What I did last weekend…

I took the group photo of the children in my church.

I went to Little India.

I went to a grave.

I went to a waterfall.

I went to a foothill.

I saw a BMW.

I went to a park.

I went to a Rakan Muda Sports Complex.

I went to a fishing village.

I was in the middle of the most ethnic looking Chinese fishing village, with tanned, dark, handsome fishing taukeys driving Mercedes and BMW 5 series.

I went to a swampy forest, a perfect place for a Halloween party.

I caught tadpoles.

I saw monkeys.

I took photos of TWO group of people filming.

I ate the freshest, most delicious crabs and prawns.

And damn, damn, damn, I can only write about it!

God, please don’t let my E and F drive corrupted. How am I going to tell the children, teachers and parents of the batch of Communicants that my computer rosak! God, I promise I won’t take photos of mating monkeys anymore as a trade-off. Please God, keep my photos safe. And while YOU are doing YOUR magic, can YOU make me start to lose weight? God, I had obediently exercise every single day for almost 6 weeks and why can’t that darn, stupid, weighing scale pointer moves? I can even trudge through one hour of swampy jungle walk without puncturing.

Yawn, yawn. I gottta go to bed now. Must serve my emperor 99.

9 thoughts on “What I did last weekend…

  1. ha ha ha suspen ye, takut hilang digital photos yea ! buy la external hard disk for yr back up. now should be cheap olredi.

  2. Whoo, plink – Really lengchais, yauyeng one ler. Muscle-muscle likedat with tanned look. See only mah, no wrong mah.

    Samm – Lazy to burn la. Now padan muka lor.

    Chief – Yalor, we went out at 10am and returned home at 10pm. All in a day’s work.

    Wuching – Hopefully la.

    OK, OK. technician is here.

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