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People said blogging for traffic is whoring. So, I blog for Chitika. Eh sai boh? Beh shiok ah?

Ok, serious business. Thanks to the sharing on Malaysian Bloggers Forum and Liew CF’s gang of bloggers, I heard about Chitika after Google banned me.

Originally, I was lukewarm to them because frankly, I am not making any clicks at all. The reason is Chitika audit all the clicks and any clicks from Asia are automatically taken out. And I only put it on one old blog.

But after putting Chitika on all my blogs, I finally see some clicks coming through. You need to have US traffic to earn. But then, it is nice to see the rotating ads. It makes my blog more professional mah. And I hope to earn enough to buy me a Flickr pro account at USD24.95 per year. Yeah, I am pathetic. My is just a 50MB diskspace which housed two blogs so I can’t afford to host photos on my own site.

So, if you have not heard of Chitika, let me explain in simple languages:

1) You can add Chitika to your blog but you need to insert some codes so that it does not clash with Google Adsense. You can find the codes from Chitika’s blog. (read : they have a blog) Or you can go to Liew’s website and find it. Or ask me, whichever.

2) You need to make your ads non-contextual, i.e. it doesn’t go with what you blog (by tracing the keywords). Instead, you choose the products you want. Otherwise, it is against Google’s term.

3) You earn 60% of the revenue of the clicks. I can tell you that one click from Chitika is worth 10 clicks from Google sometimes.

4) After my account had been audited, I am glad that not many clicks were taken out.

5) Does Chitika really pays? Yes. You can have it transferred to your PayPal or wait till USD50 and they will send you a cheque. Google only wait till USD100.

Now, it brings to my blog topic. If you sign up from the link I gave on my sidebar, I get a 10% referral fee. So, go and do something good for the needy (me lah). Sign up Chitika and put them on your blog.

Not sure how to do it? You can ask me. I am terror-merror in WP, MT, Blogspot, plus Blogsome. Just name it, I also can teach wan. I blog, therefore, I rawks!

14 thoughts on “Chitika referral programme

  1. Nice idea and concept to earn some money, BUT, i’ll kind to keep by site ad free for now. If you need me to click click any of your ads to help you earn some greenbacks, I’ll be very happy to. Cheers!

  2. So chamz, 50MB only meh… Want me to give you some disk space? My domain is quite underutilised (I still got 300MB) šŸ˜‰

  3. moo_t – Thank you veli mucho. I really chamz one. But I will park my stuffs at free site for the time being la.

    JoeC – Hey, your site is filled with lots of info. It will be good for ads. šŸ™‚

  4. lol I’ll find out more about Chitika first. Just between you and me, my silly blog where got traffic one??? Further more must be from overseas??? HA HA.

  5. yalah, like helen say, where got people from US wan to read my stupid blog? malaysian oso never come lah. At least helen one got some international appeal. my one? Pui!

  6. Wuah, must serve tea to Romantic everytime hor? So, is BigBoK. Hahaha.

    ahpek & Helen – actually hor, our sites are not accessible by only blog readers. People stumbled on them through search engines and simply click to go out. Shhhsshh…secret hor?

    Samm – GOT! One click sometimes got dua ringgit amalika thim. But only once in a while la.

    Kyels – I like it for its pictures. And was surprised to find out that it did pay. Anyway, no rugi to try out la.

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