Harlow? Astro ah?

Damn. I just pulled out the Astro card and satu kali censored all programmes. Peace on earth…..

It is getting damn annoying. I am going to get atm to unsubscribe the cartoon channels.

My toddler doesn’t watch cartoons. He only watch, golf! (sobz) And that Japanese NHK Channel 35 every afternoon. Sometimes, he sat there with the father watching tennis and football. *sigh* Atm is the happiest man on earth to finally find a son who shares his interest. That’s why I am amply rewarded all the time.

Back to stewwwpid Astro’s cartoons. Channel 60 is blardy bad influence because their little kids can make fun of their President. Can you believe it? They get Bush to eat worms and Al Gore to do something else (look-alike actors la). They throw cream pies on their President faces. (all these from The Amanda show). They enjoyed wasting tonnes of chocolates, creams, marhsmallow in games show. God, I just hate Nickelodeon for the too Americanised approach. I am sure real Americans are not misbehaved like those shows. Well, I really hope they are not.

Then, Channel 61 is all too sweet and commercialised. It points back to ‘Visit Disneyland’. Thank God I had been to EuroDisney to know that Disneyland is just an over-priced theme park where cotton candies cost RM12 per pack. Otherwise, I would die of guilt if my #3 son (he was too young to go then) keeps pestering me to go to HongKong just to visit Disney.

And someone, please assasinate that CN as in canneh aka Cartoon Network. These producers are sickos, mann. Who would want to watch Courage the Cowardly Dog, Mucha banyak Lucah (Lucah = porn in Malay), red baboons, violent road runners, gay spongebob (no wait, that is channel 60 wateva la), lesbos Power Puff Girls. Which parents in their right minds would allow their kids to watch shows like that?

So, no more. Enuff is enuff. I am going to take off the Astro Wah Lai Toi, movies package (Uncle Ho is cheaper in the long run) and cartoon networks. Three packages off. Leaving only Sports and Documentary.

Now, one question. Is the MTV package worth subscribing? Are the series there nice to watch? I hate Oprah, so don’t bribe me. I also hate reality shows. Frankly, I hate everything except Dr. House.

BTW, I am taking off Astro WLT because I do not want to be caught in the cycle of ‘middle-age aunties who fantasise living life like the TVB8 series and making love with Gallen Lo or Bobby Au-Yeong in their heads and then, dye their hair blonde and wear fuschia tight pants’. If I need that sparks, I might as well go start a blog ala Literotica and earn loads from porn advertisements. (Hey, I am only joking only, ok? Big storm coming, I don’t want to get strike by lightning you know.)

22 thoughts on “Harlow? Astro ah?

  1. chewyx – Yalor…..he is turning too god-like liao. Can make people walk somemore. Abuden who care about details. It is the man’s sarcasm that rocks.

  2. I like Star World.
    The series are not bad.
    I like Boston Public and Miss Match (they stop showing them after one season).
    Now I only watch One Tree Hill every Tuesday, nice storyline but err…. too much kissing scene. šŸ˜›

    One thing I don’t like about Astro is they charge you RM10 everytime you change the combination of packages or withdraw one package.

  3. Haha! FYI Lilian, I watch A LOT of TVB… haha and am very far from being middle-aged and Gallen Lo has since left TVB. LOL!

    Then again, WLT is a year behind the rest of the world when it comes to TVB series.

    Disney C’s approach – is to “Disney-fy” everybody, so to speak. Same goes with its movies and cartoons.

    Never liked cartoons. Have always, as a kid watched those play-school shows which actually teach you something. Works great for a wider vocab.

    Will be going to HK… (not specifically to visit HK Disneyland) but will definitely go for a look-see. The only one that seems interesting is the Buzz Lightyear ride where you get to shoot aliens. HAHAHA! Buildings are also scaled down because of space contraints. Will let you know if it’s worth it. I reckon it will be way cheaper than Euro Disney or Disney California.

  4. ahaha yea i -hate- some of those cartoon shows too. what’s that one where a cat and dog are stuck together end to end? yeech. and then cow and chicken, ewww…! šŸ˜€

  5. mrs chief did that to our astro last year and the kids are enjoying more outdoor activities and no more talking in american slang

  6. Hey, I happen to think cartoon network is pretty damn brilliant. It’s not ‘wholesome’ cartoons, but its certainly a lot more entertaining than most others.

