5 more minutes. FIVE MORE MINUTES!

I always need five more minutes. Always.

It is torturous if I can’t have the luxury of five more minutes.

Been like that since I was in school. Then, working. And even worst when I was a mom and working.

But now, I have less need for five more minutes. Only on some Sundays and occasional eventful day.

I am talking about the ability to jump out of bed. I never can jump out of bed. I had to drag my sorry backside to the bathroom. Sometimes, I took another five more minutes closing my eyes, leaning my back against the toilet bowl cover and my head propped on the ceramic tank holding the water.

Sometimes, I will keep doing the five more minutes routine till I am late. Sometimes, I will turn on my back, like a tortoise and sttay in that stance for five more minutes. Only thing is I cheated with many, many five more minutes.

*sigh* I guess some things can’t be changed. I hate waking up. I only wake up when I have enough of sleep. My dear hubby had spoilt me ‘cos he arranged for the kids to go to school in the morning when he was preparing for work. He is the exact opposite of me. Just open eyes and he can sing ‘oh what a beautiful morrrrning, oh what a beautiful day’.

Me? I hate mornings and waking up. Who needs the ‘five more minutes’ routine?

19 thoughts on “5 more minutes. FIVE MORE MINUTES!

  1. i snooze twice in da mor’in before rollin out of the bed, engine cannot start until got mor’in exercise, chk everything is working, brain is powered up then is go go thunderbirds! but come to weekend, can wake up automatically, very early ler, why like that ah? Cheers!

  2. ..’leaning my back against the toilet bowl cover and my head propped on the ceramic tank holding the water.
    ‘…woah..that sounds so….unhygienic.

    Anyway, i know what you mean. i set my phone alarm at 8.00am ever morning. hit the snooze button a few times until 9.00am. Then only drag my ass to bathe. what a baaaad employee i am….

  3. “Who needs the ‘five more minutes’ routine?”

    Me! Me! (*puts hands up*). My hubby oso like yours, those early morning types, jump out of bed, happy like a lark one…. weekends oso dunno how to sleep in, still get up at 6-7am! (*rolls eyes*) Me? I need my beauty morning sleep in order to function.

  4. MG – Ya, ya same. Dunno weekend wake up so early for what. Me? My toddler oso trained liao. He wud pick a book to look through and sing ‘Jinke beol, jinke beol, jinke orh orh way! ‘ till I move a bit and then, wah..he seems so happy to see that I am not dead but merely sleeping. LOL!

    Din – I know, you feel so ‘wicked’ knowing that you can afford another five more minutes. So shiok to keep peeking at the clock, close the eyes and peek again.

    egghead – Hahaha, don’t risk it.

    romantic – Shhssh, tell you a secret. I had forgotten to put on a bra to work once (before I had kids and that time the androgenous style wearing big shirts?). Twice forget to put my son’s school bag. At least five times, forget their school shoes. I am a BAD mom. But we survived la. ‘Cos I was lucky there is a shop that opens early so keep buying new shoes. And school bag – it was his physical education lesson so no one notice until I drove back to get it.

    JoeC – Your body clock tuned to wake up early liao.

  5. my wifey is just like u & i am just like ur hubby, i lv getting up in the moring while wifey can saty in bed all morning until the sun chased her out of it! 🙂

  6. My alarm beeps at 6.30am, but I can only drag myself out from the bed at 7am. Guess I need 6 ‘5 more minutes’ every morning..

  7. I know exactly what you mean, but the only difference is that I’m the cause of my own undoing. Things which could’ve been done like half an hour ago, noooo…I had to wait till 20 minutes later and keep telling myself, “If only I had 10 more minutes…”.

    I guess it’s the excitement and rush of adrenaline for me 🙂

  8. I can wake up early when i want to lah,but most of the time after 7am,i can sleep longer but my body alarm will sure wake me up especially weekday. Sundays i will have to get someone to txt and wake me up, i dunno why,my alarm don’t work on sundays!i guess my body clock also got Sabbath day~! hahahaha.. but i will always wake up when ppl txt me.. dunno why..

  9. well, if i could, i WOULD steal another 5 minutes BUT this another 5 minutes ALWAYS makes me late. so it’s REALLY bad for me. blek! =P

  10. If got school, the first alarm clock rings at 6:30am while the second alarm rings at 6:45am, if feeling some more lazy, set to 6:48am and then only wake up. I’ll get dizzy if I continue more than 3 times… 😛

  11. OMG! My parents reckon my middle name should be 5 more mins and that snooze button is my best buddy!

    Recently — my favourite song (of the moment) has turned into my alarm alert… and isn’t it nice to hear it over and over and over again?

    I can spend 5 minutes brushing my teeth because I get to ….daydream standing up.

  12. Lol! i dun usually go for 5 min.. i’ll go for 30! cuz i try to make it a habit to at least put my alarm clock 30 min b4 the actual time and put the alarms at 9:00am and 9:30am…*i’m in college, so dun need to wake up so early…* i’ll feel as if i just slept for 30 min the entire night and will be very very blur and grauchy esp in the mornings…

    Back in school i had a real-life alarm; my sis/mom they’ll be practically stoping up and down, in and out of the room till i beh tahan…then wake up blur and grauchy too..hahaha

  13. Me 2!!! I need at least 6 5-minutes (i.e.: 30 mins) 😛 Last time my alarm clock used to piss my housemate off cz it’s always ringing every 5 minutes *due to the snooze mode* until a few months later she became like me too 😛

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