Squeak…I join NanoWriMo, ape tu?

This morning, due to my withdrawal from computer, I read the paper. So, this article by a certain Michael Cheang (take out polish and cloth) caught my eyes. I heard about it but never bother much about it.

Then, out of boredom, I clicked the NanoWriMo 0r National Novel Writing Month website and found that a few bloggers had signed up. One of them is Andy! So, when I saw Andy’s name, I got excited because Andy is only 17 years old and will be sitting for his SPM real soon. If he got the spirit, why not me?

I registered and errm…now, am not sure where the heck I write that 50,000 words? Do I have to put them online at an assigned site, my own domain or write in Word or what? See? I told ya, I jump first and then, only think. I got no time to read the fine prints nor read the terms or the forum. Hey, I just reformatted my computer (thank God, muaks God, only my C drive is affected). Now I don’t even have Words in my computer.

I don’t think getting 50,000 words is that tough. I got an idea what I am going to write. Problem is my Yingrish is not pahwerful but I am dem terror in typing. Very few typing errors one. I can type real fast one. My fingers move faster than my brain.

So, squeak, squeak, can someone summarise it in less than 3 sentences exactly what I do next? The whole of next week, i.e. first week of November, we are going to travel. Heck, don’t care la, sign up first, cannot die wan.

Who want to join me? We write hamsap, steamy stories, sure sells!

13 thoughts on “Squeak…I join NanoWriMo, ape tu?

  1. There’s this web service called Writeboard(www.writeboard.com). It’s an online collaboration tool. Can get many people to write ehm ‘stories’.. haha..

    50000 words.. -__-” good luck with it.

  2. Welcome welcome!!!! Btw, you dropping by for the kick-off meet this Friday?

    And Auntie Lilian ar (you older than me mah), you don’t have to write in powderful Yingrish. šŸ™‚ Some people write in their mother tongues or in slangs. It’s fine la.

  3. Hoi, I’m there because I tried it last year. This year got SPM, cannot make it lar. So I’m gonna just linger around the forums… šŸ˜›

    Great to hear that you’re getting in the NaNo bandwagon! The more the merrier! šŸ˜€

  4. Andy – Hahaha, Too late liao, I already signed up after I see your name. I also join lor. And am plotting the plot (hahaha) in my brain now. The more I plot, the more chiqik it becomes. Maybe one day I go cuckoo with the characters. See la.

    JoeC – what does the farmer do to the goat?

    Mei – I can only go to KL next week so I shall give it a miss la. Anyway, I pai seh to meet up with real writers. Afterwards like Chicken Little, ternganga. šŸ™‚

    soohk – Dun care lar, it is not for competition, just self motivation.

    eyeris – Want to find sifus to tell me where to write my 50,000 words mah.

    Viewtru – Actually hor, I baru realised 50,000 is huge. Because my 80 pages ICU guidebook is only about 8,000 words. Die ler, sweats.

    Nerdook – Please do! We can play the tortoises and try to catch up with the hares.

  5. Start 1st nov, you start writing. Join the forum at the nano website, go to Malaysia and join in the fun. During the whole time, people will encourage, give tips and what nots la. at the same time, you’ll get email from the nano admin guys telling about the things that would happen that week. At then when it’s time, you submit your novel. the word counter will count the words, and if you succeed, you’ll get an acknowledgement icon/certificate or something like that. You can write any where you want. Some people blog their nanos, others just write them on paper. Some bring them along during meet-ups to share stories. Just make sure, at the end you can send a electornic version to the word counter thingy. I guess that’s about it. Come hang out at te forum.

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