Domain expiring. Toast to another year.

An email from one of my webhosts:

3. Select the number of years you wish to Renew this domain name for. You will be charged MYR ### per year for renewing this domain name. If you are conducting serious business from, it is suggested to renew it directly for 5 years or greater in order to avoid any deactivation at any point in time.

Wakahkah, do I have serious business to conduct? A social escort or match-making website? Nay….not in a million years. So, I suppose I renew for one year?

Frankly, I depend on my local webhosts to remember for me. I don’t mind paying a little bit by getting the service from them. I have SIX, ENAM, 6, Ć„ā€¦Ā­,! domains so how to manage if I don’t have these two nice guys to explain from the head to tail for me?

So, who are my webhosts? PaulTan and Bryan. This site is hosted by HulksSolution and PaulTan has so far kept it very well. No downtime, no hack , no server attack and whatever nightmares faced by webmasters. Bryan hosted my parenting site. So far, so good too.

Time flies when one is having a good time. I am going to be a year old blogger, having started in October 2004 with blogspot. Then, I moved here to my own domain in February 2005, which is barely 5 months after I started blogging.

So, people, ever thought of getting your own domain and webhosting? Cheap, cheap only. Less than RM200 per year and even cheaper if you can do all the stuffs yourself. I had written about the tricky parts in webhosting too. And also elaborate why pay when you can have free services from Blogspot, Blogsome etc etc.

Even if you have no intention of doing it yet, why not buy a domain name? It is very cheap and thrilling to own a domain with your name. Don’t know how to buy domain name? Ask the IT guys like LiewCF or Bryan. Or if you want it explain in simple language, just email me.

So, toast to one more year of 5xmom aka! YammmmmSengggggggg!

12 thoughts on “Domain expiring. Toast to another year.

  1. congratulations lilian, u r my hero, i would like my own domain name but is taking by some “stupid unrelated to my name” company but i don’t like or .org or .whatever..i’m seriously thinking about it but blogspot is free & all..undecided now.. šŸ™

  2. Gonna be a 1-year-old blogger soon, huh?

    One year already have 6 sites, so berapa lu mau buka for next year? =P Kkekeke …

  3. Bryan – Nolah, my other websites already much older than my personal site. I started with geocities since 2002. And I am proud to say loud-loud that three of these domains are for community purpose and not to earn Adsense.

    Mama BoK – Cheers!

    egghead – With oh kau somemore

    Wuching – Grab .net lor ‘cos .com sounds to commercialised, in my opinion. Buy for keepsake. Only USD1.99 when on offer. But of course, I am paying regular price through local webhost la.

  4. Sorry, I didn’t mean that lah. No pun intended, no pun intended. =P

    By the way, soon I’ll have my personal blog, just for the sake of blogging. I’m lovin’ it now. šŸ™‚

  5. LiewCF IT guy?

    Sorry to burst your bubble but that guy is pretty incompetent. What he does is read a lot and then transfer.

    SapiensBryan is kewl though. Not to mention he has a killer sense of color

  6. Bryan – I also wonder.(point to colours) And good la, now the SYT can see the other side of Bryan. LOL.

    Chewyx – I look for a polite, patient and friendly webhost. After all, what we need is a place to park our site. What if we find one who commits a murder? šŸ™‚ And yeah, care to enlighten how sense of colours gotta do with webhosting? Not webdesigning, you know. Webhosting. LOL.

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