The taming of the croc by the tigress!

The answer:


The reasoning :

It takes a tigress to tame a buaya, hence, the opposite.

I got this idea from :

The Laubeh Inc. Laubeh = Old studs (as in old horses). They comprise a gang of married men. The old crocs/buaya teaching young crocs, those bachelors on the fine art of becoming buayas.

BTW, crocodile in our Malaysian lingo is not the shedding crocodile tears kinda comparison. Crocodiles usually appear docile, set their eyes on their target and attack when the victim least expect it. In other words, crocodiles denote dirty old (and not so old) men. LOL!

So, when the crocs go roaming, we need tigress to tame them, donch we, ladies?


Two days ago, notty Helen wrote something like this:

I’m in a dilemma here. I want to turn behind and stare, analyse, gawk, ogle at this ‘God’s gift to men’ creature and see why I never experience the turmoil of having truckloads of guys hitting on me at the same time during my lifetime.

And yesterday, Samm blew me over with the little bird’s cage. (Warning : 18SX)

Men are all naughty lil boys when it comes to kinky stuffs and since he’s the instigator, he’ll most likely agree to it with his tongue hanging out of his mouth like a puppy; panting away in anticipation of what’s to come.

And therefore, I see a pattern here. We mamas also can set up persatuan menambat hati suami or the Tigress Association (when I have time, I will think of a proper name, contributors’ idea most welcome).


I can see the laubehs cold sweats already. But I shall have to stop blogging now because my kids are pestering me to go skate-boarding again. Just came back from pasta and shopping. Another Parkson sale. Sheessh….

With tigresses roaming the earth, peace will prevail on earth. Yeah!

16 thoughts on “The taming of the croc by the tigress!

  1. Ha Ha Ha good idea. I’ve already contacted Steve Irwin aka Crocodile hunter. He has agreed to come checkout the Malaysian buayas & phythons… takut Aussie punya croc different from our local species mar…(Malaysian species more terror. Not only stalk in swamps, blogosphere also can! Malaysia boleh.)

  2. Hmmm, good idea oso. Go, go, go… set up the association. With the three of us as founding members. Then, all those wives/gfs/mistresses in woe can come write to us for ideas on how to tame their birds. Muahahahahah. QUICK!!

  3. Alright, set man.

    Tigress vs Buaya

    Persatuan Menambat Hati Suami vs Laubeh Inc.

    Who will win? Who shall prevail? Lilian will keep you posted, right?

    *LOL still at Samm’s birdcage*

  4. hah? the tigress take her children go skate boarding? somemore shopping? like that this tigress look very tame one mah. where got scared?

  5. LOL Lilian this brings to mind , my mum’s old movies—gangs of tai-tais in their chauffer driven cars–going to attack the buaya and young chicken, armed with big brooms and bamboo poles hehehe

  6. Count me in, count me in. My blog is for my daugther, so I cannot do or say naugthy things there.

    The load of trash I carry needs to be dumped some where. Oh please help me.

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