F*ck the exam (PMR) la.

These few days I am damn tiu reading all these complaints from parents about the exam being too easy. And then, some parties defended that it is due to the fact that the batch of students are learning Maths and Science in English for the first time. (They had learnt Sains dan Matematik in Bahasa Malaysia from Standard One till Six and then, doing them in English in Form One.)

I have all the PMR examination papers with me and got this to say:

1) The Mathematics papers come in TWO languages, Bahasa Malaysia and English. So, what excuse do they have about lowering the standard just so that the children can understand?

2) I know Chinese school students have major obstacles because many of their grasps of both English and Bahasa Malaysia are not good. So, condolences to those who opted to study Mandarin, listening to Mandarin songs, worshipping Jay Chou (LOL) and watching Astro Channel 31-34.

3) Have a thought for our whole nation. There are many poorer kids out there in the rural areas who do not have the opportunities like our city kids. They do not have the same kind of access like our children. They are less smarter than our city kids because of the environment, situations beyond their control. So let them have an easy exam, ok?

But you know what’s the real reason? Because stupid parents who pushed their kids to too much tuition, too much speculation of the exam papers, trying too hard to get ahead and what reward do they get? Frustrations. Padan muka. Shiok. Nyekk. (put left hand to right armpit and make pfffoot sounds) Because every Ali, Muthu and Ah Beng’s kids are going to get full As even without trying so hard like their Dicks.

As for me, I would say, why bother whether it is hard or easy? The kids are only 15 years old, for God’s sake. Let them enjoy life. So what if they get only 1 A or no As in PMR? It is how we lead them to be normal adults, with responsibilities, manners, considerations, understandings, trustworthy, religious foundations that is important. These can’t be measured with examinations. These will be the traits/pillars that hold up the country’s future.

F*ck the exams. Stop arguing whether it is easy or hard. It makes no difference. Stop wasting time analysing. If you have the money, pack your bag and send your kids to overseas. If you do not, just go with the flow in the country. It is not as if we are going to die if the exam papers are easy. Harrrlooowwww, wake up. Smell the flowers, sing a song. Who knows, one big earthquake happens and we are all dead.

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  1. during my time if my grades slipped a teeny weeny bit, my parents kancheong like mad and start sending me to all sorts of ochipala tuition.

    in the end i put my foot down and only went for maths tuition.

    tuition is damn stressful. kids definitely do not need the extra pressure and torture.

  2. ler, why orr-di parent sooo tension over standards la…pmr will not get the kid a good job, why so hadap on the paper? My SRP totally bombed, but now workin as manager after four years..so, what. Just pmr only what, not even STPM or degree…get a chill pill man and take five. Cheers!

  3. What a shame you have to resort to using swear words these days to get blog readers’ attention.

  4. exams are trully overated nowadays!
    is as if we want kids to grow up feeling like a failure or something!!
    screw our education system!!!!

  5. you see the point is parents who know how to complain to the right parties (usually papers) that the papers are easy are able to provide their kids with better access to higher levels of understanding. the problem is they forget that 80% of the nation’s students are not-so-fortunate.

    hence i say newspapers are usually for more learned people. and i say, that’s why its a very sad representative of what the entire country really faces.

    btw, i don’t think the condolences to the chinese-educated kids apply. from experience, they do exceptionally in the papers, because rote learning as a slam and study process really works. i should know because i’m chinese educated thoroughly and thoroughly, and i say, most people swear they can’t see the difference.

  6. I agree with you, Lilian. Childhood and youth are meant to be blissful. I think our education system should be in such a way that it trains our children to answer with logic instead of memorized facts. An extra A in PMR and SPM does not guarantee success in the future.

  7. WAAA!!!!!! I want my mother to meet you!! You are the dream parent every school-going kid wants. So true, the part where you said that the kids are only 15 and let them enjoy life.

