Remembering the PM’s wife

**Edited : 6th June, 2007 : Berita Pak Lah kahwin Jeanne Abdullah ada kat sini**

It doesn’t seems right for me to publish my next posting marked ‘humour’. So, I shall do this compulsory mark of respect.

Long time ago, when I was the Executive Secretary, my job pretty much involved serving coffee and polish shoes for VIPs (from BN to DAP to Keadilan 🙂 ). During my company Chairman’s daughter wedding, touted the wedding of the year in the whole island, I had to accompany Datin Seri Endon on the red carpet and pinning that oh-so-troublesome corsage. My only sentence to her was : YB Datin, please watch your steps. (pointing to the folds in the red carpet). At that time, Pak Lah was the Minister in the PM’s office and he being an ardent golfer and from Kepala Batas was pretty close to my company’s big bosses.

The next time when I actually ‘see’ her was during BN’s wins during the election. What made me very fuzzy was how loving and close our PMs, past and present with their wives. Dr. M has always been my hero, not only for his sharp tongue but the love he showed to his wife. And Pak Lah too showed the same devotion. I remembered well when the result was announced, the first person he turned to was Datin Endon. (actually, I was waiting for Pak Lah to announce a public holiday, hence staying up late to catch election results)

I pray for strength to our beloved PM. May he continue to lead the country with the same fervour despite the loss of Datin Endon which I am sure is his pillar of strength. Rest in peace, Datin.

BTW, errr….got public holiday or not, hah?

13 thoughts on “Remembering the PM’s wife

  1. egghead – My atm ordered me to keep following the news and tell him. I told him no need news, got PPS, cepat dan tepat (and sometimes sampat).

    *sampat = crazy

  2. Auntie Lilian ah, you don’t have photos when u were Exec Sec. ah? Put up lah. We want to see the fashions of yesteryear.

  3. lilian, u need Public Holiday meh?? If your atm wants holiday hor, he can apply and reason can put : “berkabung untuk isteri kesayangan PM kita”…garenti approve one!

  4. Annie – Tomorrow Penang holiday but my hubby works in another state mah. He got no holiday.

    babe – YB Datin had done a lot on the awareness campaign. She make everything so glamourous. We will miss her indeed.

    Din – Oi, oi, apa yesteryear? Baru 7 years la. Ish. I got showed before. But I can’t remember which post.

    Fashionasia – I am always very encouraged to see the PMs and their wives so loving. A perfect example to all men that behind every successful man, there is a woman.

    kak teh- I pray our PM will find strength in Allah because it is a big loss for him. Tough job and now, being alone. I just see on TV and already can feel how dotting she was on our PM. Jaga makan minum and stuffs like that. An inspiration for wives.

    foodcrazee – double blow hor

    DG – *sigh*

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