How to undo a two-colour skin tone?

It was one of those weak moments that I threw caution to the winds. Carefree and worry free. A mistake. I did it without protection. Now, I am stuck with it.

When I was in Redang, I either covered up, applied SPF 30 sun protection lotion or exposed up to parts that normal clothes can’t see (as in a red thong LOL). But one stupid mistiak and I am now stuck with two-coloured upper arm. *sobs* My sons went, “Oh MOM!, your hands look like alien!”

So what can I do now?

A) Go to a nudist beach and get an all-over tan?

B) Cover up my lower arms ala bas-sekolah housewives with those Made-In-Taiwan hand’s socks and go to the beach to get a tan for my upper arms?

C) Tell people that I am half Malay and half Chinese? (my mom will kill me)

D) Forever don’t wear short sleeves t-shirts? My days are numbered so not a good option.

E) Chop off the lower arms with darker tone and hope to re-grow like a cicak’s tail? (cannot also ‘cos temporary I can’t blog)

F) Whine and blog about it until my suntan parts become fair again? (it may take forever)

G) You tell me.

See the pic below? It is very, very obvious.


Miss Vanity said – “My life is doomed!”

Whee! I am going to Taiping tomorrow morning. My sons want to check out the skateboarding park there. I want to go to Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld) for mee banjir which I saw TV3 promoted few days ago. Plus, if the weather permits, we are going up to Maxwell Hill.

So meantime, please give me an idea how long our skin takes to change back to its original colour tone after a suntan?

19 thoughts on “How to undo a two-colour skin tone?

  1. emm….maybe u can try to use sunscreen on da tanned parts and then wear sleeveless shirts until da colour becomes even again?

  2. Lols..

    I don’t think that there is anyway for you to tan that part of your arm.. Unless you are using to use a tanning lotion.. Or fake tan.

    I saw one from Bananaboat. Lols.

  3. Still not as bad as my 2 toned face. i wore my sunglasses for too long, my nose got burnt, as well as the skin around the sunglasses. like a inverted panda!

  4. i think nevermind lah..! still look leng lui…and ppl won’t find it funny at all.. they just think that you very lucky.. went holiday somewhere exotic..!!

  5. Tell them its the latest “cool “look. What they dont know ar…oversea(s) all like that now…MUAHAHA

  6. Ely: Do you have a picture?

    Lilian: It won’t take very long if you either stay indoors or go under the sun constantly. Don’t worry about it.

  7. first soak the affected area with warm water. when skin become smooth and tender, use a piece of steel wool soaked in chrolox bleaching agent to vigarously scrub the affected area until the layer of tanned skin disappears. for faster effect, replace chrolox with sulphuric acid.

  8. Go to a nudist beach and get an all-over tan?

    hahahaha..seriously if got one i dun mind..

    dun worry…the tan will go away. i get em ALL the time…(b’cos no nudist beach mah)

    for beach i prefer to wear those small speedos coz when u wear a shorts over u can’t see em. if you wear those long shorts, wahh banyak susah to cover lar..

  9. seriously ah pek? is it safe? omg bleaching agent can be damaging to d skin…esp sunburnt skin…hmm not a good option…i think u should consult a dermatologist…

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