What did your mommy call your penis/vagina?

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Now, I know many of us find it very difficult to say ‘don’t touch your penis’ to a small child. Or tell a little girl ‘don’t let anyone touch your vagina’.

Heck, something just occured to me. What is the politically correct term for vagina in Hokkien? ‘Cos as long as I can remember, my mom used to refer to it as :

1) pok pok
2) ah pong
and when I was older and less manageable (as in clever to ‘teng-chui’/argue and got mom real mad)
3) cibai
4) puki

In Bahasa Malaysia, I know normally parents do not refer it as ‘kemaluan’ also, right? That sounds a lot nicer than the b and the k word, isn’t it.

I had never uttered the p word with my kids. Only the following:
1) neow-neow (bird in Mandarin)
2) kukubird (obviously, bird la)
3) cheow-cheow (bird, again)
or to an older child
4) your bird

So, ladies and gentlemen, hamsap papas and modest mamas, boys and girls, what term did your mommy used to refer to the v and the p? And how do you refer ‘it’ with your own kids? Tell please. See how many nicknames we can find. ‘Cos I never heard of ‘pet-pet’ until I knew some KL moms. We Penang people don’t keep pets, only birds and errr..ah pong.

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  1. LOL. My mother used to call the v pet pet. My sister call her sanitary pad pet pet min far. Boys’ punya she calls KKC.

    I hate it when some guys say h*i lat as in sei lor.

  2. we refer the vagina as “gugu”(or goo goo?) and if my niece got naughty, we would call her “chow gu”. haha. As for penis, we call it a “ku ku niao”.

  3. Ha..ha..ha..My mom refers to vagina as “pet-pet” and sometimes “ahpom”.

    My mom’s maid (very nice Indian lady) refers to it as “pundek”.

  4. ‘Chee pet’ and ‘kung jiu’ were the favourites. Sometimes call the vagina the ‘hum chim peng’ also got. Dunno why, coz never call the penis the ‘Yu char koay’.

  5. vagina – pepet
    penis – ??? (no little boys in my house, but it should be kkc)

    my good fren’s mum calls the v “popot”

    and so as an alternative to CCB, i go “chau popot!”

  6. lilian – u are so funny! trust you to come up with such topics and make it educational! In our family – it has always been burung for both genders. but i think – actually – even in old, old dictionary – like wilkinsona nd winstedt , burung is used to refer to these parts . then, there’s cik mek and cik awang – hehe!!!

  7. aiyo, just kkc ler..ku-ku chio…dun remember much about any specific mention cause there isn’t much talk on this kind of things, if there is, it is indirect and speaking in context without mentinon of names. Cheers!

  8. back then we used to have a thai maid and thus we called them differently…..we called them the thai way…. but i’m not gonna tell you…..heehhe

  9. My mum used to and still does refer to V-MaryJane and P-TuTuBird. I try to refer to it as Vagina when I’m with my daughter(who is 3+) but somehow I feel so embarassed which is BAD cause I think we should just use the right terms instead of all the weird names we give it…besides don’t you think vagina and penis sounds a LOT more decent than tutu and kuku and whatever….

  10. Viewtru: I laughed so hard when I read abt the “hum chim peng”…. I clearly remember my grandma calling me a piece of “hum chim peng” long long ago………. alternatively I guess boys should be addressed as “Yu Char Koay”…..

    I can’t even remember my mother talking abt sex…. she just never did. I learnt all my sex education reading through medical journals belonging to my family doctor. Probably my parents would have called them “pet pet” and “kukubird” respectively.

    I’d use the correct terminology when I have children. Same goes for words for toilet rituals, if you knw what I mean………………….

  11. There us a road in Hillside (Tg.Bunga) call
    Jalan Bunga Pudak
    I live there
    When I was small and christmas tree are tall(words from a song)
    My mum refer to my p,,,as “little fireman” hehehe

  12. Heh, my mom calls penis the ‘puduk’ and vagina the ‘apang’ ‘pong’. I’ve heard my friend’s weird mom referring to the penis as ‘hunky meat’ and ‘weapon’ and the vagina as ‘cave’, ‘french bread’ and this is sick, ‘joyhole’. Wtf?

  13. I heard from a friend that his parents actually called the p as a “snake” and the v as a “bush”….and he made a joke later on how the snake was entering the bush.

  14. Kuzco – Never heard of what pao? LOL

    Hamchinpeng is very common here too. But it is more to refer to being the female gender.

    mei mei = di di oso?

  15. When i need to change my brat..i tell her .. lets change peepee.. šŸ™‚ i tell the babysitter.. please change her peepee when she is done eating ok..??

  16. during my childhood, and my dad still use the same term to this day, it was ‘malu’ – guess it was short for ‘kemaluan’ and also refering to that we should be ashamed to show it off by going naked šŸ™‚ … that’s my theory la… nanti i refer to my mom for the real explaination sebab only in my immediate family the term is used. For boys it was ‘burung’ among my cousins – there’s no boys in the family, but during the 90’s they came up with the term ‘aboi’ – short for ‘telur rebus’ šŸ˜†

    lilian, hahaha… when i saw the word ‘apong’ it reminds me of the old childhood rhyme/song… ” lai lai li lai tamplonm… apek beh APONG!… šŸ™‚

  17. when i was a kid, my mum, a Filipina, refered to it as “kiki”… u can’t imagine my mental screw up every time i heard the “Kiki Lala” advert @_@ it doesn’t help either when she uses the word “kiri” to mean “itchy”… i had to recondition myself to use it to mean “left” in Malay. X_x

    for my bro, same lah, birdie.

  18. my friend brought her daughter to hong kong for shopping. she tried on a jeans and the sales girl was saying “your pet pet looks nice with this jeans” (in cantonese). in hk, pet pet means buttock. her daughter was laughing there because she thought the sales girl said her mum’s pet pet (cibai) very nice.

  19. in ipoh here, ppl speaks canto. so, female’s will be named “hai”, and male’s will be named “lok cat” or “lan”.

  20. My mom refers my penis as ‘pee bird’she advises me ‘keep your bird clean and carefully’

  21. My mom calls a penis a “peshi” (pee-she) it means tiny in italian i think
    For vagina also Peshi

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