Yawn!!!! My most controversial post

Long time ago, when I was barely a few months old blogger, I wrote something.

In case you don’t know, I am the one who got most of the moms bloggers to start blogging. I re-invent blogging from ‘writing craps’ to ‘making a legacy for our kids’. So, it is only natural that I put up some of my thoughts to that ‘these shitload of housewives’ (not my word but explained by someone) so that we have some understanding of the fine points of blogging.

So, I wrote this post. Somehow, I got infamous for don’t know what fucking reasons. A few people went beserk over it. Some stupid idiots twisted my words. Others just follow blindly and quote and re-quote. Thank God that those who sees my points agree with me. And eventhough some do not, it got them thinking and they acted in a civil manner by being polite about it.

The other bunch of morons crap on and on that blogging got no rules. And guess what these morons are doing a few months later? They scream that some bloggers are unethical lah, irresponsible la and macam-macam lagi.

So, as a responsible person, I am putting up my Blogging No No. And don’t any fuckers said I am setting rules, playing blog police or whatever bitchy names you can think of. ‘Cos you will be wasting your gas only as I am not interested to know.

This post was written on April 15, that is 6 months ago. And if I say so myself, I do have vision! Hallelujah, I have the vision that each of us needs to have some personal, self-censorship. Otherwise, everyone is going to turn out like those rotten apples out there.

Enjoy…..This, I would say is my most controversial post in my one year as a blogger. And frankly, I don’t see anything controversial about it. Except those idiots who misinterpreted it.

April 15, 2005
Blogging no-no
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I am a good observer and have a knack for putting things into words. So, here goes my observations on the no-no of blogging:

1) No to black background because it is overused.

2) No to lengthy post. Most new bloggers tend to do this. And heck, I am still repeating the same mistake! People normally have short attention span.

3) No to digress too much. Stick to one topic. Keep the other things for the next blog.

4) No to leaving the blog not updated for several days or even weeks.
Leave a BRB date so that people will return later. This is basic courteousy.

5) No to attention seeking title every day. People will soon learn your trick and never bother to check it out anymore.

6) No to sticking to only one topic, e.g. business or IT. Try infusing some personal thoughts and experience. It makes the blogger human. Otherwise, the blog will be too dry.

7) No to under-estimating your blog. No matter what you blog, someone is bound to stumble upon it. So, write with enthusiasm.

8) No to extreme characteristics. E.g. bitchy but be kind on some days. Too humble but be proud of yourself sometimes. Otherwise, the same extreme behaviour is a pain in the ass.

9) No to boring titles. Make it catchy without telling all you want to tell about what you are blogging. Not easy, I know.

10) No to the statement – I am blogging for myself. Dey, if you are blogging for yourself, for goodness sake, don’t ping it on PPS or anywhere. Keep the URL to yourself! Don’t ler ping and then, say you are writing for yourself.

These are 10 points I thought of. But one wise blogger just wrote a lor-so-fickle (philosophical) blog -DON’T COMPARE CAN AR?

Please add on to the list. I am eager to learn.

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