Stop this Xiaxue issue!

I found this on Shaolin Tiger’s post :

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Don’t worry I will. (In reply to Aiz’s suggestion about writing to Voxy)

Peter Tan already has, that’s why she lost Voxy (sponsoring Xiaxue’s hair care) I think, not due to Kimberlycun, but it all has a composite effect.
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And I must say that I am pretty pissed off with this whole thing. I hope it is not true what Peter did. It seems so wrong. We are bloggers, if we want to fight it out on our blogs, fair. But to swoop so low and got Xiaxue’s sponsor pulling back the sponsorship, I think this is a little bit mean. No, make that very mean.

I also think that calling that Jess ‘You are stupid’ is also wrong. And questioning her upbringing is also wrong. Plus, mocking it when she said she is a mother of two children, pregnant and need to use the disabled toilet, is also wrong. (I am not referring to any one particular person but several.)

But since Peter said he has gone for confession, I hope the whole thing is settled.

I had said this on Peter’s blog, ‘No one can make you angry, except you yourself.’

And I hope everyone will reflect on this. Remember – how you retaliate to someone shows how matured you are. You can opt to step back and walk away with your conscience clear. Move on and do something positive.

If Peter vs. Xiaxue matter drags on, it will not look good on Peter. What will people think when they see this disabled person fighting out with a pink, spoilt brat? How does that make the disabled people look? Many of them, individuals, organisations, religious bodies had been fighting all their lives for a lot of causes. Some of them are abled bodied people who have genuine love and interest for the disabled. So, the end result? I would say, Peter pulling them down to the level of Xiaxue. Please! Stop all this.

And to those hypocrites, (whoever thinks I am referring to them, then the description fits) stop making majority of us laughing like hyenas about all these shits, preaching about social conscience, giving bad example and stuffs like that. For God’s sake, take a mirror and look at how you behave. The only difference between some of you and Xiaxue is – You do not have the style like Xiaxue to diss a subject matter. Your traffic is much puny. Some of you are too insignificant. Some are not so eloquent. Inside, you are still as rotten, if not even much more rotten-er. That includes all those morons who left hate comments just for the sake of leaving a comment.

I echo what Hedonistic said – STOP IT ALL OF YOU. You are all making us Malaysians a laughing stock.

Yeah, I had written this very much earlier, read and re-read, think, contemplate and I have to publish it. Peter and I are from the same church. He has his reasons for doing whatever he is doing. And I have my own conviction that the whole Malaysian blogsphere is getting too emotional by taking sides. Most of the time, we ALWAYS fail to see the issue, weigh them but take sides and turn a blind eye and just spew hateful, spiteful words.

runs to corner and hide, hoping for some people to shield me

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  1. yea, i’m on the top of the fence. maybe because I’m Libran? haha. I enjoy reading XX’s blog; maybe at times I disagree with her views, but I do not attack her as some people have done, let alone go all out to stamp her down.

    I too am highly surprised by all the drama in the blog-o-sphere lately over XX. Over-reacting la.

    Some of her words were not insulting a particular group of ppl, but like u said, close one eye, wear the horse-blinds (neh, the one where horses wear so they will just look in one direction)… there’s no consideration.

    imho, when you dislike someone, everything they do or say is cow-dung. even if it’s REALLY a good deed, it will be casted aside and they will prefer to concentrate on the bad points; hovering over hell rather than to look upwards.

    I second your suggestion. And Hedonistic pinned down what I could find the words for.


  2. Lilian,

    Technician got come ar?

    You are right to bring back some balanced perspective into this issue. I will not debate the rights and wrongs , (scared of blog extremists) but, I really have to commend you for bringing it up.

  3. Aiya, how come kenot trackback one. On the road, when someone accident, everybody slow down the car, cause traffic jam and stare at accident. In blog-o-sphere, if got accident, people who don’t know the people involve, act like they know, take sides and diss one another. Semua serupa mangkuk tandas. Pun intended 😛

  4. *hiding behind helen’s batik nightdress*

    helen – I can never keep my mouth shut when something pricks on my conscience. It is a big, big world out there. Peter is in the maintstream media. If we keep blowing the whole issue out of proportion, Peter’s good intention of helping the hospice will turn into ‘Nay, the long hair guy who bullied a young girl from Singapore’. When a person puts himself/herself into serving the Lord, doing God’s will, one has to be selfless. Great obstacles will come his/her way and the only way to tackle them is to fall back on the Word. May the good Lord guides us all, grant us the wisdom and patience. Amen.

    swee and gn – Glad to see some voices that agree that we are going overboard. Can I hide behind your skirts/pants too? LOL

  5. i hope for a future when all public amenities (including toilets or public phones) are equally accessible to all.

    so many public toilets are so dysfunctional nowadays that it’s difficult for *anyone* to make use of them. no toilet paper, toilet seats wet with pee, bits of poo, dirty footmarks, spit, flush broken, water overflowing, floor all wet, no place to hook bags, jackets or long pants. the list goes on forever.

    actually, holding the bladder is very unhealthy for everyone. it spoils the kidneys for everyone. but more for some than others, of course.

    people shouldn’t damage public amenities. it makes things difficult for everybody. period.

    people should give way to others who may have greater need, but remember it can go both ways. no act of kindness goes unappreciated. what goes around, comes around.

    for world piss.

