18 thoughts on “The opposite of the croc (buaya)

  1. hmmm….

    If you’re talking about the opposite of a reptile, then it’s a mammal..ie arnab/rabbit

    If you’re talking about buaya as in ham sap low…then a sheep? hehe

  2. Crocodile? Wah, I can write a whole story about it. In Malaysia, crocodile can mean many (many) things!!
    So back to your question 5xmom, the answer will depends on how it’s been used lah.

    Technically, my answer of what is the opposite of a large aquatic reptiles, chiefly of the genus Crocodylus, native to tropical and subtropical regions and having thick, armorlike skin and long tapering jaws – will be CICAK or lizard.

    Lian got prize for me or not? kekeke….

  3. To hell with the answer… I just want to know where u go for your pasta feast ar?? Good or not? Manyak cheese kah? ** drooling *

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