘cos I was alone at home. No one else feel and none of the neighbours make any noise about it. Thanks a lot for the link.

    Viewtru – See? I think the gahmen shud hire me to be the sensor. I dem sensitive wei.

  2. Umm..which area of penang are u residing in Lilian? I hope this tremor isnt as bad as the last one that we felt last year (then again I barely felt anything cuz slept like a pig..oink oink)

  3. tony – The State Mosque there and I am only on the 3rd floor. According to the link, there were two quakes yesterday (11 Oct). One in the morning and one at night. This is mild compared to the last two.

  4. LOL, I made history once enuff liao. FILA oso never pay me for advertising their brand of t-shirts. (I was wearing a F I L A t-shirt when the Dec. 26 2004 tsunami/quake happened). My blog got mentioned worldwide you know….

  5. Wow..all of you are really night owls haha..LOL..Lilian like oyu really did that before? I meant running down without a bra? hahaha..Lucikly i didn’t run down bottomless or topless back then. ^_^

  6. haiyoo….if it was me, gone lar. i was sleeping like a log! 🙁

    If it was peter, he would have been blogging about it and calling himself “moron”

  7. Probably Peter did not feel it. But it is on the Star today.

    Dizzy – Are you prepared? ‘Cos the world will end sooner or later.

    Yvy – I don’t think many people can feel it. I am super alert and super sensitive wan.

    tony – Real one. Read this:
    http://chanlilian.net/?p=87 (first tremors in Dec)

    nailil – Tks!

  8. Yep, we felt it – me and my sister. We were watching TV and suddenly she turned to me and said “Earthquake, earthquake”.

    I stared at her and then nod my head, ” Ya, ya, a slight tremor”.

    We both sat there looking at each other wondering whether it’ll get more serious.

    Aiyoo…. scary lah. Once bitten, twice shy lah… they said.

    Last December one really shook us and its nearing the anniversary.

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