  6. erm … i think u guys need to look at a boarder perspective instead of being a narrow visioner (if there is such a word) and I quote XX “Its my blog and I m just airing my opinion(s)”

    Tadaa … ring a bell anyone? I mean you can disagree with something someone, heck i think the guy who emailed her endorse and complained bout her suck but the fact is you just cant stop ppl(s) from airing the opinions or else we would be living in a communist country!

    Erm with that said … any of you guys are practising communism ?? LMAO!!!

  7. Lilian always has the fairest perspective to look at matters… respect!

    I’m really not sure what’s the matter with our local blogosphere… it’s pretty obvious that many people overreact whenever XX posts something controversial/not politically correct/etc. Of course many other bloggers hop onto the bandwagon and basically echo what the others have said (which if you noticed is also how many local bloggers operate) thus compounding the problem.

    I really don’t find her all that offending. But then again I think she’s a bit of an airhead so it’s a little difficult for me to get offended over her comments 🙂

  8. Shit Shit Shit! I was just staying quietly enough to wait for them to bite each other’s ass and you had to come out with all the glory to stop them? Cheh! Spoil the fun only! 😛

  9. lilian, i seldom agree with you on lots of things but this is one thing i agree with you… very strongly.

    you had said it all here – exactly my sentiments.

    i admit in the beginning i did blog about XX to say how wrong her idea of abled person has a right to use disabled toilet was (and i still stand by that) but that was the only one point i disagree with, and i only blog that one time and shut up.

    now it’s a shame to see things escalating, what more with the boycott products campaign going on. it’s so sad what’s happening to malaysian blogosphere indeed.

  10. To go to that level and then apologise? Aww, c’mon. Dont gimme that shit. The damage is done. It’s really despicable. She may be young n immature, but dont we all agree that she’s gutsy too. She has a lot to learn, especially how to handle her sudden fame without proper guidance. But i really hope everyone learns something from this BS Hoo-Hah.

    Just my 2 cents.

  11. Note : No, I’m not referring to Peter at all. All this hissing and dissing is making it look bad on him seriously.

    Dumdidumdum. What can I say, I have always thought some people to be so naive when addressing a certain issue without much thought on the consequences of his/her act. In their minds, they only WANT to do what they think is right without thinking about how their strong stand on the certain issue would draw numerous attention & reaction and how it would indirectly affect the person involved. You can do what you want to counter a person’s thoughts but taking away a person’s source of income (albeit only part of it) is as equally mean as what that person might have done. Macam the BM saying…dua kali lima. It just shows how crazily affected bloggers can be with another person’s life and rants to deprive a person to this extend.

    I dun blame Voxy and Kimage for doing what they did also. Any company would do the same with so much pressure from the public. They need to do what’s best to ensure their income maintains and XX understood the reasonings behind their action. If she’s really that much of a no-brainer, she would’ve bitched about how Voxy and Kimage are easily affected by it.

  12. her endorsement deal was lost certainly not due to one email. when peter sent his email, i sincerely believe he had not meant to remove her ‘livelihood’, to alert the companies about the negative image that she is portraying – yes. u see, the companies could have done other things such as discussing with their ambassadors, issueing retracts and various sort of damage control, but no…they decided to drop her. do you honestly think they dropped her due to one Peter’s email? you as a former corporate figure, now staunch christian and mother of 5 should be able to see better than that. so pls stop harping on peter.

    ps: i don’t agree with how you demerit someone with a stand on the basis of puny traffic. that’s rather childish.

  13. one of my favourite quotes reads something like this: “The art to great wisdom is knowing what to overlook.”

    Now you can intepret that in 2 ways:
    1. The knowing and/or,
    2, The actual overlooking

  14. after reading xx blog I feel stupid, idiot, and can’t understand whats interesting point of her blog?
    just bitching,bitching all the time..
    its the first time i read her blog
    are singaporeans character like her?
    who cares about her daily activities and her anger?
    who cares?
    what kinda people who likes reading that shit?
    weird..just wasting my time..urrgghhh

  15. Its the real world out there…. its about time she realises that her rants has repercussions especially when she is sponsored by public companies.There is that added responsibility to her readers. To blame Peter Tan for her loss of income is wrong..she reaps what she sows.The problem with the ” new attitudes ” nowadays is… “I am who I am and I can do what I want and the h#ll with you” and when things go wrong…they blame others.

  16. *sighs*

    It is at times like that when I wonder what the world is coming to. Office got politics. Newspaper got politics. Come to the Internet to relax oso got politics.

    I wrote about the incident but in reference to how energy spent dissing XX could be put to better use. This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I spoke of ‘educating people’. ~_~

  17. When I join this blogging world, I thought it was all fun and everything will be private, little did I know that blosphere is so stressful *sigh*

    Anyway, very well written Lilian, I couldn’t have done it better. Can we ALL just let the dust settle….?

