I am a one year old blogger!

Yes! It is one year since I started blogging.

My thank you speeches:

Peter Tan
Thank you to Peter Tan because his blog was the first one I read. I was googling for my church, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit when I stumbled upon his blog. Peter and I do not always agree on many things. Never mind that. But next time I can’t pull his ponytail in church when we disagree on things (after he had gone botak).

Dr. Liew
I still can’t recall how I stumbled on the blogger who influenced me most in my blogging. Someone who has a balance of sarcasm, humour and humility. The duli yang maha kembang Dr. Liew. I stalk his blog for several weeks and decided to started blogging. Being put on his blogroll is like striking lottery! serves three cups of tea to sifu Dr. Liew was the one who encouraged me to get my own domain and set up my Movable Type. serves more tea

Kervin and Narrowband
My first two commentors! How can we ever forget the thrill of having some strangers dropping by our blog after we make it public right? Kervin of Thousand Words and David of Narrowband. Two nice, young fellows that I hope my sons will grow up to be someday.

Ahhh…thank you speech over. Now, let’s look at the statistics.


Technorati Rank: 3,189 (870 links from 271 sites)

Google pagerank
: 5/10

Blog Stats

There are currently 829 posts and 9,313 comments, contained within 7 categories. (Comments on Blogger and Haloscan are not counted. Figure starts from Feb 2005)

Onestat Traffic counter : (Counted only from March 2005 this year.)
Total pageviews: 306,259
Total visits: 164,657
Monthly Unique Visitors: 81,912
Average pageviews per month: 38,282

Stats for the month of October up to 23rd Oct. (from HulksSolution)

Total Hits – 187993
Total Pages – 86747
Total Visits – 38150
Total KBytes – 1835583

Why I think I am going to survive many, many years of blogging:

1) I am such a terrific person with many things to share
2) I see things in my own unique way
3) I am damn free to shake legs. I thank God for that. Hallelujah!
4) I am so loveable! Sometimes, people love to hate me.
5) I have a purpose for blogging.


Above photo taken on 22 October 2005 in a swampy forest in Kuala Sepetang. For posterity sake.

Now, tell me why you like my blog. The lucky comment will win the commentor a ‘B.M.W.’.

41 thoughts on “I am a one year old blogger!

  1. Total salary mana?

    Erm… I like “5xmom – Humour, Life, Lies, Sex and more” blog because the blogger of this blog can swear very very well.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANLILIAN.NET!! WAHHH! Look at those stats. I jeles lerr. Aiya, nevermind ler, at least Google still owes you USD150. Mine, bayang oso talak.

    Winning slogan:

    ” I like chanlilian.net because afturds, she’s gonna gimme the BMW. Wah, i start renovating my garage ledi. Bring More Wankers, Bring More Worries, Break My Wallet”

  3. zhi yang – actually mine is tomorrow but I don’t know why my countdown said today. I also made a mistake.

    Samm – Wah, if you win, easy la. You are closest to the BMW. Let’s see got any lucky winner or not.

  4. Congratulations!!!! (*takes out 1 mug of Carlsberg & started knocking Lilian’s glass**)


    Ei, why yours not finished? Want to breed goldfish ar??

  5. Eh, kenot! I must defeat Samm!

    “I like chanlilian.net because afturds, sheÒ€ℒs gonna gimme the BMW, because she knows that I will share the BMW with her.”

  6. Lilian pls be warned if u want to come to Ipoh. Samm here is going to transform u into a mega babe with Colema Therapy. (now u are cun babe, next level mega babe)Please consider the implications first.. dun play play wor. Afterwards with all the jantan/buaya all over you, not to mention possible gang-rape sessions, you where got time to blog??

  7. Waw! *flattered*… *Blush blush*

    Don’t know if u’d really want ur son to grow up & be like me.. (ahem), but I’m honored, deeply honored, nonetheless.. Aiyo paisey lo~ ;P

    A very happy birthday to your blog!!

  8. Hello Auntie Lilian,

    Congratulations to you upon your blog’s first birthday celebration.

    Though we never meet before, however your blog are among the first that I read.

    Hope to see more of your life experiences in this space in future.


  9. Wow~~ Happy Birthday to your blog !!

    Can’t really remember when is actually my first day blogging because the first entry in my blog is not the first one.

    Anyway, here is my try to win the B.M.W.

    I like your blog because my mum doesn’t blog, instead I need to pick someone’s mum’s blog to read, and anne ho chai yours is the one I picked. =P

    Ok or not? πŸ˜€

  10. KIASI – OH MY GAWD! What are the both of you gonna do in that car??

    Helen – Liddat ah. Then she’s gonna vie for ur Bond Girl role ledi.

  11. err I love Ò€œ5xmom Γ’β‚¬β€œ Humour, Life, Lies, Sex and moreÒ€ bcoz if i dont say anything nice bout her .. i sked she will rape me LOL!!

    Happee BIRDay to your blog .. got party anot ??

  12. Happy 1 year bloggin and keep on bloggin mum…

    I read urs since that Blogspot era. Ooo that one year ago kut. Truly Malaysians blog. Humour, life, life, “sex” blended. Whoa, maybe thats statistic need to audit by Inland Revenue too if we can link it to your AdSense hits πŸ˜‰

    Ok, proudly to announce, that I would like to donate all my cash in prize to the South Asian Earthquake fund bla bla bla…

  13. Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to chanlilian.net aka 5xmom…
    happy birthday to you..!!

    Yam Seng everybody!

    I love your blog because it brings a smile to my face whenever I read your postings. And it doesn’t matter if I don’t win the Beemer, I still love you anyways!

  14. Happy birthday to your blog.. and congrats to you ..! and i look forward to many, many more great posts.. and many, many more years of reading.. and let the swearing flow.. kekekekek!!

  15. Happy BlogDay to you….
    Happy BlogDay to you….
    Happy BlogDay to 5XMom…
    Happy BlogDay to you!!!!!

    Wah…. gonna have laptop for Blog Birthday present ah… If its conspiracy theory that caused your PC to crash, its some conspiracy man!

  16. I went to the jungle of blogs last month. Out of sudden I saw many arrows were pointing but not shooting at a flower. So I came to have a look on that flower.

  17. hi

    i dun remember when i started blogging…

    it was back when… i dun even remember where my first online diary is now! but i think it’s gone now, coz that one, if i’m not mistaken, has a policy of putting in entry at least once in dun-remember-how-long period.

    anyway, all the best!

    blog on

    p.s. just wondering. do u read all those blogs in your links? that’s awful alot.

    can pay my place a visit at the loft. chinese tea can? πŸ˜›

  18. Happy Belated Birthday! (just stumbled upon this post)

    I guess the BMW must have been given AWAY by now *sob* *sob* Anyway, I still like to read you heaps πŸ™‚

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