If you want sex toy in KL…..

I know I blogged about search keywords too often. But it is farking hilarious to see all the desperadoes, freaks, perverts, cuckoos who fell into the 5xmom trap.

Sometimes, I wonder what reaction they get when they came here and skali potong stim (turn off). Do they stay to read my holier-than-thou thoughts? Do they curse me? Do they just click the x in the red box or do they click the links? (nay…that one on the side wan…)

Sex toys in KL
So, if you wanna look for sex toys in KL, you surf the web. And then, what do you find?

Ladies and gentlemen…..


Moral of the story, blog with responsibility and caution. You certainly don’t want your mom looking for recipes to stumble on your blog bitching about her, do you? Or your husband discovered that there is a sinister side to his bed partner of 20 years. Or your ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend peeked into your blog and smirked at how pathetic you are, right? Or some Hilary Duff haters flaming Hilary in my blog? Or some Bersamamu TV3 fans using my blog as a chat box? (roll eyes)

moo_t mentioned this in his blog. Thanks, moo_t for the compliments.

If you think the MTD sucks big way, and you think 5xmom, the doctor is funny (on polluting google with whatever new terms he generated), please help support the wiki Malaysia portal. šŸ™‚

Search engines are like pussy cats dragging home rotten carcasses of dead cocks.

13 thoughts on “If you want sex toy in KL…..

  1. are you thinking of pointing them the right direction? every mall in Malaysia got them adult shops already, I think I saw some in Pyramid, 1-Utama, Ikano…

  2. totoro – Noleh, I am thinking of telling them to find more productive things to do like reading some religious books? Or blogs?

  3. Speaking of sex toys..it’s nice to know that Watsons in HK is selling dildos there. Goodbye Sex Shops…Hello Watsons =P Girls there must be damn deprived =P

  4. Jeremy – Heh, that’s the benefit of having page rank of 5/10. And some clever manipulation of favourite keywords.

    S-kay – Issit? I did not notice that when I was in HK. Or probably I tot it is some old folks massage gadget. LOL.

  5. Toobad sex toys are illegal (still) in Malaysia. So closed minded.

    All the shops like I Want House is titled under Novelty Stores.. in case you guys didn’t notice..

    Sigh, the Malaysian mentality, so close. Patutlah Proton still underprotection. How to compete with the world with this kind of mindset?

  6. Ahh…it’s even illegal to even bring up this question bout the “dasar conservatif minded/mentality”

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