  18. Comment #10 – Who am I ler? I just voice my opinions but I can never ever stop them biting their ass off wan…Just go stock on popcorn and coke to enjoy. The most I can do is to add some oil, charcoal and a fan only. 🙂

    Kim – Why are you so sensitive on the puny term? I mean – there are hundreds, if not thousands of bloggers out there whom had written much, much more controversial issues than Xiaxue. Yet, no one bothers to say a thing. Hence, the comparison. What demeriting am I doing? Awww…is it a crime to say someone have little traffic? Look at yourself first, Kim. You called someone stupid on your blog and you dare to come to my site and tell me I DEMERIT people about their stats?

    hedonistic – Quick, go ride my BMW.

  19. lucia – Thanks. If the church and the Word had not been brought into Peter’s blog, I wouldn’t have given a thought. I only speak up because he has published the Verses which frankly, I found a bit disheartening to see. To the non-Christians, it may appear like curses. It may or may not be related but nevertheless, the blogsphere will be guessing. Then, the confession part also was published. Therefore, on my part, I just need to join in. I don’t want to be part of the blogsphere but I am a part of the church.

  20. lilian: if traffic meant anything substancial, it only shows who is a public figure and who is not. as a public figure u have to have to be responsible in how you present yourself to the world simply because there are ppl reading you. as for the many thousands of bloggers with puny traffic who wrote controversial issue, it’s only simple reality that nobody reads them hence no brouhaha.

    the demeriting you’re doing here is saying that people who actually have a stand eventhough with puny traffic as hypocrites. Let me show you the offending phrase.

    “And to those hypocrites, (whoever thinks I am referring to them, then the description fits) stop making majority of us laughing like hyenas about all these shits, preaching about social conscience, giving bad example and stuffs like that. For God’s sake, take a mirror and look at how you behave. The only difference between some of you and Xiaxue is – You do not have the style like Xiaxue to diss a subject matter.”

    and my dear lilian, you prefered to adress my post-script instead of my proper comment regarding peter. i hope that meant you agreed with me on that part.

    as for the namecalling, whatever lah

  21. Kim – I did not acknowledge the whole content because it appears to me like a conspiracy, a pre-planned attack on Xiaxue. So, not saying anything is because I am being kind.

    And the fact that you are worked up on that para you highlighted – heh, I guess I hit on the spot, somewhere, somehow.

  22. peter has a lot of room for improvement

    malaysian blogsphere can be better

    Gute Besserung to the heads of bloggers. 😛

  23. I have puny, negligible traffic and I said my piece/s. And I don’t feel like a hypocrite for it.
    One more thing: quoting bible, bringing in religion… well I do recall him (blast from the past) saying: “please leave God out of it” or smthg to that effect. I agree wholeheartedly.

    If he repents, make amends. And make peace. With the ‘victim’, with God and with himself. Whatever, imo, better to do this directly albeit privately. Then, MOVE ON. Not necessary to publicise. Lest it stirs more things up. Or more publicity. For better or for worse.

  24. blogs are personal space, if we ‘ketuk’ people till kau kau, then it’ll defeat the purpose. just like tv, we always assume viewers/readers will suddenly do what their ‘role model’s do. i don’t think that’s the case, readers still know right from wrong and will behave accordingly.

  25. Percolator – When I wrote this piece, I DID NOT read what XX said on her blog (i.e. Peter’s response to the Tudorique guy). When I wrote this blog, I did not foresee the repercussions on Peter’s blog. (there are 62 comments, mostly flaming the Christians) Now, I am saddened that it has grown out of boundary. And this is what exactly I was trying so hard to avoid. I.e. everyone starts pulling everything and everyone to bash.

  26. lilian,
    Lest there be unnecessary nisunderstanding, my comment wasn’t specifically to disagree/comtradict you at all. It was just my opinion.

    I think what’s sorry about this whole (disgraceful) incident isn’t the negative attention PT or Xiaxue or Kim attracted. Actions beget consequences/repercussions, we all know that. To be sure there’s been lots of slander flung about. But as far as I’m concerned, the real victims are the disabled community, activism and Christianity, or even bloggers in general – all of whom/which have been tragically and might I add, wrongfully/undeserved misrepresented.

    That’s the real tragedy.

  27. Greenapple, like you said, you have not been in the blogsphere long enough. You do not know exactly whom I was referring to. Hence, why get worked up on something you are not too sure? You have obviously not read about people who condemn their own parents in the blog nor people who are so racists that it gives you a chill in your heart. These people blogs are still blogs. The difference is people do not get to see them in the conventional method. That is what I am trying to point out.

    As for this statement:

    know you’re free to write anything in your blog, but lilian, please bear in mind that you’re a well-respected blogger

    Well, I do not see myself as a ‘well-respected blogger’ because as far as I am concern, I speak my heart. How others want to intepret who I am, is beyond my control.

    So, back to your first sentence ‘on the other side of the blogsphere’, go back to your side. Stay safe.

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