A reformatted computer is like a virgin

haih, it is damn troublesome.

First, I need to teach my computer the importance of protection. So, I gave it anti-virus protection.

But before I can do anything, I have to get it ready to roam (browse) and that means installing Firefox. And updating my IE from dunno what version to IE6.

Then, I have to teach it skills. Like installing Microsoft Words. That also I have to verify code and activate. sheesh And Photoshop.

And teach it proper langugage, like installing WordWeb.

It has to communicate and I have to put MSN.

Enough about that.

Questions, questions :

1) I used to have a paid subscription to Norton but expiring soon. So I will forget about Norton.

ANTI-VIRUS – I have free Grisoft AVG. And I just installed F-Prot (upon’s Toxicle suggestion) 30 days free trial. Which is the cheapest and most reliable anti-virus programme? Can I just rely on free stuffs?

2) I installed Thunderbird and I don’t have the faintest idea why it will not work. I use OE and I can get my streamyx mail. Why? the pop.streamyx.com and smtp.streamyx.com all set correctly what.

3) My Windows XP is a licensed one. But it is already very old version. That means I have to instal SP2, right? What else? Microsoft Spyware?

All the sifus-sifus sakalian, please can teach ah? I don’t want my virgin computer to kena virus and spyware then terus kena condemn.

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  1. Just install windows normally and run WindowsUpdate. That’ll update your Windows to SP2.

    A free Antivirus is better then no antivirus.

    Remember that computer hardware needs drivers to run.It’s like the knowledge to balance so you can walk. 😀

  2. Install all the critical updates from Microsoft, Open up your IE and then go to tools and Windows Update, or you can do it from the start menu, if you still have it.

    With all the updates in place, you are almost safe already.

  3. 1. The good news is, free stuff (discount those spyware) is as good as payware. Honestly, I can live without antivirus but not anti-spyware. For anti-spyware, forget about microsoft antispyware.
    Spyware-measurabator will tell you how many spyware MS antispyware can detect but pratically it is useless : it fail to detect practical spyware and take too much system resources. Use adaware and Spybot S&D.

    2. Windows XP SP2 is highly recommended. You can downlaod a copy and burn it into CD to save your trouble in the future
    There is at least 18 patches after you install XP SP2

    3. Thunderbird setup is quite straightfoward. Just take out the email setup info streamyx give to you when you start thunderbird for the 1st time.

    4. Using Windows XP SP2, you have a options to configure your system to use firewall.

    5. After you start XP and login, Press Ctrl-Alt-Del key and click the “Task Manager” button and “Performance” tab. If the PF Usage box show more than 160MB RAM, your system really need to trim down some junkware. It is time for software like “hijackthis”.

  4. Just get the SP2 from ms and a norton anti-virus then u’r set, be aware that p2p programs can leave your firewall vurnerable.

    So, what was the cause of the previous crash? I do my HDD maintenance every six months, clean, reformat and reinstall… its like a room, gotta clean and throw out the garbage now n then. Happy blogging. Cheers!

  5. Kasperky Antivirus is not bad too. But don’t try running 2 or more antivirus at the same time. You’ll get problems later.

    Frankly, I think that AVG Free is sufficient to protect you. Make sure your defs are up to date.

    Make sure your Windows is up to date … SP3 should be coming out soon. (But I still use SP1 with latest seperate updates .. I think that SP2 slows down the system a lot)

    The thing you should be more worried about is Spywares and Trojans … usually due to Internet Explorer … so don’t use it .. use Firefox.

    For spywares, pr0nwarez, keyloggers, trojans .. I find Spybot Search & Destroy very useful .. switch to advanced mode and there are tonnes of extra tools you can use. Also use Microsoft Antispyware … I heard it’s good but never used it.

    If you’re extra paranoid … I would suggest you proxy all your connections thru Privoxy. It blocks information leaks like browsertype, activeX, ads, etc.

  6. You mean…. you don’t have SP2?? *faint* oh and do get firefox la. AVG is not bad with SP2 installed. Get lavasoft adaware and spybot S&D too.

  7. I’m using Avast for anti-virus protection and Lavasoft Ad-Aware as well as Spybot Search & Destroy to detect spyware. So far so good. (*Keeps fingers crossed*).

  8. MG – Wah, notty girl what are you doing up so late?

    Yvonne – Yeap, after reformatting, I have a total clean PC. Gotta do all the installation lor.

    toxicle – I took your advice. I now limit to two only. LOL. I used to do 3 virus scans simultaneously when I go out.

    JoeC – The technician got no idea also. Old age, I think.

    moo – Thanks for the lenghty discussion. I must keep this for future reference.

    melvin – Thank you, another sifu.

    n305er – Aiyah, you so terror, next time I pay you the amount I paid to Dell, you do for me better hor? RM75. And since you are a blogger, I ‘chia’ you free home-cooked lunch oso.

    ST – I installed Avast now. But I am not sure why I keep getting script error when I try to download SP2.

  9. I think 2 is overkill. Make sure you only have 1 running resident. No, it’s not wise to do more than 1 virus scan simultaneously. Scanners often detect other scanners as viruses.

  10. Oh no! My PF usage is about 300MB!

    I use AVG (antivirus) with SP2, Lavasoft Adaware (remove adware), Spybot S&D (remove spyware), Microsoft AntiSpyware (another spyware removal tool), and ZoneAlarm (firewall – that monitors/control in- and outbound connections)!

    Periodical defrag and clean up (full system scan and crap) helps to keep ur PC ‘virgin’… (or as close to being one as possible).

    Btw, the number of vulnerabilities in Firefox is increasing already, since more and more people are using it. Almost comparable to the number of vulnerabilities that target IE, the last time I read.

  11. I think everyone contributed fine to your post. I do not like to linger on a problem for long. As soon as it starts to irritate me, I look towards clean install as the next option. But hey, I am just a commenter 🙂

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