19 thoughts on “42, stupid, 35 shit, 20 CB, 0 KNN

  1. The amount of swear words you used in your blog?

    Or the amount of swear words you found this morning in other people’s blog?

  2. Yayaya, that stupid traffic light numbers lor.

    You know hor, we have three lanes, two left lanes for straight road. The right one for turning right. These cheebyes motor bikers who are going straight will jammed up the right lane and hence, when the traffic numbers go 45, 44, 42…….20, 19….3,2,1, RED, I still can’t turn right because the cars in front usually hesitate about honking the fark out of these motor bikers. So, I can only cuss from a few cars behind. Damn frus you know.

    ‘Cos I have to wait for another 110 seconds before our light turns green again.

  3. Sigh, I see Penang traffic lights more ‘canggih’ than KL one. Penang and Malacca got those traffic lights with timing, but KL until now, beside traffic lights near KLCC, and traffic light for crossers, I don’t see any traffic light with timing.

  4. Those motorcyclists are getting braver lately. They are also.. becoming more stupid riding in the middle of the road…

    Imagine! 3 lanes of road and you can’t even drive fast or overtake anything because there 1 stupid slow motorbike on the left lane and another idiot on the right… The left guy eats nearly into the middle lane and the right guy eats into the middle lane as well…

  5. n305er – I know your sufferings. LOL!

    kiasi – yalor, we got those that have the stick-man walking and running. Very cute oso. Our council clever to spend money mah.

  6. samm – aiyoh, PPS down for almost two weeks liao ler. Have you joined sarawho, project kacang kuda and BlogsMalaysia? Here’s my earlier post. http://chanlilian.net/?p=811

    samm – Also save you from getting your tongue cut in hell. My mom used to tell me, tell lies, say bad words la, sure get your tongue cut in hell by the cow head, monster face god. (gu mok ong)

  7. hahaha!!! didnt think of that one. šŸ˜€

    but now even worst! especially after office hours. OMG…..KULIM oso worst than dunno wat!!! 2 lane, 2 way road become 2 way, 1 lane n 3 lane road. stupid motorists on my right side (mean the opposite side lar) will makan MY jalan. cilaka!!! i know la u want to buka puasa…but still, dont tell me u got no patience n lose ur manners on the road? ppl on my side of the road oso want to go home n buka puasa ma….yiohh….sien orr!!!

    ps. i nvr take down how to auto ping blogmalaysia, can anyone tell me how?

  8. I think we need to add the url given to us (with password one?) into our send trackback column before we publish. That’s how I ping la. I never auto-ping, sked tersasul.

    n305er – yeah, right.

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