  8. Lilian,

    Personally, I felt this has nothing to do with our education system. It is the parents themselves who are forcing the children harder and harder. The excuse from these parents is always, “we were deprived the opportunity to study well when we were young, so, I’m going to make sure my children will have the education that we don’t have…”

    While this sounds commendable, I, personally don’t buy it. It’s like telling your kids, ” it is your responsibility to fulfill what I failed to do….this is your legacy…”

    Sigh, don’t they (the parents) realize, these poor kids only have a few years to enjoy the carefree innocence of childhood. After that, they will face the wrath of working world forever more.

  9. Next year they will be complaining that the questions are too tough. Rolls eyes. There will some group of people who will never be satisfied.

  10. Way to go, Lilian! Well said.

    I’m sure millions of other kids have proceeded to succeed in life, tuition or no tuition, As or no As…

    Some people just aren’t cut out for cookie-cutter subjects… and for others, rote learning works perfectly fine.

  11. Debbie – Yalor…all the As do not guaranteed the child will grow up a fine adult.

    ah pek – Studying is a must but over pressure is bad. Your kids will go the other way. But then hor, like Ah Pek so good mah. It is not all about money but characteristics mah. Like Ah Pek, so wise and considerate.

    Adam – That’s because they are too involved with their kids studies. I had seen how these parents are. It is like they are the one taking the exam, checking every thing. It is stressful, I tell you.

    Helen – Exactly. And the sad thing is crime are increasings. Religious foundations is more important to me. Our priest and Bishop constantly reminded us parents how heavy our task is. We are told not to bring up children to know religion as ritualistic, i.e. follow the crowd but to know Jesus on a personal basis. No point dragging a kid to church only to have them fled away when they are on their own.

    cynical-idealistic – My kids doing so-so only ler. Not smart-smart like you wor. So your mom will probably tembak me. LOL!

    Yvonne – Competition is so keen nowadays so the poor kids gotta study until no time to grow up in a carefree way.

    minishorts – Exactly, we often forget those children who travel by sampans, bicycles, walk to school. If they keep dropping way behind, crimes definitely increase and increase. Hehehe, the Chinese schools bashing is my regular stunt. Ignore me.

    egghead – Remember not to fall into the kiasu trap when Skywalker is growing up.

    9XASSHOLE – No one is interested to hear your input, ok? Get lost.

    JoeC – We have to measure up to the people around us mah. If our kids malufied us leh? Anyway, I had been there before, where I was trying to get my kids to catch up. In the end, I got wiser ‘cos it is too stressful for my kids and I. Especially me.

    hedonistics – You are lucky that you can voice out what you want and don’t want. I gave my kids the choice if they need tuition. I know when they grow older, they will want to maintain a certain level so they will probably opt for tuition. However, many teenagers are pressured and they release their tensions in the wrong way.

    BawangMerah – Many problems not previously seen are surfacing but the thing is they are not higlighted. Can you believe that instead of talking about birds the bees, now I have to talk about homosexuality, paedophille, statutory rape (under-age sex) and substance abuses? Yeah, these are things parents ought to talk to their kids and I tell you, it is not easy.

  12. some parents send their standard one kids for tuition… 3 subjects, 3x a week. lets not even start on when those kids reach pmr age.

    i say, if you want to send your kids for tuition, make it only for the subjects they’re weak at & make sure they get individual attention from tuition teacher.

    else, welcome to the kiasu mentality. i personally know people who diligently attended tuition for every damn subject being offered (even sejarah they go for tuition) & still not getting maximum number of As.

    waste of money & time nia… & also have to spend money to buy ubat for the depression that follows getting bad results šŸ˜‰

  13. lynee – hahaha, ya, lots of money to spend on the ubat. BTW, in Penang, they are already advertising tuition for Form One EVEN BEFORE the UPSR was over. The kids are not taking Form Tuition in Std. Six. Really chi sin. Sampat.

  14. i must agree with egghead. Exam is really overated, even if you do well in exam doesn’t mean that you will succeed in life…..there is flaw in the system.

