World most annoying noises

*Not suitable for sensitive people. GTFO and go elsewhere.

Also not suitable for parents, parents-in-laws and PMS-ing women.*

You know what are the top three annoying noises in the world? Not in any particular order:

1) Not a dripping tap;

2) Not a rat-a-tat-tat drilling from your neighbour’s house at 12 midnight;

3) Not a whiney toddler nor mosquito buzzing in your ears.

They are :

1) A nagging mother-in-law who tells you that you are not earning enough money to pamper her daughter with bird’s nest everynight (or something in that manner).

2) A PMS-ing woman who envies others and bad-mouthing them but disguised as praises.

3) A toddler wearing squeaky shoes.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, my ears! I would ripped off the squeaky tits (the hard plastic) from the shoes before I got out of the shoe shop. Ask the shopkeeper for a plier or tweezer.

But my oh my, some people are dotting on how squeaky the sound is and how adorable it is. Imagine trapped in a packed children’s clinic, kids crying, throwing tantrum and squeak, squeak, squeak everywhere? Or in a beautiful garden with blooming lotuses and lillies, kois swimming gracefully in the pond, butterflies fluttering and squeak, squeak, squeak.

If I have a piece of chewing gum, I would go stuff it into the holes. And give the cute toddler a pinch on the cheek at the same time.

What noises annoy you?

**Added : (not related to above)
Let us reflect on 1 Timothy, chapter 4-6?**

22 thoughts on “World most annoying noises

  1. Ha ha I know what you mean. Some of those shoes even come with synchronizing flashing lights.

    I hate people who hum and sing while working… or sing and hum along when they are listening to the radio. AAAAAAAAAAARGGH Want to sing? Go rent a K room.

  2. well, what really annoys my friend is having to listen to “ooh, ahh, oh yeah, oh yes, yea baby…” going on in the next room at the place where she is renting.

  3. 1. Ppl singing badly, total out tune. Like chicken getting killed.
    2. Neighbour doing home improvement project on a weekend, drill here, drill there. Non-stop construction.
    3. Ppl washing cloths in a old cranky washing machine in the middle of the night. Brady noisy, no cow sense.
    4. Drivers cuting in & out w/o signal, drifting aimlessly like drunken sailors.
    5. Line cutters at traffic lights, cannot wait ah? Need to rush for a rebirth meh?
    6. Kiasu ppl, not necessary the ppl down south.

  4. Mat rempit go modify their Honda EX5’s exhaust, emitting really loud “PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTT” sound when they rev by. Feel like throwing a brick at them.

  5. narrowband – Yeah, and also those morons who honk-honk in an apartment block without regards for anyone, dead or alive.

    Joe C – Very enterprising. Wei, you careful hor, with so many things that annoy you, you have potential to road rage lor.

    totoro – Poor girl! Ask her to retaliate back la. Put on some chanting tape or something.

    helen – You stay away from me. I hum and sing off tune all the time at home! My kids hate me! I no cincai sing any songs but Latin songs. In descant somemore. (i.e. higher note than soprona ear piercing scream) LOL Now with Christmas coming, it is Angels we have heard on high and O Come all ye faithful.

    Sengkor – Got something with similar sound. Chalk on board.

  6. HELEN – “I hate people who hum and sing while working… ” Happened to me when i was lying on my Gynae’s table… muahahahahah. Talk about entertaining medical service.

    And yes, one more, other ppl’s chewrens’ pit-pit shoes when i go to the bank….

  7. And also my neighbour honking away announcing her arrival and for her son to hurry all the way from one end of the block until her front porch every Saturday and Sunday noon.

  8. crows singing in the sky during spring. damn annoyin lar here. the other one is when those angmo just sit on the sideways laffin like they’r goin to be struck dumb tomorrow.

  9. so you are also another parent who does not like those squeaky shoes. I vow that i will never get one for my children.

  10. Debrina – Most toddler shoes come with it. So I usually get it pulled off after I paid and before my toddler realised how cool it is. Otherwise, he will insist on squeaking and become public nuisance. LOL.

  11. The only noise I cannot stand is the noise a lady(beside my cube) makes at the office . She talks SO loud on the phone and she uses the speaker on her phone. All of us at the office are forced to hear all her conversations. She is so LOUD and RUDE all of us at work don’t know what to do!

  12. chalk “screeching” on blackboard, screaming little brats, sounds of doors/drawers/wardrobes closing and opening when i want to sleep on a sunday morning!

  13. The ticking of a wall clock when I am going to sleep. It drives me crazy when it goes tick-tick-tick-tick at a constant pace….

    That is why I only use digital clocks in my room. 🙂

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