Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma

I had been brainstorming with a fellow blogger on what I am going to write. Remember? I joined the NanoNano thingy?


Elllllloooo, knock, knock! Didn’t you hear that I am going to write a 175 pages, 50,ooo words of stuffs within a month?

Today, I got an email from Sharon Bakar. Whee! Thank goodness for her little mail. Now I am vrroom, vroooming to go. When I get back from my holiday.

But, dilemma pulak.

You see, I can imagine a lot. I can make princes out of toads. The neighbourhood sundry shop gas delivery man can turn into Moses Chan look-alike (btw, he is a hensem TVB actor la, not Moses from Biblical times, ok?). My mundane life here in Penang can be turned into Histeria, errm, I mean Wisteria Lane. My ahpek-ish looking doctor can turn into oooo, so charismatic Dr. House. There is so much I can do with words.

But…you see, lately, some got-no-life, moronic, idiotic, farkers (kids, don’t write your school composition like this ok?) have gotten the hobby of counting how many farts I made, how often I shit and whether I prefer tampon or pads by reading my blog.

One very lame, lowest form of the human chain, vindictive, sure go-to-hell (kids, you cannot curse like this ok?) person even track what ads I put on my site and how many times I got banned by Google, etc etc. Karnneh, you got so much free time, go fly kite la. If you are a woman, just go buy one timun. Can recycle, environmental friendly and after use, can make salad. No need mayonnaise oso. And if you are a guy, go buy one watermelon. Cut a 2 inch hole on the green skin (all buggers got small dick one, you dunno meh?) and use it. After that, can drink watermelon jelly juice.

Ok, back to topic.

Now, what am I going to do with 50,000 words if I don’t put them online? I would love to share them. But…..

What if all those brainless peeps think that my fiction is my life? I don’t want to be labelled a horny woman or dabbling in black magic. I am not an expert writer whom had travelled the four corners of the world, so some parts definitely has to be copied from real life.

How? How? How? To show or not to show? ? I know Viewtru is going to publish his as he goes along. I salut you!

Dilemma. To show or not to show, that is the question. Eheh, I perasan sendiri only la. Even if I publish online, who got time to follow, hor?

13 thoughts on “Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma

  1. Can’t wait to see your latest project, make it a mytical like García Márquez “one hundred year of solitude” . 🙂

  2. Go, go, go. I support you with 2 legs and 2 hens… errr, sorry, hands. (lights up fireworks and do nekid pole dancing for you). And i know who u tok bout ledi, hehehe.

  3. C’mon Lilian, go, go, go, ole, ole, ole! Hehe..

    By the way, Sharon Bakar is my former lecturer.

  4. What, don’t tell me that I am the only one going to publish it online as I write. That would be so…lonely!

  5. Go go aunt Lilian you have our support 😀 My first time with the nano as well compared to veterans like Mei (the Scarfer). Aiming to complete it, hopefully 😀 Viewtru, you’re not alone, I wish to publish my online as well to share it witheveryone but still afraid of copyrighters, as if people want to steal mine and market (kepala kembang) haha, will have to think about it but for now with the earlier chapters I am posting it online, in full.

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