I need to crap.

I am going to crap. Blame it on our stupid primitive broadband provider. It takes me hours to do some stuffs. My MSN got cut off in the middle of some juicy gossips. I was ftp-ing halfway, line got cut off and now I screwed up something liao ‘cos I deleted things too fast, as usual. (grinning at webhosts)

And I can’t upload my photos to Flickr. Plus I can’t read my mail from my Thunderbird.


(Bitchy contents containing 4 paragraphs on how dumb women love to leech and suck on to unworthy men and then lament about how bad life is had been censored. Women (of all ages, especially young girls) can be so, so dumb most times!)

7 thoughts on “I need to crap.

  1. Hey, why did you censor those 4 paragraphs? I can commiserate with you on this topic coz I unfortunately know a few girls like that – dunno why they don’t change even though they always get hurt huh?

  2. I thought it was only me !!

    I have been suffering from bad conenction speed for the past 2 days. Uploading a 300Kb file took me more than 3 attempts and only got uploaded after waiting around 30minutes. WTF.

    First, I thought maybe my wiring or any of the devices is causing problem, but after I have checked most of the possible causes I was quite certain it’s Streamyx fault this time. I even called to Streamyx to reset the port at 1am, but still to no avail. Yup, their technical support helpline opens 24/7 now. šŸ™‚

    Now waiting my uploading speed to come back, dowloading is still not too bad though it’s slow. šŸ™

  3. When would TMnet gonna provide us with a good broadband service? Shessh…It’s the lack of competitors that made them such a ignorance creature.

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