OMG! Holding breath. Laptop!!!

My atm just asked me to give Dell a call to find out about the Dell Inspiron 6000.

Holding breath, fingers and toes crossed. He is going to make some enquiries for other brands with his vendors too. He also said the iMac is cute. OMG, I am turning blue with excitement. Forget about dSLR camera for the time being. My Minolta Z3 KKC is still producing wonderful photos. I wanna laptop!!! Gee, all my massages and ginseng chicken soup are working! Yay!

What brand? For around RM3K? Quick, quick, tell me.

34 thoughts on “OMG! Holding breath. Laptop!!!

  1. Dell’s not bad. the inspiron 6000, i’ve tried it. u use it for bloggin onli rite? 🙂 it’s quite a good price

  2. lucky you….
    cheap notebooks. Dell is good, Acer notbad.

    Compaq/HP …i dun like….IBM not nice design n once drop 1 feet frm the ground, whole thing condamned. Cost RM2k to repair. Have experience with both IBM n Compaq in this.

  3. Lilian, I’m using this exact model. i got it 7 months ago. I love it to bits. Esp the widescreen. Get it!

    (I tweaked mine online till it costed me RM5.3K.)

  4. Be sure about Dell’s after sales service; they don’t have the best reputation for it. I’m using a Compaq widescreen, 3.7K. No complains for a mid range laptop.

  5. Soreee, lilian. Ur pc hv to give up on u. Told ya ledi. Dont feed it with too much sex, lies and blogs. It’s so full of !@#$%^&*()

    My mon for the pc kaput long ago. Not usg the pc coz use notebook most of the time. i am so waiting for my notebook to kaput oso……….. these info over here will come in handy, hehe.

  6. Well, only go for Centrino based laptop, if you are considering Intel processor. It gives you more processing power while enjoying a longer battery life as compared to Celeron.

    The money you spent on Centrino is definitely worth it.

    Anyway, RM3k laptop ah? Go for Dell lah, they never let me down. 🙂

  7. Dell Inspiron 6000 is good. 🙂

    I’ve checked the specs and yeah, the baby’s awesome!

    P.S – Lilian, my latest post is not about the latest happening.. Haha. Will save that for later. 😛

  8. My atm said Dell 3.5kg is too heavy. He showed me the Twinhead. And I go, errm..twinhead is what har? LOL. I will let the man decides. See? I can’t even tell Linux from Windows and Apple. We want to watch p0rn (I AM JOKING OK?) in bed so must get wide screen hor?

  9. compaq… i think they have decent one for around 3k… up sikit budget to 3.5k u can get centrino-based laptop… been using compaq for almost 4 years, three laptops among us and so far no problem at all…

    wonder if the toshiba promotion is still available.. the laptop was somthing like 3,299 i think… and it was with additional 2 years international warranty..

    happy shopping

  10. 1. Go for 3 years next business day warranty (else don’t get Dell)
    2. switch to the largest capacity of battery (you would not want to look for power outlet every 1/2 an hour)
    3. get a spare battery (you wouldn’t want to look for power outlet every hour)
    4. get a spare adapter (you wouldn’t want to pack and unpack your adapter everytime you move away from your usual place)
    5. use minimum of 512mb x 1. leave an empty memory slot for future upgrade

  11. lilian, t***head is cheap and light but you will not like it after 3 months. trust me on this as i used a t***head for 2 years. regretted buying it.

    i am using a dell D510 now. light and good, no complaints except can’t play graphics intensive games lar, ahem.

    referring to kancil killer, i didn’t get another spare battery or adapter altho i travel a lot, but i did increase the memory. as i usually plug direct power, i have removed the battery (to extend battery life) and just save frequently, unless i am doing something super urgent/important.

    for 3k price, you can try looking at Acer’s machines but stay away from T***head.

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