I promise to try to speak less bad words, I promise to try……(x1,000)

i’m a little long winded, but auntie, we all like you lar.

but next time don’t use cursing words-la, students have access to internet nowadays and young people always mimic the people they like, but not me-la, just because i have a little common sense.


Ladies and gentlemen

I got the above comment from a nice, young gentlemen. He left a comment in one of my earlier post which I dare not repeat the title. red faced

I admit that in real life, when I am driving especially, my four-letter words do fly. I am so used to four-letters in all languages. But I do know how to behave myself mengikut keadaan (according to situation).

However, sometimes, I myself do think that I let loose too much cannon. It comes with my mood. But then, nothing justify bad behaviour.

So, from today onwards, I am gonna cut down on my KNNMCB already. Yay!!!!! I did it because I want to do so. Not because I want to please anyone. Or can I use the excuse like Bush?

BTW hor, just now I made some really fantastic homemade fresh pasta with XO, prawns and cream. After dinner, my atm drove me to e-Gate Guardian to buy some toileteries. Being the accountnut he is, he went, *beep, beep, beep* charge RM1 for what *beep, beep, beep*. (You see, e-Gate is a building next to Tesco. Tesco gave free parking. e-Gate has nothing but 7-11, Starbucks and charge RM1.)

So, he told me to get down alone to buy the stuffs I wanted while he waited by the roadside. *beep, beep, beep* Two minutes later, he came in, white face with my toddler and other kid plus the car key. He told me he had dumped the car by the roadside. Being married for 17 years, I knew he sakit perut and gotta go pau chah liao (explode).

Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward.

When I got on the car later, he told me this :
*beep, beep, beep* What you put in the pasta ha? Wah…just now I almost never made it. Run here, run there, cannot find the gents. Only ladies…….


5xmom @ chanlilian.net antennae all on red alert : WHAT!!!!! You used the handicapped toilet!!!????!!!!

Atm : Ah boh? Lu ai wa pang sai ti longkau ah? (Or else? You want me to let go in the drain?)

(The rest, I am not going to write. I told atm some background story and usually, what he uttered is not suitable for public eyes. )

This is a true account of my pasta story. No one is harmed in the making of the pasta. Do check my http://malaysiabest.net when I post the recipe.

Back to the original setori, I promise to try to speak less bad words I promise to try to speak less bad words I promise to try to speak less bad words I promise to try to speak less bad words I promise to try to speak less bad words I promise to try to speak less bad words I promise to try to speak less bad words I promise to try to speak less bad words but you don’t have to tell me whether I should or should not, ok?

In case, you got nothing to comment, can you tell me how to spend one full week of holidays next week? Australia, America, Europe, I tarak duit. Surrounding Asean countries are like oh so boring or been there, done that or want to die ah, bird flu, bombing, rioting? Weather in Malaysia is rain, rain and more rain. Stay at home can go gila with the kids and one atm. Anyway, we are going somewhere from this Sunday. Don’t know where, just pack bags and drive.

29 thoughts on “I promise to try to speak less bad words, I promise to try……(x1,000)

  1. Don’t play play with 5xmoms! She knows what’s right. Good work on your blog Lilian. I love what you write.

  2. Life Feel is right. Try is not good in an affirmation. Because try picking up the pencil on your table. You can never pick it up.

    But he got the quote wrong. Yoda says : Do or Do not. There is no try

  3. Chewxy – Dey, this is not kindy la. I said I try to try and you don’t have to try and try. Geddit?

    flowsnow – Hey, how are you! Haven’t seen you around the forum for a while.

  4. aiyo auntie, your entries are making me very hungry lah, with nothing much to jamu selera at this hour hehe. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and this is my first comment. But do keep all the interesting food entries coming as it’s always nice to see more yummylicious food. *drools*

  5. Quick quick post your homemade pasta recipe!! By the way, i forgot to tell you… i like your blog because… you “can never keep my mouth shut when something pricks on my conscience”. (abstracted from your previous comments. 😉

    i ~heart~ 5xmom blog. 🙂

  6. TIU!!! ( my first Chinese swear word) if you cannot swear anymore where am I going to learn more words ar???? other people get a life-lah or go read other blogs . If 5Xmm cannot write and be herself then no pint writing her blog isnt it.. Might as well hire someone to write what we want to read.