  7. eyeris – That’s because you are not 8 years old! LOL!

    Chief – You are right about the American slang. And the obnoxious terms they come up with like ‘Awwww…mom, you are making me depressed’

    q – The show is called exactly that, Cat and Dog, Cow and Chicken. Arrggh…their voices!

    Debbie – Dun worry, you are young, you can’t get labelled yet. I don’t want to end up running to the video stores for a quick fix of TVB8. But I think Moses Chan is very lengchai ler… Slurrps…Especially when he is a maharaja, doctor or lawyer. LOL

    Jessy – Issit? Wah, kena pay RM10? So knot simply change packages la?

  8. I’m appalled at the AMANDA show and any other american kids show that resembles the show. yuckss…….
    cant’ stand the over acting bits……
    HBO is good but you’ve gotta be able to tolerate many re-runs.

  9. Wah. I didn’t watch Channel 60 le or else I’ll vomit blood liao. All these cartoons are just too Amalikan liao. Since when is their value the right and almighty ah?

  10. hey Lilian! I do agree that many of the cartoons today are too suggestive. And some reality shows are pathetic, even the ones for children. *sigh* what to do. Times are changing. I still miss the old disney cartoons like winnie the pooh, mickey mouse, and warner brothers’ bugs bunny and that cute tasmanian devil.

  11. Lilian,

    You got courage man!! I can pull out the card on other nights but NOT on Wed lar… Today is where the action is… 9pm – Medical Investigation (COOL) 10pm – CSI-Miami (COOL) 1.30am The Practice. (COOL COOL)

    HK series.. Yuck. HK actors… YUCK YUCK! I’ll take those Yap Pun Chai anytime. Heck, i would have been branded Jau Gau (traitor) if I was born back then… Scary..

  12. Haha…cartoons are meant to be enjoyable you know =) of all the channels i hate Nickelodeon aka “need to kill em” channel. What a waster of money watching a bunch of mentally retarded fugly characters springing around doing idotic moves with that alien-ish face. Anyway bout those elements in Cartoon Network well i do think that spongebob is a gay and pgirl is soo lesbo haha… Astro should let us pick what channel we want to subsribe…not by implementing some stupid packages…darn blood sucker astro..

  13. wow..lilian your son so sporting ler. I’m the one who accompany my son to watch his favorite show or VCD. Your hubby got good partner to watch show together so lucky.

  14. Lilian – *laughs* That’s good to hear. Oh yes! I met Moses Chan once in Causeway Bay… well, I didn’t technically meet him… he was cruising down the street in his car (super slowly) – now that was a very “ying” sight.

  15. Aiya – I do not agree with you about PowerPuff Girls and Spongebob Squarepants leh. PPG is girl power and they’re so cute! Oklah, Spongebob does have gay characteristics but he’s such a nice, chirpy guy and kids learn about underwater creatures from the show (something like Finding Nemo).

    Now, Barney the Dinosaur, he’s paedophiliac…

  16. Heheh…5xmom enjoys watching dr. house too, eh? For me, i need my starworld, hbo, mtv, axn and espn…that’s it. no cartoons for me (unless it’s powerpuff girls…kinda fetish, ya think?)

  17. for a while, I was wondering where to get the power puffs. am glad that Mr B locked the cartoon network. I am seriously plotting to cut off kids network (disney playhouse) and replace that with news. maybe one fine day i can convince Mr B to cut off Astro altogether.

  18. Astro…. i long time no see adi. it was only during my breastfeeding days whr i do nothing but sit on the bed that i watch astro. now, i do so at the food court lah, free wat.

  19. Think of MTV as the teenagers version of Nickelodeon. They’re just about as absurd, with zero entertainment value and a bad influence. A 5 minute viewing of “My Super Sweet 16” mtv will rot your brains out faster than any porno movies. (But I secretly like to watch “Pimp My Ride”)

  20. Sometimes I got fed up with Astro’s shows too. I love sports other than Football, but they have footballs all the time on 80, 81 and 82!

    But, I can’t pull the card out because my girl needs it in there šŸ™‚

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