9394 wanna see Xiaxue in bikini, so nah!

Nine3Nine4 means kau sang, kau sei in Cantonese which means disturb here, disturb there. (correct onot?)

I originally mistook the blog for ninetnine (9T9) which is a blog I had frequented before. Then, I saw 9394 wrote about Xiaxue and wondered why a serious blog on news like 9T9 bothered about it.

Upon checking, 9394 turns out to be a new blogger whose enthusiasm shows on his blog. I like some new bloggers who are all gung-ho about blogging. You can feel their excitement by just reading their posts, unlike older bloggers who mostly turned hypocrites and trying too hard to please (yawwwwn).

9394 said this:

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~:- Wa Wa Thank u five times for droping my blog.Mame ar you potong steam wor, as i go look c look c no bikini picture.Can give the link ar.Plz and Thank u 5 times again.

First hor, 9394, if you are below 15 years old, don’t call me mame, ok? It makes me like the mamasan mommy like dat. Choy…I see-see-man-man, not qualified to be mommy lor. If above 15 years old people call me mom, mame or anything like that, next time, I will ask them they want number what ‘choy’ or ‘kai’. Susi, Lucy, Lala or Ah Kiew.

9394 wanted to see Xiaxue in bikini because he is starting a Xiaxue fans club in KL. I wish him luck. (sshhh…don’t tell him anything, let him start baru he rasa)

Xiaxue appeared in Maxim magazine in bikini with other hot chicks from Singapore. Here are the links to the photo. Sorry hor, I am not putting her photos on my site because I sked of Xiaxue hate fans flaming me.


and another one on a different website:


So, guys, after you drool, drool over her, don’t forget to click back my blog to say thank you to me hor? Don’t terus run to toilet. But if you want to flame, go down south and do it, ok?

30 thoughts on “9394 wanna see Xiaxue in bikini, so nah!

  1. Yucks! Ptui ptui…

    Bleh…i just lost appetite for lunch šŸ™

    I think Fire Angel in Bond Girl outfit (today’s minishorts posting) looks a 100 times better šŸ˜›

  2. 8555 would be happy to go across the causeway and get a crash dummy for a pedestrian crash test. That person would be a perfect dummy.

  3. spoonfork – At least it got you to comment. See?

    LcF – Wah, you very picky hor? This girl not ngam, that girl not ngam. And you are nearest to down south la.

    Din – Wrong place to comment la. I am helping 9394 to set up fans club, not to fan fire. LOL.

    JeremyC – That’s because Viewtru is Da Best Photoshopper! And FA got natural beauty, not ICI paint like XX.

    alicia – Ditto what you said.

    ST – Today is your blog bday, must find nice things to say for good fortune. LOL.

    Adam – I hardly visit her blog, got no comparison.

    n30er – Sorry booked liao.

  4. ST.. have you not gotten over it?? Walau.. you are really flamming her!!
    I can’t even finish my Curry chicken rice for dinner!!*YUCKS*

  5. Thank-Q very much ‘Tai-Ka-Chey'(Big Sister).

    I think that picture been photoshop ..why she look like my favorite Warcraft Hero ‘Orc’. Anyway good also la at least look alike my fav ‘Orc’

  6. 93-94 – You can use this comment board and recruit members liao. LOL. I want kamsen ok? Just sign up with Chitika ads will do. Side bar there?

    angeline – Hahaha

    oliviasy – But can sell mah, got hair, clothes sponsors wor.

    JoeC – Not that bad la.

    seth – I shud put warning sign hor?

    ah pek – Sign up to be member with 9394 now. Free membership for the first 100 people.

  7. Lilian,

    Tsk Tsk Tsk, judging from the comments, I think all those bloggers will be more thrilled if you put your bikini pics there!

    How about it? lol

  8. Papi – Wah..you risk getting sued by Rosie Phua. LOL

    Helen – Cannot. If I put up my bikini’s pic, it has to be when I was 25 years old mah. Baru fair mah. If I do that hor, I die ler. Nationwide got laubehuit, hospitals not enough blood, semua old and young stalks me especially that ah pek. Dun play-play wei, I Miss Personality First Runner-up you knowwwww…. Just between you and me only, I tell la. I 5’6″, 32, 24, 34. I modelled before oso for Edwin jeans. Skali, I got voted for being Malaysia hottest babe blogger, nanti all the female bloggers come and flame me because they jeles with the attention I got. *ok, ok, I know helen fell off chair, puking all over the floor*

  9. Fake lah, heavily photoshopped photo..in real life she has very ‘keng’ spare tireS one, i seen her on tv few weeks ago.so trust me… ;p

  10. i don’t deny that xiaxue looks not bad, photoshop or not, i just don’t like her attitude, its amazing she’s not blonde, maybe she is. i always consider as the paris hilton of singapore!

  11. ayoh ugly-lah and scary too.. should have saved this pix for Halloween. Your thong picture beats her hands down!!!!:)

  12. Ehemm, sorry mum cannot see such pix during the day. Puasa’lah. Anyway not so cun right. If someone say like Rosie Phua… LOL. Tht really cannot tahan lah. Dont play2… šŸ˜‰

    So how abt my blog name – ninetnine or “kau ti kau” not really good one? correct o not? Pls do not laughing k.

    BTW… Who’s Xiaxue? celebrity, problogger, lawyer, nurse, porn star…

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