The lioness in the cage prowls…

The cage is empty. Devoid of entertainment. The lion cubs are getting too frisky. Lioness want to bite the head off the technician who doesn’t stick to his schedule. Someone in Dell is going to get the KNNCCBMPK treatment real soon. If the technician doesn’t turn up in another 30 minutes.

Someone in Dell already got the icy cold treatment that drips of ‘you know who I am?’ kinda words.

“I am not going to wait indefinitely! You better go start searching where the technician is and I expect him to come real soon.”

“But the appointment is between 2pm – 5 pm.”

“Your technician called me at 1 pm and he is STILL NOT HERE, ok?”

“The appointment is until 5pm, ma’am.”

“OK, I will wait until 5 pm.”

The lioness missed her daily dose of exercise. She couldn’t make fresh ravioli with spinach and cheese because she couldn’t run to Tesco to buy a dozen eggs. She freaking needs 4 eggs and she is damn annoyed because the technician kept her waiting. Four freaking eggs is all she needs. Otherwise, she is going to chop off the two lampahs and make ravioli ala kukubird. Roar!!!!

Oh yeah, lioness is mad because she can’t get on the net to check out AirAsia for flight from KL to KK nor sign up Nanowhatboliao? Not with the kids fighting over one computer. Roar!!!!!

12 thoughts on “The lioness in the cage prowls…

  1. haha.when the techie does turn up, wait till he finishes wif his job, then tear him apart or feed him to the cubs . 😀

  2. Hahaha! Better issue out security warning to all Dell technicians to be armed as clients may attack them. It’s past 5 pm now, hope he came and didn’t get chomped to pieces.

  3. Kiasi – Yeap, I sign up after reading about it in The Star. Got idea liao what to write.

    boo – He arrived just after I published this post. 4.30 pm.

    wu ching – I got two comps. One for me, one for my sons. Theirs are much more pahwer than mine.

  4. Hahaha…ROTF!!You’re such a lioness hehe…I certainly wouldn’t want to be one of those technicians..

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