    I did well when I was in school…with a lot of tuition…but the good thing is that I don’t have to pay any attention is school. But tuition for me is much effective that school…i guess that is why a lot of parents are sending their kids for tuition too

  15. Actually i agree with Lilian on what she mentioned. There are many flaws in our education system. Our education system are not catered for those super genius students and definately not for weaker students. Like who the hell came out with the idea of doing Maths and Science in English? Such ignorance. They should come and try to fit in the shoes of those poor students.
    Actually its a good move but the thing they implemented it in an overnight time. That’s too drastic. Even super genius students would have to take some time to make adjusments.
    I remembered a friend of mine that used to abuse herself when she didn’t get good mark in a subject. She would cut herself her a pocket knife and go without sleep for a few nights. She mentioned to me before that her mom would always rotan her,lock her up and wont give any allowance for her everytime she gets so call “unsatisfactory ” marks and thats why she has to produce a better grade. Such a pushy and kiasu mom.. After SPM she was admitted to mental hospital.God bless the poor girl.
    This kiasu attitude would sure be of more harm than good.

  16. i agree with you. there are parent who are complaining there are not enough homework for their child. Their child is in Kindergarden only !
    can you believe that, how kia su can you get?! better move to singapore !

  17. “Who knows, one big earthquake happens and we are all dead.”

    Choy!! *touch wood*

    By the way, well said, Lilian.

  18. Ya i totally agree with you. last time parents always pressure us to study hard and must score many many A’s in the exam. After i come out to work. i ask myself if i score all A’s in my exam, what’s the difference it will make? i dun think there is any difference.

    Sometimes kids score all A’s is not a good thing to celebrate. Just take my sister as an example. She score all A’s in SPM and UEC back in 4 yrs ago. Now she still havent finish her degree yet. You might ask me why. She scores all A’s is not because she is super good. Just that she has a strong memory and can memorize everything. During exam, she just vomit all the book out to the exam paper. tat’s it!

    Just let them be what they wan to be. Dun force them to be what you wish to be last time. as long as they do not do anything wrong then it’s ok ma.

  19. Very true… besides, PMR is not as important as SPM *shivers*… that one can really sweat like mad in order to actually go for those courses that has the SAM, IDP, A-Levels, Matriculations…etc etc…

    Maybe some parents would like their children to go to Science stream so that would probably be the reason to actually acheive so many A’s?

    And some would just like to compare their children’s results with their neightbour’s, friend’s, the roti man, the ah sam in the market…etc…haha

  20. Whoa. All these talk about exams and tuitions (in the comments)…

    … I never went for a single tuition in my entire 11 years of school life. šŸ™‚ Hehehe.

  21. So, condolences to those who opted to study Mandarin, listening to Mandarin songs, worshipping Jay Chou (LOL) and watching Astro Channel 31-34.

    and those who read Mandarin newspaper. LoL …

    By the way, I enjoyed my high school life to the fullest. šŸ˜€

  22. Bryan – You are the cream of the crop mah. But the majority will end up as Ah Bengs,motor mechanics, school drop outs, tow trucks touts, because many of them were swept to the side simply because they can’t speak proper English and BM.

    Jinny – Hey, how are you? When are you meeting up with me?

    Sphinx – I have people looking/surfing for soalan bocor SPM and some even soalan bocor STPM and ended up in my blog! duh

    Kiasi – Never mind, just read more of ah peks pantun you sure score wan

    SoGua – Yalor, a person must be seng mok, got personality and have that ‘charm’ to go far in life. Studying too much won’t help.

    Tongkat Ah Lian -Dun werry leh, it won’t happen so soon. We get dengue and then bird flu first. LOL

    Wu Ching – Like you good la, down in OZ. Next time dun have to worry about your kid edu.

    Chief – Nowadays, even days old baby get lessons already, what do you expect?

    tony – Sad, isn’t it? But fact is sometimes, it is the parents fault when their kids get into crime, drugs, alchohol, suicidal etc.

