Live telecast of Datin Seri Endon’s funeral

It is hard to watch the live telecast. The sombre mood and the lone figure of our PM is too hard to bear. So, I left the TV switch on but not really absorbing because you get this choking feeling, aching eyes while trying to stay tear-free. But still, it is something that you know will stay in your heart for a long time.

Because she is a wife to a great man. And a great woman herself. Never mind what other opposition political parties said. At this very moment, it is a man, a very weak and tired man mourning the loss. That picture will stays on in my mind for a long time to come.

What I admired most about people close in faith is their calmness in situations like these. When Vincent died, it happened on the same day with a Malay baby about his age. The father is an ustaz and he was so calm in letting his son go, offering silent prayers and accepting fate. I got my faith from that ustaz. (that’s partly why I converted to Catholic) It is only when we walk close to God that we have this strength. The ability to face the harshest reality, the bravery to walk on and the assurance that God is with us. Plus the promise that we will meet again.

Rest in peace, Datin Seri.

16 thoughts on “Live telecast of Datin Seri Endon’s funeral

  1. he is, indeed, a strong man with a strong vision… I am sure his wife will oversee him from up there!

    he needs all the strength and support in order to bring our country to greater heights!

  2. i guess it’s times like these that help a person remember and cling on to faith…

    sincerely hope Pak Lah pulls thru…the nation still need him.

  3. It’s been raining the whole day.

    It’s like the sky is mourning her death.

    I can’t imagine what’s going through Pak Lah’s mind.

  4. zyrin – Ya la. In Putrajaya and even here in my home. It is extra sombre. And when I see Dr. M and his wife, I dunno why I feel extra sadder. Dr. M is like a father figure there, commanding look and all.

    JeremyC – That’s true, Pak Lah is most neutral, as far as I am concern.

    nicktay – Amen!

    egghead – Yes, with Allah’s blessing and Datin’s overseeing, I am sure Pak Lah will work with even more determination.

  5. Yes, I agree with you. The pressure is very great for him because he has to face the nation, even at his weakest. But it’s easier for him when his wife did not die a sudden death. Her health took its toil gradually so he already made the neccessary preparation for this day to come. Even then, he’s still very strong compared to many others. Condolences to him.

  6. I, too, was glued to the TV set at a nearby mamak restaurant for at least 20 minutes (and I only went there to ta bao some food) and it was a sombre but moving sight.

    My wish is that he will now rise to the occasion and be stronger in his determination to bring about a new nation.

  7. “The ability to face the harshest reality, the bravery to walk on and the assurance that God is with us” …very powerful and inspiring line, Lilian!

    I shall keep this quote.

  8. hopefully, this ramadhan bring such a great courage to pak lah…even though, he just lost his 2 greatest women in this year…i know he’s a brave man….dun worry..we’ll always support you!!
    zyrin>> yeah thts rite….may her soul rest in peace…AL-FATIHAH…………

  9. i was just step to the office when my collegue told me of the news. it was a sad news indeed. but deep down i felt a bit relief for Kak Endon. Battling Big C for so many years is no easy feat. I’ve witnessed my husband’s cousin dying of Big C and the pain she has to go thru’. Rest assured, Kak Endon has left a mark, not only on Kebaya Nyonya, Songket & Batik. But also a source of inspiration for those visited by Big C.

  10. I cried silent tears when I heard the news. Allahyarhammah Datin Sei Endon was a great woman, a loving mother and caring wife. I love her public displays of love towards Pak Lah. It just goes to show that love does grow stronger as you grow older together.

    My prayers and thoughts to the PM family. May Pak Lah find the strength to carry on.

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