Pump it!

The light is blinking. Empty. Empty. Empty. Beep. Beep. Beep.

But kids kept pestering me to drive them to the hardware shop. (sheesh, what’s with males and hardware shops, huh?)

5xmom : Please la, I never pump petrol with this car before, you know?

Sons : Aiyoh, you just go, swipe and pump only la. We can do it for you!!!!

5xmom : What if I put diesel instead of petrol?

Sons : Just go lah!!!!!

So, I meekly drove up to the petrol station. I don’t know which side the lubang (hole) is. After that, I don’t know where the butang (knob) to open the lubang. Usually, they are below the driver seat mah.

Raba-raba here and there, cannot find. Rupa-rupanya, it is a button next to the steering.

*adoi, malunya*

Sked of swiping my credit card because I imagine my tank overfilled and the figures go RM200, RM300, flood, RM400, banjir, RM500 tsunami! So, #3 son happily volunteered to pay RM20 for me at the shop and he taxed a Cornetto.

Wuah, the knob to turn the petrol so hard to twist. *sweats*

Wuah, once open, the fumes are so strong. *pengsan*

Die! Which nozzle? F1 synergy? Regular? Decaf?

F1 la.

Die! Why tarak lubang one? How my nozzle batang want to go in?

#2 son : Aiyoh!!!! You just stuff it in, the valve will open by itself.

Clever boy…….

5xmom : Ahhh..son ah, do I have to hold on to the nozzle or not ha?.

#3 : 19.65…….19.85…….19.95……TWENTY RINGGIT

Everyone got into the car.

#2 son : Oi, you got cover back your petrol tank or not? If not ha…..the whole car will explode. The metal sharpnels will fly everywhere. Flesh will spattered everywhere. The whole island can catch fire.

5xmom : You shut the *teet* up la. Otherwise, we go home and you can forget about your hardware shop.

Moral of the story : I caaaaaayang my atm. For 2+ years I never have to lift a finger to pump petrol. Always full tank provided. I think the last time I need to pump petrol was before the Penang island petrol stations imposed self-service filling. Last time, just drive up and say, ‘kasi 20’ and then, sit back and sing song or dig nose. By the time you finished piak, piak, piak your booger out of the car window, your tank will be filled. Service with a smile.

Don’t you just envy me? An idiot at pumping petrol. Don’t even ask me how much a litre of petrol cost. I don’t have the faintest idea.

13 thoughts on “Pump it!

  1. as long as no funny petrol smell afterwards, no explosion, no flying metal or fried meat… okla, pass, dapat diploma. cheers!

  2. Ha ha ha i didn’t realize u seldom pump petrol one!! Lucky got assistants hor??!! It’s good to have a man around. (though little ones with penchant for Cornettos..)

    I’ve seen before 1 lady who drove off with the pump still inside her car!!! Lucky the pump had stopped, if not, it’ll be like Hollywood explosion scene!!!

  3. helen – Adoi, like that oso can? Spoil all womenkind reputation lah. Cis! LOL!

    egghead – I see purple colour mah, so mah pick purple over blue lor.

    JoeC – *hands out to accept diploma*

  4. omg, you sound like my mum. except that when dad goes travelling, she gets the pump attendant to fill her tank for her.

    my mum has never filled air in the car tyres before as well. but *at least* she knows which side the petrol door is. hehe.

  5. I finally learnt this year… haha…
    (Pumping petrol is very much DIY here)

    But once in awhile – the cute guys come running to help! HAHAHA!

  6. gee..i miss those female service station attendants lah, memang service with a smile, check oil & water somemore. here in australia, good luck to u lilian if u come & drive here without ur atm! susah lor!

  7. MamaBoK – Yay! I got an equally blur friend!

    WuChing – Adoi, I don’t even know where the buttons are. And one more thing, I am dead afraid of drive through car wash!

    JeremyC – We act helpless so men can feel heroic!

    Chief – LOL! Got, vroommm.

    Debbie – Yaya, act helpless, play bimbo. Saves our nails!

    Fashionasia – This is call ‘kung fu’. LOL. Play dumb.

    hedonistic – My atm always filled both cars with full tank if he flies off for a few day. That one, I can use and dispose. Haha.

  8. Oh, I can relate to this. I’ve only pumped petrol once or twice in my life! Hehe.

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