    8dee – Over-rated indeed.

    Samm – Aiyoh, you must start liao. Or else… Hahaha

  23. aiyah lilian… you don’t know ar… those kiasu parents are getting antsy sebab nanti when they ask their friend

    ‘ ar.. puan limah ar… what your son get for pmr? my son ah meng got 8As… go tuition ebryday… 4 tuition centre summore… best in Penang & BM, some say SP too…”

    puan limah answers ‘ my son oso got 8As… but he neber go any tuition… ebryday play drum in school band, evening play football & nite watch Astro, woo… with all the money I saved ar… I beli this gelang emas… rantai barlian…’

    btw, could the complains actually be started by those ‘enterprising’ tuition teachers???? the truth is out there….

  24. Auntie, I truely support your view!! I as a student, do suffer from such situation too. Eventhough my parents are compromise about this, but the schools and MoE are totally morons that thinks exam OWNS!!! Siao!!

  25. auntie, agree with you.

    my mum never force or push me to get A’s. she told me, pass enough already.

    tuition not required lah. if people is kiasu up to them-lah.

    some kids perform better by pressure, as a result of too much pressure, their mind no well balanced and become sicko (many people not realising this but its true – not joking), they study a lot of books, they cramped every single word into their brain. these people are called bookworms. the american called them nerds.

    did you observe nerds don’t know manners and they do not have good common sense? they come to your house and they don’t greet people, as though you are invisible-auntie or invisible-uncle.

    i have such cousin, who lives nearby, my mum sitting on the couch in the living room, he walked in through the front door, go the kitchen, take something, go out through the front door. my mum told me “what the.. he is treating like i’m invisible!”

    my cousin got 9A’s. his mum when go to pasar buy vege will tell the auntie vege, “what your son got for SPM ar? my son got 10A’s (add one more A), aiya, you should be like me, don’t let them watch tv, cannot go out weekend, force them stay at home study.” his mum very proud of his son, but not realising many people in the neighbourhood talk about them behind.

    sometimes she come to our house, she will tell my mum “aiya, why your son so lazy one, always watch tv, exam coming already!” lucky my mum will just nod and say “hehe, yeah-lor”

    since the exam have two languages, why not just be smart a little in common sense and concentrate on one language, ignore completely the language you are not good at. treat that language invisible, like my cousin treat my mum invisible. it will work good.

    i’m a little long winded, but auntie, we all like you lar.

    but next time don’t use cursing words-la, students have access to internet nowadays and young people always mimic the people they like, but not me-la, just because i have a little common sense.


  26. i raise my hand and say ” Guilty as charged!” i am one parent who is pushing my kid to at least do well in PMR 2006! She is not slow she is just lazy! But yes i agree that sending her for all those tuition classes did not help much either! She is getting a string of C’s! HELP! i am not expecting A’s , maybe a handful of B’s will do for now! And those people saying PMR is too easy , it scares the hell of my kid now! she thinks they will raise the standard next year and she will MATI!! poor girl!

  27. PMR is an easy exam..Nothing to shout about..if your child get all A’s.
    When she/he reaches form 4, he many not be able to cope even all A’s students.
    Those with B’s ..please go to arts class……..in form 4.
    don’t waste your time. if in PMR (an easy exam) she/he cannot do well. then forget about going to science class.Then SPM he/she is gone………
    Never try to force your ambitions (parents’ ambiton) on the child for he/she cannot copy and end up failing in all science subjects and add maths..

    The child have to start form year 1.. not form 1 or form 3…. .Forget it if she/he is too weak.


  28. Examination nowadays is not reading and memorizing facts.. and then vomit out all the facts to give A.
    Gone are the days when student are required to remember dates.. years.. to answer questions.
    Even a book worm cannot score many A’s in SPM.
    Many of the questions in exam are constructed to test creative and critical thinking. So those who are slow, cannot score A’s but still want to be doctors..enginners…. Too bad..