  7. KNN! Lilian is going to cut down on bad words aa? MCH, now i’ve got to swear more to counter the imbalance in the force! CBCBCBKNN!

  8. Hope you have a good holiday, Lilian! Sometimes the most fun part about holidays is the surprise factor of where your drive’s going to take you! 🙂

  9. cheehh… cannot say knnbccb, cannot say tnmh, cannot say this cannot say that, what else to say? nowadys small boys and girls are more terror than us lah. you think you one fellow don say, they donno already meh?

  10. actually Raya holidays hor, best place is to come to KL la…but u just came recently so i dunno lar….Dont go to genting !!! sure jam. Maybe can try go Bukit Tinggi or PD??

  11. wuching – Four adults tickets and two kids tickets, can pokkai lor. My eldest suggested Gold Coast, my #2 said US, my #3 want HK Disneyland. I told them, cannnnn….go pray your father strikes lottery lor.

    king’s wife – Thanks! I sure stay away from Genting ‘cos with my kids, I can’t go hit the casino. Everytime go up, so frus oni. Can see but cannot go. Go also must go in alone whilst my hubby takes care of the kids.

    JoeC – Wuah, I no sked of inflation. Only dengue, bird flu.

    Chief – That’s the reason I want to go somewhere or else my hubby is going to spend the whole week with ‘man’s stuffs’. Borrrring…

    hedo – We wanted to go to KK. Been to Kuching before. But the air fare is not cheap. I think RM500 from KL. I can go to Bali or Phuket and get Russian Roullete thrown in somemore.

    Fahionasia – I see where it takes us. PD is a good idea. I like PD, dunno why. And Melaka and Maxwell Hill and Temerloh (I think the elephant sanctuary)

    ah pek – I go to your blog and say 99 can anot?

    Sue – Yeah, thanks. My kids are much older now and we prefer to explore the out of the tourists trial places.

    simon – *take dettol and wash simon’s mouth*

  12. romantic – Awww…ok, ok, I will throw in an occassional lesson.

    crazymommy – 🙂

    Vince – Hey, thanks for commenting. Comments are very appreciated. Keep commenting. Then only got motivation to talk more.

  13. Go to Singapore cos they only got 1 day holiday for Hari Raya, and there’s less Malays and Indians there who will be celebrating the Deepa-Raya. Plus u get to pay lots and lots of toll money. And you can teach the plp down south how to swear……..

  14. sexymama – Wah, your comment if read wrongly sounds racist la. In Spore got lots and lots of Bangladeshi who celebrate Raya. i was caught in Little India once, a few years back. And I will never go Spore because of their currency diffence. I got automatically double poorer the moment I passed through Selat Tebrau.

  15. Then auntie shouldn’t go UK too. Later become 6 times poorer lagi jialat. Heh~ even their teh tarik is at an extorbitant price. 🙁

  16. AAAAAAAAhh, the art of cussing at 5xMom. Ya, man, u should hear those youngsters cussing the real thing. More terror than all those KNNCCB you all see here, hahaha.

  17. Aiyoh, what the beep you beeping about? Want to beep then beep la. Just do it in your blog and not in front of the children lor. I don’t simply beep in front of my kids le. Must control …. control ….

  18. aunty lilian, come to KL larr..cos they wont be any peanut butter strawberry jams mahh..all of those wl be either up north or down south..hehe..if u go wan go PD or M’cca, then better wait til 1st day Raya when all our fellow malay frens oredi happyx2 in kampung..else the stretch b4 seremban can be reali kaya butter jam..hehee..

  19. My mum uses swear words since I was a child, but I don’t grow up talking with swear words. I hardly use any. Like you said, Lilian, one should know how to behave according to situation.

  20. I agree with Butter.C. Why don’t you make a trip to KL tomorrow? Or maybe Cameron Highlands?

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