Do you read blog(or blogger) you detest?

One more week to being a year old blogger. Time for reflections. Appraisal time.

Do you read the blog that belongs to blogger you detest or read blog that make you roll eyes, wanna bitch slap and simply just hate it? On a regular basis?

I don’t. In fact, I would take off their links if I had been unfortunate dumb enough to judge wrongly in the first place.

Yet, there are others who resort to this pathetic act. Some even keep an eye on the progress of the blog/bloggers they detested and flame at every opportunity. Sometimes, they came by and use an anon nick to do it.

Why? Why make life miserable for yourself? Does doing it make you feel superior? Is it worth keeping all those anger, revengeful feelings inside? What joy do you derive from typing that few lines when obviously, it is not something that can save the whales, sharks, tigers or rainforest or even the world?

Take for example comment #24, from one Singaporean woman who call her pathetic self UK Expat, in this post defending the Ah Lians and Ah Bengs. Obviously, she has followed my blog very closely, studying all the things that I had crapped (which I myself tend to forget because most things written are merely words, note my tagline ‘Lies’?) . But she did, following my progress and acting like some holy crap and try to ‘change’ me.

BTW, I always thank my lucky stars that I am always blessed with nice anon. people who did defend me even without my knowledge. They are real gems to have on earth. I love you all, whoever you are.

So, do you waste your time reading something, someone you simply hate? I don’t. I do not have enough time to even read every blogs and bloggers I like. So why bother reading lame blogs? I better use the time to learn something new by reading technology blog instead. Never mind that they are copy and paste job because you did learn something new.

Remember ya. If you dislike me (which is hard because I am so loveable LOL), just get the fuck out of here. Don’t make your own life miserable. I will feel bad for you ‘cos you probably couldn’t get an orgasm or erection due to too much hatred.

So, lesson #118 is – Never read blog/bloggers you dislike.

16 thoughts on “Do you read blog(or blogger) you detest?

  1. Yes and no, yes i do detest some bloggers, present company exampted and no, i do not read their blog, just do a one-off survey then its so long sux-ers…thx for the fish buddy! Dun wanna read ppl i tak niam key, after get too work up, release some virus on their blog ler. I’m a good boy, yes, i’m. Cheers!

  2. Tsk, tsk… I thought you were refering to the silly detesting kiasu pink girl, that is at it again. And I don’t read blog that get my bp up.

  3. i dun like, i dun read. enuf said….wont even b bothered to add them to my links la. you are too good to add them in the first place. šŸ˜€

  4. mahagurusia – Hey, no lah, not that XX. But you can read the comment #24 and you will kesian me. Having to put up with flocks of people who simply can’t stand me and yet, following me and picking on me. On 2nd thot, dun kesian. Enjoy it. That’s what I usually do. I love flames!

    Samm – Ya, for amusement.

    JoeC – Good luck in yr blogging journey. Haha.

  5. I have friends who continuously read blogs by bloggers they detest, and it’s not because they can separate the blog with the blogger.

  6. I do read the blogs of some bloggers whose views I completely disagree with and do leave some comments telling him/her that I disagree with her views and why.

  7. Better not to judge people lar I think, people can change over time (by themselves or by others). Anyways, I read anything and everything interesting, dun care if I love the author so much or wanna kill him/her. šŸ˜›

  8. I had been reading many many blogs, but I’m glad to say, I have yet found one I hate. OK, maybe just one. (No, not that cute Singapore chick)

    There are blogs I will probably not go back again, and there are blogs I will definitely return. To me, the content of the blog is irrelevant, the most important thing is how well a blogger can write. (yes even on stupid trivial things.)

  9. None at this time. I do respect ppl’s thoughts and imaginations. Each blogger has his/her own (right) perception. I read whatever I could, enjoy their outputs no matter it’s x, 2x, 3x or literary one.

  10. Thanks – I feel more encouraged after reading this post of yours as I just got a comment that threatened our unborn baby! Totally agree that ppl who don’t like what they read should just move on.

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