    Do subjects to which the child is good at…

  29. from viewpoint of parents, it is great pleasure to have their kids scoring straight A’s. I myself scored A’s in previous examinations. Entering good university no longer the dream of student, it is parents’ as well. speaking from experience, scoring A’s not a good process of learning. i have seen many students standing outside door of school teacher;s room, asking for exam tips, some even begging for marks to get higher marks. Getting good grade in exam means nothing. When these Kiasu student go to work, they gonna suffered. i had met those students read only the text which will be tested, and neglect those what they suppose to learn. In fact, they learn to get A, learn to reply good strategical answer, yet when it applies to daily life they know nothing. Believing it or not, those bookworm cant be great leader as they kiasu and kiasi.Only those student with SO-WHAT attitude, can only appreciate the knowledge imparted by teachers, will only be great leader one day.

  30. I am a 15 year old boy this year (2008) sitting for PMR examination. My parents send to 2 maths and science tution, 2 bm tution, 1 sejarah tution, 1 geo tution,1 eng tution (eventhough my english is good). My parents always tell me to study hard and get all a’s because of all the sacrifices that they’re doing. The point is I always try my best. But i intend to not get a’s in my sejarah and geo. This is because i am bad at memorising. My parents do give me the omega fish oil, memo plus gold, brand essence of chicken. But truly this would not help if your body and brain dont wish to. All i hear is study study study. I try my very best to study but i cant get exellent results. When i tell them they say i must try harder, study longer. But hey, i am also a human you know. No one in this world is perfect. If there are people who are perfect, there will be no fucking people collecting rubbish, selling food. All will be god damn lawyers, doctors, teacher and other professional job sitting in their own fucking air-cond office. The world dont really involve 100% in education. It invovle in attitude, living skills to. If you are damn intelligent in your studies but no social life, dont know how to mix around then what’s the point? No point.

  31. I do agree that there must be a balance between one’s studies and living out one’s childhood. I guess the concern is that in the face of a very competitive global economy, Malaysian youths might struggle to keep up in the job market if education standards remain at a certain level.

    Yes, there are people who might not be able to afford tuition and stuff (esp in rural areas), but this means that the schools and government should take the initiative to do something to help them. Lowering standards so that everyone can pass the exams is not the way to go – instead of helping them (and ourselves), we could be hampering their progress (and that of the nation’s) in the long run. We can’t just for the sake of making it easy for ourselves choose not to see the bigger picture – that things are moving rapidly in the outside world and if we can’t catch up, we get left behind. Then what???

    Studying is not about studying harder or longer, but it’s about studying smarter – kids must be given the right encouragement and tools to excel.
    Pushing them to hit the books won’t make information sink in. How do we make it easier to understand, recall and apply what we learn in school? That is the key issue that needs to be addressed. I don’t think forcing a child to study is the right way. Schools need to find creative means to introduce subjects to student, to ignite their passion, creativity and curiosity. Rote learning is so yesterday! Mind-mapping, making up funny songs out of facts you need to learn are some techniques you can employ to help you recall better. Find a technique that you are comfortable with and that helps you understand and recall stuff. There’s a lot of info online with regards to this.

    I am a parent too – albeit a younger one ( I just turned 28). Whilst I am young enough to still recall the pains I had as a student, I am also coming to understand the anxieties every parent faces with regards to their kids education. I can safely say that these anxieties are because parents love their kids. BUT as parents, we need to learn how to motivate them, to give them space to just be kids and have fun. Games (not all) actually help our kids to learn important skills too like teamwork, coming up with strategies, thinking out of the box – so gaming is not always bad.

    I hope the younger ones won’t let talks of the education system having to get harder dishearten them. It’s truly about survival-of-the-fittest these days and if you want to be employable next time and enjoy a cushy lifestyle, then you just have to put in that little bit more effort on your part.

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