Err..I think we are over-reacting la

You know what, people? In my very humble opinion, many of us are over-reacting over the wrong thing.

Leave Xiaxue alone. Why go get yourself all foul mouth over her? She is just another blogger. She has the right to abuse whatever she wants and write about it. None of us are going to change that.

Frankly, when I see a whole mob of bloggers thrashing her and condemn her, I think the effect will not be what we intended. But rather like a circus. Each bloggers outdoing each other in finding the foulest words, cursing the most-est.

It is not like no bloggers had done nothing wrong. There are bloggers who blogged about their own parents, washing dirty laundry for the world to see. Isn’t that worse than Xiaxue’s passing remarks? There are bloggers who blogged that my God is a fake. Isn’t that worse than one Xiaxue’s call of nature? Why pick on Xiaxue? Because she never bothers to hit you back? Or it is her fame?

What about Kenny Sia? Once, someone told me he also made a passing remarks about another blogger who dissed him and got herself badly injured in an accident. Why didn’t any of these bloggers go diss Kenny? Except maybe Shaolin Tiger. Because you are all afraid of repercussions? Or because you think saying these kind of remarks is ok?

I know, many people are compassionate towards the disabled, needy, poor, etc etc. So, go on, do something constructive. Go help them. There are many homes that need volunteers. Bring the awareness on your blog. Blog about all the different types of disabilities. The blind, deaf, spastics, cacat, tempang etc etc. None of us are going to change the world by getting all worked up over Xiaxue.

Go out find yourself someone in need and reach out. That will change the world. *humming MJ’s Heal the world to self*

18 thoughts on “Err..I think we are over-reacting la

  1. i didn’t condemn her on my blog but wrote about disability awareness of mental illness on my post today, phew! i’m glad i did the right thing today! :)didn’t want to b one of those bloggers u talk about today! hehehe

  2. “Once, someone told me he also made a passing remarks about another blogger who dissed him and got herself badly injured in an accident. Why didn’t any of these bloggers go diss Kenny?”

    Who said no? Go read my comments on that entry. Diss until cannot diss anymore. Wahahahaa.

  3. Kenny, no ek, not the same people who openly call Xiaxue names.

    Gambs- Tenkiu

    nicktay – I think we shud learn to separate the blog and the person, right? It is more productive to go thrash someone physically. LOL. Go stand by the toilet and jaga pintu.

    WuChing – Huh? You also write jugak? LOL. Go see now.

  4. Life is too short to get worked up over an Internet post AND on top of that, the world is made up of loads of people.

    I actually show that entry as a rant and then later, saw opportunities for many people to either 1) condemn her for it, or 2) educate her. Unfortunately a good lot did the first and not the latter.

    Me? I just shake my head and closed the window.

  5. Dunno ler why I so fired up, maybe cause my blogger neighbours also fired up…BUT, you know that xx got THAT kind of face, those faces in the canton serials, first thing you’ll guess “er, bad guys” or “ahha, traitor”, so, she got that kind of face that goes nice with an ice pick embedded to her forehead.

    Okla, we must make better of our time, so, I’m studying how to be come a hacker and recruiting ppl to help me… bwhahahahaha. Fury hath no match for the Darkside. Cheers!

  6. Yeah, lilian, a lot of wasted energy over getting mad on a passing remark. Let’s all become volunteers and help out at the home for the disabled, like what i do in kuching – at least i feel that gives me more satisfaction and purpose in life…

  7. “Go do something constructive. Go help them. There are many homes that need volunteers. Bring the awareness on your blog.”

    Hmm, if everyone had reponded by doing what you (and thescarfer) did and suggested, this world would be a much better place. But then you’d draw flak for being all holy-moly and goody-2-shoes.

    To quote Dr M, “You can’t win. You can’t win.”

  8. totoro – You can’t win but still it is damn shiok to hope.

    Jeremy C – Ya, it is very rewarding indeed. Try key in John in my search box? He is the sweetest guy. The only and only person who told me with a sincere smile ‘I pray for you everyday’. Who can beats that?

    ah pek – yalor, go find some melons to write hor?

    helen – Gimme a five!

    JoeC – Recruit me, I wanna be a hacker. I want to hack Swiss accounts.

    Mei – Your (blog) post is full of wisdom. Life is too short indeed. And I will hold dear the words from my parish priest. No one can make you angry except you yourself allow you to be angry. How’s that for angry management?

  9. I do agree with you Lilian. I think people should just leave XX alone as she is just another blogger and some may not like what she said in the past and it was wrong but still it’s over now.. No point of making it into another big hoo-ha. Perhaps people are jealous of her fame that is why they are flaming her? Well we can and cannot assume that because it’s not right to assume anyways..

    What I’d say is.. If you don’t like that blog.. Then just click the “X” button.. End of story. Tut.


  10. it’s herd mentality. one idiot says something, & every other idiot blindly jumps on the bandwagon & hence the bloodbath.

    sometimes i even wonder if those people who make stupid comments on other peoples’ blogs even read the posts they are commenting on.

    don’t these people realize, “a fool is regarded smart until he opens his mouth”?

  11. LILIAN ah, ppl got diss kenny kau kau.. just that they don’t DO IT at his blog.

    anyway it’s still very duh to curse ppl to accident ler.. oh well.

    still cant beat stupid XX.

  12. not flame me ok..! i used to love XX for her boldness, unfortunately hor.. boldness and plain ignorant is two very different thingie..!
    But like you say.. lilian.. it’s her’s her.. and there is no way.. i’m gonna try changing her.. but one can only hope.. that she will grow up.. and be a wee bit sensitive… 🙂

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