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What exactly is forgiveness? Well, I would like to share this:
“The Lord has forgiven you; now you must do the same” (Col. 3:13)

Some of us Christians find it hard to swallow. I found forgiveness explained by my Parish Priest, Father Anthony very easy to understand.

Many are reluctant to show mercy because they don’t understand the difference between trust and forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the past. Trust has to do with future behaviour. Forgiveness must be immediate whether or not a person asks for it. Trust must be built over time.

If someone hurts you repeatedly, you are commanded by God to forgive them instantly, but you are not expected to trust them immediately, and you are not expected to continue allowing them to hurt you. They must prove that they have changed over time.


I had seen this person in church a few times. Previously, I had problems with her when I was working. We only pass each other and give mere smiles from a distance. I never bother to strike up a conversation. I do not remember why we used to stay away from each other but I know that we never got along well.

I only realised today that her son who is one year older than my eldest has recently gotten some physical disabilities. I got choked up remembering that we used to be pregnant together. I felt so bad that all those times when I saw her (usually she goes alone), I never bother to ask how she was. The scene of her having to help her son around to receive his confirmation was so agonising. Here is one healthy young man, whom his mom was so proud of denied of a normal teenage.

Ever said and think stuffs like ‘What goes around, will comes around’, ‘He/She will have her bad karma one day’, ‘You will reap what you sow?’ , ‘You will dig your own grave one day’, ‘It is your death knell (new word I learnt) and stuffs like that?


I tell you, I felt like shit. I felt like kicking myself. I probably never said stuffs like that but I know I never thought well of her because what she often revealed to us about her relations with some of her relatives. God, I felt so guilty. I immediately broke into tears and went down on my knees and pray and pray that the young man will be ok.

I did not have a chance to talk to her today because of the tight programmes. But I swear that I am going to make up for those times thinking that she is still as she was. God, forgive me for being so distant and not able to forget the past.


The above is a photo of my #3 receiving his First Holy Communion from Bishop Selva. The bald guy is our asst. Parish Priest, Father Henry. Very yau yeng, lengchai, very bald Father Henry can speaks and READ Mandarin. With no Indian slang. How’s that?

Ok, ok, this is about my son picture hor? He is going to be 9 years old. Old enough to know what he is going through. That is to receive Jesus. He is receiving the body and blood of Christ from the Bishop.

This is marked humour.

Today, we went to Little India (again!). Saw a very, very breathtaking, handsome Indian guy. I told my hubby, “Wah….so handsome, like Bollywood star.”

At the same moment, my hubby was grumbling about the bad jam and as usual, blame it on Samy!

He purposely asked me, “Who handsome? Samy Vellu ah? Want to marry him or not? He very romantic wan you know?”

Me : Choy!!!!!!!

Hubby : He said “Brides are like toilets”

Me : Nolah, it is “Toilets are like new brides. Eventhough you don’t use it very often, you still need to clean it regularly.”

Hubby : Same la, want to be Samy Vellu’s bride or not? He treat you like toilet. Service you regularly.

Me : Oi, I am talking about that Indian man la. Not Samy la.

Kids all pening kepala.


That, ladies and gentlemen, will be my posting for now.






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P/S : My Nano will be handwritten on my notepad on 1.11.05. Yeah, we can’t decide which brand to buy. No Siti, Amber, Mawi or any people like that. So most probably it will be Dell.

12 thoughts on “So many things

  1. To forgive when you are being thrown stone at is delusion of grandeur. To regain trust is hoping that your sin is forgotten.

    You fuck once means that you have been fucked forever – fucking is a bidirectional process. šŸ˜› You can still pretend to be a virgin but it will never be the same, ever again.

    Amen. Halleluyah. Yabbadabbadoo… Whatever that may apply.

    Err… Wait a minute, you are not talking about me, are you? šŸ˜›

  2. Bidirectional process, LOL!!! Doc, you memang amazing lar.

    If you ever make your way to KL during raya, let me know so you can come beraya at my house šŸ˜€

  3. I was at Little India too; enjoyed the experience. Were you there when those two guys started singing in front of their shop? Complete with loudspeakers and all? I thought that was cool.

  4. Sometimes, it’s pretty hard to forgive when our heart is badly scratched. If a person keep on thinking of revenge, it makes the forgiving process much difficult. Happy Holiday & safe journey.

  5. ah, a good one for posting the pic of my cousin receiving his Holy Communion as i’ve read about it in Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes whereby there was this boy who would apparently have the fits when that piece of ‘wafer’ (is that what they call it here too ?) was inserted into his mouth… so he couldn’t swallow the piece of God into himself and was never a pure Catholic following that… A BLERDY GOOD READ that one was, true masterpiece

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