Now, this toilet is real nice


I promise this is not another lame toilet tale. It is the real toilet.

The Burmese Pool is actually a waterfall in Taiping near the foothill of Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hill. I don’t know why it is called Burmese but I found some graves at the Memorial site nearby with some foreigns words, which looks like Thai. I guess, during the World War II, some Burmese soldiers must had fought there.

So the next time, you go to Taiping, remember to visit the BMW. And nope, I did not went in to enjoy the bersih, menawan dan wangi toilet. I hate public toilets!

15 thoughts on “Now, this toilet is real nice

  1. Do u remember one petrol station which used the slogan, “… and our toilets are clean”. I’ve seen plenty of campaigns from the gomen for clean public toilets. There was even a toilet exhibition recently, not to mention the world toilet organization (WTO) in the news recently (and subsequently kena blogged by Kenny).

    A lot of people I know, especially ladies, absolutely refuse to use public toilets, and they have very valid reasons.

  2. eh, must not talk bad about toilets one, u’know. i do toilet bu$iness wan. dun lah liddat. clean toilet is a must leh. And a necessity too, rite.

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